Letting Shelter Dogs Pick their Christmas Presents!

We’re gonna let shelter dogs pick out whatever Christmas present they want. Because shelter dogs are good dogs too, and they deserve a present and some love. Happy Holidog from Santa Paws. Actually, it’s me, Rocky Kanaka.

Most of these dogs will have never experienced the true spirit of Christmas. They’ve never received a toy or a special Christmas treat. That’s why I went to the store and cleared the shelf of Bark Toys. Oh, keep watching for a special offer from Bark, the sponsor of this video. So that this holiday, each one of these pups, big or small, know that they’re loved.

We’re gonna kick things off with this sweet one-year old girl right here because she’s had it pretty rough. She came in as a stray. Someone wanted to adopt her, then she got kennel cough. And so they couldn’t take her anymore. And it’s been a while, but she’s better now. I’m just worried that there’s not gonna be enough time before the holidays for her to get adopted.

“What’s that? What’s that? Go get it! Go get it, get it!”

Here’s what I love about her. She has every right to be scared and withdrawn, but she embodies why dogs are so amazing. Because they live in the moment, they live in the now. She’s bouncing and playful and happy. She’s perfect. She picked the Doggos. Comes complete with Doggos inside. Good news, she’s been adopted.

Alexis is gonna help me get our next dog. Notes from the dog walkers, very sweet, playful, doggy, loves to do spins while walking. But still easy to walk. Introducing Yeti, the spinning dog walker. We got a toy! I don’t know Yeti’s story for sure, but most likely, the reason Yeti didn’t work out with his family is because he was too high energy. Or maybe they thought it was weird that he did all these circles. But to me, that’s what makes him so unique. I am hoping someone sees this video and says, “You know what, I love exercising and hiking and special dogs just like Yeti, and I think he should be a part of our family this Christmas.”

Look, dogs at the shelter may have never even celebrated Christmas and might not understand that these presents are for them. So some might be a little hesitant, some might jump right in, but we’re gonna find out and have some fun. I asked the shelter team what dog should go next. Wait, what dog?

– [Desk Employees] Moose.

– [Haley Drinkard – Shelter Rep] Moose, Moose, Moose!

– [Rocky] Okay, let’s go find Moose. Moose needs toys. Can we bring Moose in here? Okay. Okay, Moose.

– [Shelter Rep] This is Moose.

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– [Rocky] Oh, wow!

– [Shelter Rep] He’s 103 pounds.

– [Rocky] Oh, hi, Moose! Look at that!

– [Shelter Rep] And he’s a sweet boy.

103 pounds. Moose, you need some presents, huh? We don’t usually do reindeers at the shelter, but I think this year we’re gonna make an exception for this reindeer because we do need additional reindeer for our Santa slay. All right, you ready? What’s his name?

– [Shelter Rep] We don’t have a name for him. He came in stray.

Maybe Rudolph? Rudolph, which one you want, buddy? What is that? Want some broccoli? Not every dog’s gonna be excited about the toys, and that’s okay because if you think about it, from their perspective, they don’t know what this is. They’ve never been shown love. They’ve never had their own toy, and so they’re not certain. But every dog at the shelter’s gonna get a toy.

Stray, citizen turn in. She is a year old. Two to two and a half pounds. Oh, you are so cute. You could fit in Santa’s pocket. I’ll take you home. Oh, my goodness. Two pounds. No way she’s over two pounds. I mean, think about it. A bag of Oreos weighs two pounds, and she doesn’t even weigh that. Okay. You ready? I don’t know why I’m walking slow. She just feels so small.

Here, I don’t know if we have a toy small enough for you, little one. Here, we got little Bugles. That’s still the size of your head. Just to put this into perspective, this squid toy is a monster to her. It’s larger than she is. Whoa, that’s a monster. Sorry. And look, this is your new bed. New bed, new pillow.

Something I hear often is that someone’s returning their dog to the shelter because they want to move, and they don’t want to take their dog with them or they can’t. But with a dog like Dasher here, I just don’t understand it. Because she can fit in your pocket. She’s so small and so helpless.

Merry Christmas, Moose! Moose… Moose, what toy you want, buddy? He’s checking them all out. You like these pop tarts? You like this toy? You like this pastry? Moose! Moose, more than any toy, wants some love.

Yogi’s been wanting to come in here so bad. So we gotta let him come pick a toy. Okay, Yogi, you ready? Come on, buddy. He’s like, “This actually opens?” Oh, my goodness. You’re such a good boy. You’ve been a good boy this year, huh? Come here, Yogi.

Yogi! Yogi’s such a sweet dog, and I see dogs like him all of the time. They’re just so confused as to why they’re here and why their family isn’t. And so letting him spend a moment like this receiving love can go a long way to assure him that it’s going to be okay. Okay, we’re gonna send you away with a ball for Christmas.

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If you want to adopt Yogi or any of these dogs that you see in here, they’re available at Animal Friends of the Valleys. So I’ll put all the information down below. But all these dogs, let’s get ’em adopted before the holidays.

You will not believe this. We just got some awesome news.

– [Shay Lucas-Foster Coordinator] They did the meet and greet, and I guess the meet and greet went well. So one of the girls up front said that he’s getting adopted because his paperwork’s down.

Yes! This is why dog rescue is so awesome. I can’t believe someone might adopt Moose today from watching him pick out his Christmas present. He’s about to get the best Christmas present of all.

– [Dallas Hartney-Shelter Rep] Rocky, you gotta go visit the bloodhound mastiff.

– [Rocky] Are you serious?

– [Shelter Rep] Yes.

– [Rocky] More like a bloodhound or more like a mastiff?

– [Shelter Rep] A mixture of both.

– [Rocky] Okay, come on. I’ve never seen, I have never seen anything of the likes.

– Thank you, Dallas.

– [Rocky] Wait, wait, wait. What do you call it? A blastiff?

– [Shelter Rep] And he’s so adorable.

– [Rocky] Oh, wow! He looks like a bloodhound mastiff.

– [Shelter Rep] He’s like, “Hi!”

– [Rocky] Hi! Oh, wow!

– [Shelter Rep] He’s double chinned.

– [Rocky] He’s so long too.

The story is stray pickup. We think about a year old. Mastiff, biggest dog in the dog kingdom and a bloodhound, biggest howl in the dog kingdom. Look how big and long he is from the bloodhound. Whoa! He doesn’t have a name yet, so let me know what you guys think his name should be.

My heart goes out to this big ol’ guy. He reminds me of my cane corso, Kobe, which also comes from a master. How he is a stray dog and his family didn’t come looking for him, I have no idea. He’s so unique and so amazing. I just wanna hug him and take him home. Want a ball? Which toy do you want, buddy? Pretty sure he has that bloodhound nose. He’s picking the toy with his . Which one’s the one?

– [Employee] He’s my favorite.

Oh! Oh! He didn’t pick a toy, but he definitely marked some toys by peeing on them. So, okay, see you, buddy. What a cool dog!

Bear is the longest resident here. And so if you’re thinking about a dog, adopting a dog, if there’s one that you want to help, it would be Bear. And he’s an amazing dog. Whatever toy you want, Bear. It’s a rocket. Get it! Yay!

Sometimes when you see a dog in their crate you don’t get a true representation of that dog’s personality. But I hope today you can see that Bear is playful. He is kind, he is modest, and he has the perfect ears. And somebody will want to adopt him and take him home today so that the dog that’s been here the longest in the shelter can be home for the holidays. Good job, Bear!

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Every dog is gonna get a toy from Santa Paws. I’m going around the entire shelter giving every dog a toy. Bark sent a bunch of stuff to my dogs. They’re sponsoring this video, which allows me to pay it forward to all the dogs in the shelter. And something really cool. My dogs love Bark, but Tulip, who I’m fostering, has never had Bark. And they sent me a double stuffed box. So Kobe’s even gonna join.

Are you ready? Let’s see what she does. You need some help? She loves it. Every month, a new theme comes. The holiday theme this year is so much fun with the baked good toys. It’s a really fun experience. When the BarkBox comes to the door, the dogs are excited. Can I have the marshmallow to put it in the cup? There you go. There’s your hot cocoa.

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