Want to Meet A Malchi Dog? Introducing the Maltese Chihuahua Mix [with photos]

Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes are very common at shelters since, these breeds are frequently overbred in unregulated breeding programs, and frequently neglected and abandoned. Paradoxically, these breeds are also a popular option amongst “designer” dog enthusiasts, meaning you’ll find Chihuahua breeds available for both very low, and very high prices. 

One of the more common breeds you’ll find mixed with the Chihuahua is the Maltese. Similar in size, these dogs breed easily together.. Extremely cute and typically very small, the Maltese Chihuahua mix, or the Malchi, has recently become popular around the world! 

Maltese Chihuahua Mix
Source: @louis.malchi

If you’ve gazed at photos of these adorable pups and wondered whether one might be right for you, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Malchis, and what it takes to have one of your own.  

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Malchi Basic Info

Ready to take a closer look at the Maltese Chihuahua mix? Let’s dive into the basic info you’ll need about this breed before you can decide if this mix is your dream pup.

What is a Malchi?

A Malchi is a mix of Chihuahua and Maltese, two toy breeds that are popular among small-dog enthusiasts. To be considered a Malchi, a dog needs to be mostly Chihuahua and Maltese, but many Malchis also include other breeds in their genetic background. 

The Malchi is not an official or AKC-recognized breed, so unless you personally know the genetic background of your dog’s parents, it can be difficult to guarantee exactly what kind of dog you are getting. It’s also important to understand that unless the Malchi you buy is the result of accidental breeding, their parents will probably not be properly tested, or purebred themselves. 

Of course, if you are adopting a dog this doesn’t matter, but if you go to a breeder it is important to be aware of what you’ll need to look out for. 

Maltese Chihuahua Mix Temperament

Maltese Chihuahua Mix
Source: @tobyteefs

Mixed breed dogs are especially variable in terms of temperament since their breeders do not follow the same standards as purebred breeders. This said, most Malchis can be expected to have some of the same temperament qualities as their Chihuahua and Maltese ancestors. 


  • Affectionate
  • Territorial
  • Loyal


  • Gentle
  • Shy
  • Intelligent

Malchi’s energy levels are usually medium, requiring consistent exercise and mental stimulation, but not the kind of dog who will need hours of running to feel fully tired out. 

Malchi Size

Maltese Chihuahua mixes can vary in size, especially height. Small Malchis will weigh between 5 – 9 lbs. and will reach heights of around 6-9 inches at the shoulder. Larger Malchis can reach weights of 10-17 lbs. and up to 14 inches at the shoulder. 

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Remember, not all Maltese Chihuahua mixes are a perfect 50/50 split of these two breeds, so it’s normal for there to be differences between individual dogs. 

Maltese Chihuahua Mix
Source: @itsangiethemalchi

Malchi Health

Because the Maltese Chihuahua mix is a small breed, their lifespan will typically be quite long. On average, both Chihuahuas and Maltese live to around 12-15 years old, with some Chihuahuas making it up to 20! However, there are some breed-related health concerns you may want to look out for in your Malchi.

  • Dental decay
  • Dental abnormalities
  • Heart problems
  • Reverse sneezing
  • Leg and joint issues
  • Eye and vision issues

Where Can You Get a Maltese Chihuahua Mix

As I’ve already mentioned, there are tons of Chihuahua mixes available at local shelters and animal rescue organizations, and you are pretty much guaranteed to find at least one that is also a Maltese mix! 

Here are a few resources for finding a rescue Malchi!

  • Check out rescues in southern states. Because of the warm climate, stray and neglected dogs can survive more easily in the south, which means there are always plenty of adoptable dogs.
  • Check PetFinder and Adopt a Pet to search for Malchis in your area at private and public rescues.
  • Check the ASPCA database of adoptable Malchis in ASPCA shelters.
  • Contact Chihuahua and Maltese-specific rescues: 

Never buy a Malchi from a pet store. Pet store puppies are often sourced from puppy mills, and buying them puts money back into the hands of unethical breeders. 

You may be able to find a Malchi breeder near you, but it’s important to keep in mind that it will be hard to guarantee the genetic background, health, or quality of the breeder since mixed breeds are unregulated. Of course, you might know someone personally, or discover a reputable breeder, but it may be worth it to choose either a purebred Chihuahua or a purebred Maltese if you are going through the trouble.

Meet Some Maltese Chihuahua Mixes

Time to take a look at some of the adorable Malchis on Instagram! Check out these five cutie-pies. 

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones the Malchi
Source: @IndianaJones_Malchi

From beautiful Australia, Indiana Jones is a petit Malchi who loves to romp and play with human and canine friends! Whether it’s toys, going for a walk, or just making some good old-fashioned mischief, Indiana is down for anything. 


Mochi the Malchi
Source: @Mochi.KTheMalchi

Mochi is a long-legged Maltese Chihuahua mix with an incredible smile! Just over a year old, this gorgeous Malchi is a good example of much size variation there can be in this mixed breed.

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Markey the Malchi
Source: @Kamekiku

Markey is an adorable teddy bear-like Malchi from Japan! Always groomed to look his best, don’t let his cute face fool you. Markey is an adventurous little boy who doesn’t mind getting his paws dirty. 


Nala the Malchi
Source: @HeyBabyNala

Nala is a little Maltese Chihuahua mix who inherited a little bit of that quintessential Chihuahua coloring. From beautiful Ontario, Nala’s parents like to keep her coat nice and short so she can enjoy lots of outdoor adventuring. 


Tank The malchi
Source: @Tiny.Legs.Tank

Tank is a gorgeous 5-year-old Malchi who was found on his own at a gas station. If you were wondering whether a Maltese Chihuahua mix can be any color but white, here’s your answer! According to his family, Tank’s hobbies include destroying toys, sleeping, and chasing his tail.

Malchi FAQ

If you didn’t find the answer to your Maltese Chihuahua mix question above, perhaps you’ll find it here. These are some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve found about this adorable breed. 

Are Maltese Chihuahua Mix Good Dogs?

Yes! But of course, it depends on what you think of as a “good dog.” In my opinion, all dogs are good dogs, but not all dogs are appropriate for every type of lifestyle. If you like dogs that are sweet, affectionate, cuddly, loyal, and eager to spend as much time with you as possible, then yes, a Malchi will be a good dog for you. 

How Big Does A Maltese Chihuahua Mix Get?

It depends! Some Maltese Chihuahua mixes are super small, while others can grow to be a bit larger, like the size of a terrier. The “average” Malchi will be around 11 lbs. and around 10 inches at the shoulder. 

Source: @frosie_thebkpups

Do Malchi Dogs Bark A Lot?

Probably! Chihuahuas are known for being vocal dogs who like to make themselves known, and Maltese’s like to bark a lot too so chances are you’ll have a talker.

How Much Is A Maltese Chihuahua Worth?

Because Maltese Chihuahua mixes are not a recognized breed, it’s difficult to quantify exactly how much one is worth. If you purchase from a breeder, you’ll probably pay $500–$1,200 for a puppy. If you adopt, you’ll pay between $150-$300 to a local shelter. 

Are Maltese Chihuahua Mixes Hypoallergenic?

No! All dogs can cause allergic reactions in people who are allergic to dogs, but some dogs are low-shedding and therefore less prone to dropping their dander. Maltese are low-shedding dogs but Chihuahuas are not, so their coat texture is a toss-up when you mix these breeds. 

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