Footage Of Guide Dog Graduating With Her Momma Is Making Everyone Weep

Graduating is a huge accomplishment in any young person’s life. It celebrates four years of hard work and dedication that can’t be done alone. It’s essential for any student to have a support system, whether it’s parents, teachers, other students – or even a dog! That’s right, dogs don’t just support humans in the home, they support humans in the classroom. Or at least that’s the case of English Labrador retriever, O’Hara, and her owner, Bella. 

Bella, who has Stargardt disease and has lost much of her sight, went to school to get a biology degree. And her guide dog, O’Hara, accompanied Bella to every single class during her four years at college. And when Bella was honored for her hard work during her graduation ceremony, O’Hara was right there with her as well. It’s only fitting, since O’Hara put in the time, too! 

Of course, Bella worse a cap and gown – as you would expect any graduate to do. But, O’Hara also wore a cap and gown! No word on whether or not O’Hara also got a biology degree. During the ceremony, O’Hara walked across the stage with her owner, and when they both graduated, Bella moved O’Hara’s tassel for her. A true scholar, indeed! 

But O’Hara isn’t just a normal guide dog. O’Hara is also on TikTok as @my.eyes.ohara, and got famous for wearing protective laboratory equipment, earning her the nickname of “the Goodest Girl in STEM.” O’Hara’s presence at Bella’s graduation was posted on TikTok, and fans went crazy for it. “Congratulations! The tail wag & roaring applause was amazing. Way to go Bella & O’Hara!” said @ksucrews. 

@my.eyes.ohara You deserve all the apPAWS Goodest Girl in STEM! ?? #boston #graduation #college #massachusetts #servicedog #guidedog #dogs ♬ Sentimental Music II (Duet) – Curtis Schweitzer

Bella got O’Hara after her doctor suggested that a guide dog would be better than a cane. Previously, Bella has spoken about how much O’Hara means to her. “With O’Hara I don’t have to be afraid of my disability, and she really helps me embrace it and realize that, yeah, I’m blind. That’s not everything about who I am,” she said. She’s so inspiring! 

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Congratulations to Bella – and O’Hara! The world of biology has grown by not one, but two!  

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