Emergency Pupdate on Macy the Skinny German Shepherd

Macy - Pupdate
Pupdate on Macy the Skinny German Shepherd

My day took an unexpected turn when I received a message from Macy’s vet. As I listened, my heart sank. The message was a jolt, a mix of concern and urgency. Macy, the dog I had grown to care for deeply, was in trouble. The vet’s voicemail detailed concerning X-rays – signs of a possible foreign object in her stomach and excessive gas in her intestines. My mind raced with worry. The vet’s words echoed in my mind: “She’s not the greatest anesthesia candidate, but we need to explore.” I knew we had to act fast. See Macy’s original story here: Watch Her Reaction When She’s Told She’s a GOOD GIRL For the First Time

pupdate - Macy

The Race Against Time

The situation was dire. Macy might need surgery, and the uncertainty was overwhelming. As I waited for the vet’s call, my mind raced with possibilities. Would she need to be rushed into surgery? I hoped against hope that she would be okay.

pupdate - Macy

Breaking Macy Out of The Shelter

In all that craziness, it suddenly hit me. Macy wasn’t just some dog at the shelter; she had wormed her way into my heart! Deciding to adopt her just felt right, like it was meant to be. “You’re adopted,” I whispered to her, sealing a promise of a fresh start. Her tail gave a little wag, like she got it, like she trusted me.

pupdate - Macy

A New Chapter Begins

The moment I told Macy she was adopted was heartwarming. “Macy, you’re adopted. You’re coming home with me.” Her response was immediate – her eyes sparkled with a mix of surprise and recognition. It was as if, in that instant, she understood the profound change about to unfold in her life.

An Unplanned Rescue Mission

I found myself at the vet center, a place I hadn’t planned on visiting that day. Now, with Macy officially mine, the stakes were higher. The vet’s recommendation was clear: Macy needed to be boarded at a vet-assisted facility for close monitoring. The holidays made finding a place difficult, but thankfully, we secured a spot for her.

Deciding to put Macy in a vet boarding facility for a whole month was a bit of a tough call for me. She’s come so far, and part of me just wanted to keep her close. But here’s the deal – she needs more than just a cozy spot on the couch right now. With her health still a bit shaky and that awesome weight gain, she really needs some round-the-clock care. The vet boarding place is perfect for that. They’ve got all the gear and the know-how to keep an eye on her, make sure she’s healing up just right, and give her all the medical attention she needs. It’s all about getting Macy in top shape, so when it’s time for her to step out into her new life, she’s 100% ready. A month might seem long, but it’s just what she needs to get back on her paws.

The Emotional Journey

pupdate - Macy

I gently scooped up Macy, feeling her trust as she settled in my arms. Heading to the car, I could tell she was curious. This was her first ever car ride, something totally new and thrilling for her. I carefully put her in the passenger seat and watched her gaze out the window, her eyes big and full of wonder. Everything outside was whizzing by in a mix of colors and shapes, so different from the small world she’d been in.

Macy kept switching her look from the speeding scenery back to me, like we were having a quiet chat about trust and all the new freedoms she was about to enjoy. The car purred along, and with every mile, we were leaving her old life behind and heading towards something new. It was a bunch of firsts for Macy, and I felt super lucky to be the one showing her the ropes. You could just feel her excitement, a bit cautious but so real. Right then, I knew we were kicking off an amazing adventure together.

pupdate - Macy

A Place of Healing and Hope

The facility was impressive, a testament to the love and care for animals. We found the perfect room for Macy, one with a view of the play yards. It was important for her to have a comfortable space during her recovery.

Facing the Financial Challenges

Jumping into this whole thing with Macy, I totally knew the money side of it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. We’re talking some serious vet bills here. She needed surgery, not to mention all the dental work and the regular check-ups to keep her on track. When the vet handed me the estimate, and I saw it was going to be thousands, I’m not gonna lie, it kinda knocked the wind out of me. But, you know what? I was all in for Macy. Her getting better was the only thing on my mind, and I was ready to do whatever it took to make sure she got the best care, even if it meant my wallet was going to feel a whole lot lighter.

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The Road to Recovery

Macy’s weight is a real concern. She’s way too thin, tipping the scales at just 42 pounds. It was clear she hadn’t had it easy, and her weight was a stark reminder of her struggles.

But here’s the heartwarming part – since she’s been with me, Macy’s started to turn things around. She’s now up to 45 pounds! I know, it’s just three pounds, but in the world of doggy health, that’s pretty significant. It’s not just about the numbers, though. It’s about seeing her get a bit of her mojo back, filling out and looking healthier day by day.

pupdate - Macy

A Promise to Fulfill

I wanted Macy to stay at the facility for a month to ensure she was fully healthy before finding her forever home. It was a promise I made to her and to myself. We would make her whole before she embarked on the next chapter of her life.

A Bittersweet Goodbye

pupdate - Macy

Leaving Macy at the facility was one of the hardest things I’ve done. I had become her first adopter, her rescuer, and now I had to trust others to care for her. But I knew it was the best decision for her.

Hope for the Future

As I walked away, I promised Macy I would be back soon. The journey wasn’t over yet. We still have to navigate her health issues, but there is still hope. PLEASE keep following Macy’s story, sharing it, and to consider adopting her once she is ready (we are taking applications now even though it will be a month until she’s ready)


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