Rescuers Tried Everything To Save This Dog that Was Shot Twice & Hit By a Car

Source: @PawsOfHawaii

A gray and white pitbull mix was brought to an animal care clinic in Kapolei, Hawaii early last week by a good samaritan. The dog was critically injured and had been hit by a car shortly before the good samaritan had stopped to help. 

In addition to the impact injuries from the car, veterinarians made a devastating discovery. The dog, dubbed Nakoa, had two bullets lodged in his body, and one had severed his spine. While it’s not uncommon (though still disturbing) to find BB pellets in x-rays of stray dogs, especially in rural areas, the bullets found in Nakoa were large, and clearly fired from an actual gun. 

Dog that Was Shot Twice & Hit By a Car
Source: Kitv

The team at the veterinary clinic in Kapolei immediately began to work on Nakoa, attempting to make him comfortable as they prepared for surgery. While the bullets were able to be removed, and Nakoa was under constant professional care, he was not able to survive the extent of his injuries. 

the bullet
Source: Kitv

In the announcement of his passing, PAWS of Hawaii said “Thankfully he knew he was loved & supported by soooo [sic] many these last two days. We pray he felt kindness & love around him as he passed over to the rainbow bridge. We are very sorry that a human had enacted such cruel crimes toward this innocent soul. We wish we could have gotten a chance to show him & teach him a life that’s filled with endless love, kisses & what a true companionship is”

Dog that Was Shot Twice & Hit By a Car
Source: Wect

Learn more and support the efforts of PAWS of Hawaii, here

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