Dog’s Relaxed Reaction While Getting A Hot Stone Massage Will Leave You Craving For One

As dog owners, spoiling our four-legged besties is something close to our hearts. Whether it’s offering them a tasty frozen treat on a hot day, taking them to a pet supply store and filling the shopping cart with a range of fun toys, or booking them a massage session, the options are endless as far as pampering your beloved pup is concerned. 

Dog’s Relaxed Reaction While Getting A Hot Stone Massage Will Leave You Craving For One

A Labrador on TikTok named Elvis has wowed internet users after a video captured them thoroughly enjoying a professional hot stone massage. Clearly, this lovely Lab just proved that dogs, too, love to have a taste of the softer life. Be warned, though; you may find yourself itching to book a massage for yourself — or your dog  — after watching this clip. 

Nothing Feels Better Than This…

The video, uploaded to TikTok a few days ago by account @elvisbatzthelab, first shows Elvis the Labrador outside the massage room, waiting to be received by his massage therapist of the day. He’s then led into the massage room before the session begins.

Dog’s Relaxed Reaction While Getting A Hot Stone Massage Will Leave You Craving For One

The video captures Elvis lying on his back as the massage therapist gently strokes his face in circular motions before moving down his shoulders. One can tell that the massage is working wonders, as Elvis’s eyes remain shut throughout.

By the time the massage therapist gets to the core agenda of the day — massaging him with the heated stones — a visibly relaxed Elvis is already snoring.

Watch the video below:


Sound on (snore warning) 🔊 HOT STONE MASSAGE 😇😍 I really really enjoyed my massage today and yes I snored and fell asleep 💤 🐽 #dogs #dogsoftiktok #labrador #massage #cute #labsoftiktok #spa #spawday

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So far, the clip has racked up 2.5 million views and over 260K likes. As expected, the comment section is filled with thousands of hilarious comments, with others wishing they were in Elvis’s shoes.

One comment reads: “Never been so jealous of a dog ever.”

Another person wrote: “Based on his snoring, I think he left a 10/10 review.”

A third person added: “My dog just sent me this video.”

Do Dogs Like Massages?

Do Dogs Like Massages?

The short answer is, yes, most dogs like massages, particularly when done correctly (in gentle motions). Similar to its effects on humans, the act of gently stroking the soft tissues also makes dogs experience a next-level kind of relaxation.

However, it’s worth noting that every dog is different. What one dog enjoys may not necessarily be the same thing another dog loves — and that’s perfectly okay! The only sure way to know whether your dog likes being massaged is to observe their body language for any signs of stress during a massage session.

For instance, if they flinch with every touch, try to get away, or keep licking their lips, this could be an indication that they’d rather be doing anything other than getting a massage. 

In a threaded Reddit discussion on dogs and massages, user @FortCharles shared: “As long as you’re very gentle, I’ve never met a dog that didn’t love that. Start slow. Look at their reaction. If they relax and close their eyes, they probably enjoy it. If they seem bothered or indifferent, stop.”

Another dog owner revealed: “One of my dogs shows up next to me on the sofa every morning for a shoulder massage. Lolly doesn’t ask for much in life, but the daily massage is essential IHHO.”

Why Is Massage Good for Dogs?

Do Dogs Like Massages?

In general, massage therapy for dogs significantly improves your pup’s overall health, both physically and mentally. According to the American Kennel Club, massage for dogs — be it luxating patella dog massage, dog massage for arthritis, dog massage for anxiety, or any other form of dog massage — triggers the release of “feel-good hormones” endorphins that help your dog feel calm and stress-free.

Massage also eases any soreness in a dog’s joints (for dogs suffering from joint health issues), promotes increased circulation of blood throughout their body, strengthens their immune system, lowers blood pressure, and alleviates any muscle tension they may be having after engaging in intense physical activity. 

Plus, massage for arthritis in dogs can go a long way in reducing the debilitating symptoms of arthritis, improving the circulation of blood to their musculoskeletal system, and enhancing the mobility of dogs with arthritis.

5 Helpful Tips on How to Massage a Dog Correctly 

Do Dogs Like Massages?
(Photo Credit: Jacob Klang| Flickr)

Massaging your dog at home is not only a great way to bring the spa experience indoors but also an opportunity to strengthen the bond you two share and enhance their quality of life.

Not to mention, routinely massaging your furry friend can help you notice any unusual bumps or sensitive areas triggered by underlying health issues. That way, your dog will have a better chance of receiving timely treatment.  

If you’re thinking of introducing your dog to at-home massages, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • To make the massage more relaxing for your dog, choose a quiet spot in the house.
  • Be gentle while massaging your dog. Apply moderate pressure to make the massage enjoyable, not painful. 
  • If your dog has a visible wound/bump or is showing signs of pain in a particular area of their body, avoid massaging these areas.
  • If they’re battling health conditions such as hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia, it’s best to leave the massage to a specialized dog massage therapist.
  • Pay close attention to your dog’s body language throughout the massage session. If you notice any negative reactions, discontinue the massage for the sake of their comfort.

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