Have You Ever Heard of a Goberian? It isn’t an Alien Language—It’s a Golden Retriever Husky Mix!  

Nicknamed the “Goberian” or “Golden Husky”, Golden Retriever Husky mixes are much-beloved by their humans. High-energy, curious, and surprisingly talented escape artists, Huskies and Husky mixes (like the Goberian) are athletes in both mind and body. While Golden Retrievers are often excellent dogs for first-time dog owners, the combination of Husky and Golden instincts don’t always combine predictably, and a solid understanding of canine behavior helps interpret this mixed breed. 

A Goberian dog

Undeniably beautiful, mysterious-looking dogs, we promise you’ll fall in love with this mix by the end of this blog, even if you discover it’s not the right one for you. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Golden Husky ownership, and for some realistic advice from real-world Goberian owners. 

Meet 6 Husky Golden Retriever Mixes

We can’t get started without getting to know a few Goberians, first! While I could have included hundreds of adorable pups in this section, I managed to narrow down my search to pick six Goberians to feature. 

1. Ranger

Ranger the Goberian

Source: @Roadtrip.Ranger

Ranger is a gorgeous 3-year-old Goberian who is constantly heading out on adventures with his mom! Rain, shine, sleet, or snow, Ranger is happy to tag along on any outdoor activity from hiking to boating, and so much more. 

2. Lily Bear

Lily Bear the Goberian

Source: @LilianaBear

This goofy gal is Lily Bear, and when she doesn’t have all of her babies (AKA her stuffed toys) she will settle for carrying something else around! Those piercing blue eyes are all Husky, but those soft ears are definitely from the Golden Retriever side.

3. Mishka

Mishka the Goberian

Source: @Mishka_Goberian_JH

This speed demon is Mishka, a Goberian from North Wales who lives for a run at the park, on the beach, or just down the hallway! Mishka is such a cheerful girl, and her lust for life is typical of both Huskies and Goldens. 

4. Jackson

Jackson the Goberian

Source: @GoberianJackson

Jackson, from Pennsylvania, has a unique look for a Goberian, and is almost brindle! Goofy, playful, and so so sweet, Jackson loves to snuggle up with his doggy brother, his humans, or his toys after a long day of play. 

5. Nudge

Nudge the Goberian

Source: @Mr.Nudge

Nudge—like many Siberian Huskies and Husky mixes—has heterochromia or two different colored eyes! A complete lover who values a nap in the sunshine above almost all else, Nudge is living his best life at all times. 

6. Kodi & Loki

Kodi & Loki the Goberians

Source: @Goberianek

Bonus Goberian! That’s right, our final featured Husky Golden Retriever mix is a two-for-one. Kodi and Loki are Goberian brothers from Hungary that do everything together. Aren’t they just adorable? 

Golden Retriever Husky Mix Basic Info

Anything Husky mixed (Golden Retrievers, in this case) will usually inherit a few telltale signs of their parents. The Siberian Husky is visually distinctive and is perhaps best known for its look rather than its temperament or unique breed attributes. Most Goberians will have one or two distinctive Husky features, whether it be piercing blue eyes, dense fluffy fur, or something else.

Because the Husky features are so distinctive, people might not be as quick to recognize the more subtle features of a Golden Retriever in the Goberian. However, once you’ve gotten to know and love this mixed breed, you’ll start seeing just how much they take from each side of their ancestry. For example, most Goberians will inherit the softly folded ears of the Golden, and many take on the lovely coloring that gives Golden Retrievers their name. 

Since the Goberian is a mix, traits like looks, size, and temperament can vary enormously between individuals of the breed. The best way to get to know a dog of any breed is to spend time with it but to help you get an idea of what a Goberian might be like, keep on reading.  

Husky Golden Retriever Temperament

Goberian dog

Both Siberian Huskies and Golden Retrievers thrive on human interaction and time spent with their families but in different ways. Golden Retrievers are usually eager to please and happy to do as they’re asked. Huskies are highly intelligent, and while they might understand what you’re asking of them, they’d rather spend time with you on their terms. Goberians may have a little bit of both traits and can be stubborn and independently-minded while still preferring to stick close to their humans. 

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Huskies and Golden Retrievers are both breeds that love the outdoors and make good options for families that like to hike, camp, and stay active. Goberians are usually energetic and adventurous and may prefer to be outside, especially in cooler weather. 

Huskies are notorious not only for destructive behavior, but also for excessive barking, screaming (yes, screaming), and being incredible escape artists. In the Reddit forum r/HuskyTantrums, one user commented “our husky is very loud. He loves to sing the songs of his people….We have a quarter of an acre for him to run around on. We still have to take him to the dog park quite frequently, so he has more than an acre to flat-out run on. Or he gets bored and destroys things. We can never leave him home alone. He will destroy the house. Eat through walls. Etc.” The same will be true for many Goberians. 

Where Huskies and Golden Retrievers differ most in temperament is mental energy. Golden Retrievers are known for their ability to lie back and be calm with humans, which makes them ideal for families with small children. Huskies are mental acrobats and may struggle to settle without proper stimulation beforehand. Because of this, some Goberians can be destructive or easily bored, and do best when they receive both physical and mental stimulation every day. 

“My Goberian is a Golden Retriever that wants to do Husky things.”

Goberian owner via a Reddit thread

In another Reddit thread asking Goberian owners to share their experience, another user said that “the best short description I can provide is that [my Goberian] is a Golden Retriever that wants to do Husky things. He definitely wants to greet and lean on everybody he meets, whereas my Siberian Huskies are typically standoff-ish with strangers, and are more comfortable with people they know.” 

The commenter goes on, saying “[my Goberian] wants to howl more than the Siberians but does not have the Siberian throat, so he is mostly loud barking with some extended “wooo”s, versus the standard husky vocalized howl.”

Goberian Size

A Goberian dog breed
Source: Dogtime

Siberian Huskies are considered a medium to medium-large breed, while Golden Retrievers are medium-large or large. Goberians—the result of mixing these breeds—may inherit size from one side or the other or a combination. For example, a Goberian may be shorter, like a Husky, but heavier, like a Golden Retriever. 

In general, Goberians will be between 20—24 inches tall at the shoulders and weigh between 35—75 pounds

Goberian Health

Predicting any health problems of a mixed-breed dog like a Goberian is just as difficult as predicting its temperament. While purebred dogs produced by reputable breeders will have undergone extensive genetic testing, mixed breeds and dogs not bred by reputable breeders may be the offspring of dogs carrying genetic defects, chronic illness, and so on. 

While it is true that mixed-breed dogs and mutts are often less likely to inherit breed-specific illnesses, knowing what their parents could have passed on to them is still important. 

Huskies and Golden Retrievers are prone to some of the same physical ailments, including hip and elbow dysplasia, eye disease, certain cancers, and heart disease. 

Where To Find a Golden Retriever Husky Mix

Goberians are more common than you might think, but this mix (Husky Golden Retriever) is rarely the result of deliberate breeding. Most Siberian Husky Golden Retriever mixes are the result of accidental litters, usually in rural areas where these breeds may appear as farm dogs or free-roaming companion animals. 

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There are some people purposefully breeding Goberians, but these are backyard breeders and puppy mills, and you should not give them your business. 

The best place to find your own Goberian is by visiting your local animal shelter, searching an online animal adoption database like Petfinder, or working with a breed-specific rescue. Here are a few resources to help you start your search. 

Siberian Husky Rescues

Golden Retriever Rescues

Husky Golden Retriever Mix FAQ

Ready for some quick facts about Husky x Golden Retriever mixes? We’re answering the most frequently asked questions about the Goberian. 

What’s The Best Food For A Goberian?

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What is a Golden Retriever and Husky mix called?

Golden Retrievers and Husky mixes are called “Goberians” or “Golden Huskies.”  It’s a designer dog breed that is a mix between a Golden Retriever and a Siberian Husky. It combines the characteristics of both parent breeds.

How much is a Husky Golden Retriever mix?

So, how much does a Goberian cost? You should not buy a Husky Golden Retriever mix from a breeder! Although Goberians are not an official or regulated breed, unethical backyard breeders still advertise their puppies at extremely high prices. On average, these breeders charge between $500—$2000 for their mixed-breed puppies. 

Instead of buying from a backyard breeder, it’s better to adopt a Goberian. Adoption fees at local shelters and private rescues range from around $100—$400 for medium-large dogs like Goberians. 

Is a Golden Retriever Husky mix a good dog?

All dogs are good dogs! Seriously, we love literally all kinds of dogs, but I think the question you’re really asking is “is it a good idea to mix Golden Retrievers and Huskies?” The answer to that is: no. 

The purposeful combining of vastly different breeds (like the Husky and the Golden Retriever) is not considered good practice in the world of regulated breeding. Most people breeding mixed breeds like the Goberian are not going through the proper genetic and temperament testing, and are usually motivated only by producing an “exotic” puppy for profit. 

So, is it good to support the breeding of Goberians? No, probably not, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be amazing pets!

Are Goberian easy to train?

Sometimes. Goberians are often quite intelligent and eager to spend time with their humans, which can translate to trainability. However, some are hyper-independent with a stubborn streak and may prefer to do their own thing rather than listen to your commands.They definitely need obedience training. Like their parent breeds, they are intelligent and energetic, so early and consistent training is important to ensure they become well-behaved and obedient dogs.

Do Goberians bark a lot?

Yes! Huskies are considered extremely vocal and like to bark, howl, sing, and even scream. Huskies and Husky mixes like Goberians can’t be trained out of their vocal traits, and their owners often learn to love it. This said, if you value quiet or live in an apartment, a Goberian or other Husky mix is probably not right for you. 

How long will a Goberian live?

We can estimate a general lifespan for the Goberian by looking at the lifespans of Siberian Huskies and Golden Retrievers. With these factors in mind, you can expect a Goberian to live to be 10—15 years old. 

What are the cons of a Goberian?

For a full overview of Goberian temperament, scroll up! Here, we’re talking just the negatives:

-Extremely vocal
-May be destructive
-Prone to escape/running away
-Difficult to train
-Extremely independent

Are Goberian’s Hypoallergenic?

Goberians are not considered hypoallergenic. They have a thick double coat that sheds moderately throughout the year. If you have allergies, it’s recommended to spend time with a Goberian before bringing one into your home to see if you have any allergic reactions.

How should I care for a Goberian’s coat?

Goberians have a dense coat that requires regular brushing to keep it clean and tangle-free. They shed moderately, and during shedding seasons, more frequent brushing may be necessary. Bathing should be done when needed, using a dog-specific shampoo to maintain the coat’s health.

Do Goberians have a high exercise requirement?

Yes, Goberians are active dogs that require regular exercise to keep them physically and mentally stimulated. They enjoy activities like walks, runs, playing fetch, and participating in dog sports to expend their energy.

What are the parent breeds of a Goberian?

The parent breeds of a Goberian are the Golden Retriever and the Siberian Husky. Each parent contributes its own traits to the mix, resulting in a unique combination of characteristics in the Goberian.

What is the appearance of a Goberian?

Goberians often have a thick double coat inherited from their Siberian Husky parent, which helps them adapt to cold weather. They can have a variety of coat colors, but some may have the golden coat of a Golden Retriever.

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