Great Dane Is Escape Artist With Severe Separation Anxiety

Tofu the great dane sepration anxiety

Jordann Alyse (Tofu’s foster):
He was like on organizers and cabinets. He was trying to get out of the window, like there’s no way we could keep him crated because he would hurt himself, because he was definitely a practice escape artist. Eventually he learned how to open the sliding door, like really quickly and then would just jump over.

Tofu the great dane on the counter top. This great dane had separation anxiety

I’ll Right back. Nope. Don’t don’t don’t don’t

This Great Dane’s separation anxiety stems from an ordeal he dealt with at his former home.

Jordann Alyse (Tofu’s foster):
Tofu was brought into the rescue as the sort of pet of a backyard breeder. Tofu just kept getting out like he would get out like every day break outta the mobile home. He would just be roaming the city and it was just getting really dangerous. And she finally agreed to surrender him and we took him in to the rescue and that’s when they reach out to me to foster him and he started off really skinny. His elbows all had those really bad scabs and just, he had wounds on his body like puncture wounds as if he had gotten into like a fight with another dog or something. But he was just so sweet and just really just wanted comfort. Super clung to my side was like not super confident, really kind of just a good dog.

Little by little Tofu got the help he needed from his foster family including his sister Zoot who watched over him constantly.

Tofu the great dane with his sister Zoot

Jordann Alyse (Tofu’s foster):
Anytime we get a less confident Great Dane as a foster, we just kind of stick her with them and she kind of shows them the ropes. She would just watch it like we would watch them both in the camera. She would just watch him like getting into trouble and like trying to like break out of things. But he really developed a bond with Zoot and love watching them in the camera, like he would rest his head on her or she would like nuzzle him while they were, you know, separated and sad, but really sweet. Definitely like a sister figure. Yeah.

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After about a month of care and love Tofu was ready for his new home.

Jordann Alyse (Tofu’s foster):
I actually met Jack on Facebook. I started a Great Danes of Pensacola page and Jack was always commenting on the rescues like pages that I would share. And I had posted a bunch of times about Tofu and I was like, I can’t believe no one’s interested in him yet. I guess like maybe just the great dane separation anxiety is kind of scaring people off.

Yeti and his adopter

Jack Wilson (Tofu’s Adopter):
And when I saw that my heart just broke and I immediately told my family, we could talk about it, but it’s done. We’re applying yeah, we, we have to apply for this puppy.

Now he’s living his best life with his new family. He even got a new name. Yeti.

Jack Wilson (Yeti’s Adopter):
Yeti is my everything. I mean the, the fact that it’s extremely heartbreaking to think about what happened to him and to see him in the condition that he was in. So Yeti to me is like, I, I feel fulfilled. Like I have so much to give and I have so much care and love and time. And he’s what fulfills me. He’s the, what makes me whole, and fortunately I know that with everything that had happened and everything that he needed, like I’ve done that for him too. Again one big happy family.

Yeti the great dane laying down

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