Family Reunited with Dog After 3 Years – Unbelievable Reaction

When Jorge, a sweet black and white pup from Tiblisi, Georgia, went missing, his family was devastated. 

Jorge belonged to Giorgi Bereziani, a 62-year-old Georgian who loved his dog to pieces. Distraught by his sudden and mysterious disappearance, Giorgi spent days putting up signs, talking to locals, and searching for his beloved Jorge. Weeks turned into months, which turned into years, and eventually, Giorgi was forced to face facts: Jorge might never return. 

On The Street For 3 Years

It can be incredibly difficult for dogs to survive on the street. Changing temperatures, sporadic food and water, limited shelter, and the hubbub of the modern world all pose threats to stray and lost pets. While survival is possible, the pursuit of survival is dangerous and often unrewarding. Because of this, Giorgi tried to move on, despite the memory of Jorge hanging over his head. After 3 years without his pup, Giorgi longed for answers to what happened to his pet. 

Then, out of the blue, Giorgi got a call that that changed everything. Some employees at the local opera house had spotted a black and white dog wandering nearby, and thought it looked familiar. Upon closer examination, the opera house employees believed it might be a dog they had seen on missing posters throughout the city. 

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Reunited With Dog

Even though it had been more than three years, Giorgi sprang into action the moment he heard someone had seen a dog that might be Jorge.  

Making his way to the opera house, Giorgi kept an eye out for any sign of Jorge. He made his way around the building, waiting to see him. Then, he spotted something lying at the base of a tree on the sidewalk: a sweet black and white dog. 

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Unbelievable Reaction

“Jorge! Is that you?” Giorgi called out, picking up speed and practically sprinting towards the dog. It was the type of moment you’d expect out of a Hallmark movie, except this was real life.

Immediately, the dog’s head snapped up, swiveling to look at Giorgi. It took only a second, but then, Jorge was up! He obviously remembered his owner, Giorgi, and was thrilled to see him again. In the video of Jorge and Giorgi’s reunion, you can hear Jorge whimpering and crying in excitement, see him wiggling his entire body, and pushing against Giorgi for lots of pets and snuggles. It’s a powerful moment.

It is hard to imagine spending three years away from your best friend, but we’re so glad Jorge and Giorgi are back together again!

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