What the Heck is a Long Haired Dalmatian?

Dalmatians are something of a unicorn in the dog world. Everyone has heard of a dalmatian, but it’s rare to see one, and there aren’t many certified breeders to make them readily available. For many, seeing a dalmatian is their first or second time encountering one, but what if we told you there’s an even more rare dalmatian you’ve probably never seen before? 

Introducing: the long haired dalmatian!

Meet Some Long Haired Dalmatians

If you’re like most people, you’ve never even heard of a long haired dalmatian, much less seen one! Before we dive into the details of this breed, let’s meet a few long haired dalmatians living their best lives on Instagram: 

1. Frankie

Frankie the Long-Haired Dalmatian
Source: @frankiestelte

Frankie is a 1-year-old long haired dalmatian who spends her time making TikToks, eating cake, and checking out new restaurants with her parents. Follow her @frankiestelte!

2. Dozer the Dalmatian

Long-Haired Dalmatian Dozer
Source: @dozer_the_dalmatian

Dozer is a 5-year-old long haired dalmatian from upstate New York. A total goofball full of curiosity, Dozer’s hobbies include sneaking onto the furniture and chasing sticks into the water! Follow Dozer @dozer_the_dalmatian on Instagram.

3. Charlie the Dalmatian

Charlie the long haired Dalmatian
Source: @charlie.the.dalmatian

Charlie lives in Charlotte, NC with his brother, Cash, a liver-spotted dalmatian (should we cover those next?) Charlie is a total heartbreaker, and it’s pretty obvious why everyone (us included) has heart eyes for this cute! Follow Charlie and Cash on Instagram @charlie.the.dalmatian.

4. Mae the Longhaired Dal

Longhaired Dal the long haired Dalmatian
Source: @mae.the.longhaired.dal

Mae lives in Texas, and is possibly one of the most photogenic dogs we’ve ever seen! Mae is modeling the signature feathered ears of the long-haired dalmatian perfectly, but that’s just the start of her many talents. See more of this gorgeous pup on her Instagram @mae.the.longhaired.dal

5. Adventure’s Adventure

A long-haired dalmatians
Source: @adventure_longhaireddal

Adventure is a one-year-old long-haired dalmatian who is constantly on the go! True to his name, Adventure loves going on adventures, and will never miss an opportunity to go for a hike. Follow Adventure’s adventure @adventure_longhaireddal.

Long-Haired Dalmatian Basic Info

You’re obsessed, right? We know, it’s easy to fall in love with these tufty dalmatians, but before you hop online to find the nearest breeder, let’s learn a little more about them and what it’s like to have one. 

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What is a Long-Haired Dalmatian?

Some people think that long-haired dalmatians are mixes, but they’re actually purebred dalmatians displaying a recessive trait. 

Despite being purebred dalmatians, the AKC hasn’t accepted long-coats and does not allow them to compete in dog shows, though some may participate in agility and similar skill trials. Because the breed is defined as having a short, silky, dense coat, the long-hair trait was bred out over time, but still appears on occasion. 

Two dalmatians carrying the recessive gene may produce pups with long hair, even if they themselves have the more usual short coat. 

A long-haired dalmatians
Source: @dalanddoodle

Temperament of the Long-Haired Dalmatian

Like all dalmatians, long-haired dalmatians are goofy, playful, energetic, loyal dogs. Not a dog breed for first-time dog owners, long-haired dalmatians need lots of socialization and clear boundaries to set them up for success. 

Sometimes prone to nervousness and reactivity towards strange humans and dogs, socialization early and throughout their lives is key to ensuring your long-haired dalmatian is socially confident and comfortable. 

Thanks to their high energy and stamina, long-haired dalmatians are great dogs for people with active lifestyles. They’ll happily go for a run, a hike, or any kind of adventure you can dream up. 

How Big Do Long-Haired Dalmatians Get?

Dalmatians are mid to large-sized dogs, growing on average to around 45-70 pounds and 22-24 inches tall. Both males and females may either be larger or smaller, though males are typically slightly larger. 

A long-haired dalmatians
Source: @exotic_spots_dalmatian

Where Can You Get a Long-Haired Dalmatian?

Because of low demand, there are very few reputable dalmatian breeders in the US. Because of this, it’s super important to do your research before purchasing a puppy. Some dalmatian breeders will breed selectively for the long-haired gene, while others will end up with “accidental” long-haired dalmatian puppies. 

If you can’t find a reputable breeder near you or are looking for a less expensive option, check out dalmatian specific rescues. You might just find a long-haired dalmatian available for adoption, or you could fall in love with another pup in need of a home! Here are two dalmatian rescues to help you start your search:

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Long-Haired Dalmatian FAQ

Have more questions about long-haired dalmatians? Here are a few questions others have about this unique breed:

How much does a long-haired dalmatian cost?

If you purchase a long-haired dalmatian puppy from a reputable breeder, you can expect to pay between $600 and $1,200. If you choose to go the rescue route, you’ll pay around $300.

What breed is a long-haired dalmatian?

Long-haired dalmatians are purebred dalmatians. While they don’t look like typical dalmatians, they are exactly the same as their short-haired counterparts and are not mixed with any other breed. 

Are long-haired dalmatians aggressive?

No. Long-haired dalmatians may be nervous around strangers and can be reactive without proper socialization, but they are not generally aggressive. They make excellent family dogs and bond closely with children, but again, they’ll need socialization to help them feel confident around new people and dogs. 

Can you get a mini long-haired dalmatian?

There are a very small number of reputable breeders who have experimented with selectively breeding small (or mini) dalmatians, but in general, if you see a breeder advertising a mini dalmatian, it is likely a mix. 

What is a lemon long-haired dalmatian?

Lemon long haired dalmatians are purebred dalmatians that display two recessive traits. “Lemon” is a recessive trait that gives dalmatians tan, almost yellow spots rather than the typical black. Combine this recessive trait with the recessive long-hair trait, and you’ve got a lemon long-haired dalmatian!
A Lemon long haired dalmatian
Source: @cnr_dals

Do long-haired dalmatians shed?

Yes! All dalmatians shed, including long-haired ones. Regular brushing can help reduce shedding, but as with most breeds, some shedding is inevitable. 

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