Dog’s Matted Fur Looked So Much Like an Extra Paw, Groomer Had To Do A Double Take

When two-year-old goldendoodle Maggie arrived at Animal Friends of the Valleys , her coat was a matted, dreaded mess. “This is what happens when you don’t cut the hair and you don’t maintain it,” explains Mel, a dedicated groomer at the shelter, highlighting the dire state of neglect Maggie had suffered.

Dog's Matted Fur Looked So Much Like an Extra Paw - Matted Dog Grooming

Maggie had been found wandering with just a rope tied to her collar, indicating she may have broken free after being confined in someone’s backyard. Regardless of her history, her painful, neglected coat needed immediate attention.

Patience Through the Pain

Mel worked patiently for over an hour just to cut away hair from Maggie’s face so she could see properly again. One leg was covered in a mat so big “it looks like a second foot is growing,” Mel said. She had to feel for Maggie’s actual leg underneath before carefully removing the huge clump of matted fur.

Dog's Matted Fur Looked So Much Like an Extra Paw - Matted Dog Grooming

Yet despite the discomfort, Maggie was “polite through all of it,” according to pet rescue advocate Rocky Kanaka. Even when entire locks of dreadlocked fur were clipped off, she stayed calm and trusting.

Soaking, Brushing, and Buzzing Away the Mats

After prepping the coat, Mel gave Maggie a thorough bath, conditioning her dry, damaged fur. Though skinny from the neglect, Maggie looked even thinner wet, with clumps shorn off. Mel went over her again with shears, ensuring no mats were missed.

Maggie enjoyed the grooming process, having “done fantastic” even with the loud dryer blasting. Her dense coat dried quickly with Mel’s special conditioning spray.

Dog's Matted Fur Looked So Much Like an Extra Paw - Matted Dog Grooming

The most satisfying part came when Mel partially shaved Maggie down, keeping some length but transforming her fur’s look. “I can’t wait to always get to this part, all the prep. It’s just like when you have to paint a room. It’s the same with the dog. Can’t wait to get the brush all the masks out and just get you the haircut,” Mel said.

Four hours after starting, Maggie emerged a new dog, her cow-print cuteness topped off with a jaunty ear bow. Despite the marathon groom, she hadn’t fussed at all, as if knowing Mel cared.

Maggie’s Available for Adoption

Now happier and feeling like “a million bucks,” Maggie is on stray hold at Animal Friends of the Valleys until she can find her forever home. Let your friends know this sweetheart is ready for adoption after her neglectful past. And thank groomers like Mel whose skill and dedication helps neglected animals like Maggie get a second chance.

Dog's Matted Fur Looked So Much Like an Extra Paw - Matted Dog Grooming

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