Dog Owner Noticed Bites On Her Dog But Upon Closer Inspection They Weren’t Bites At All.

Many animal lovers were shocked and appalled by a recent incident involving an English Mastiff named Jackson, who was shot over 70 times with a BB gun. The incident came to light when Hayden Howard noticed something amiss with her dog after he had been playing in the backyard. At first, she thought he was covered in insect bites, but on closer inspection, she discovered that he was actually covered in bullet holes.

Dog Owner Noticed Bites On Her Dog But Upon Closer Inspection They Weren't Bites At All

“When she realized that Jackson had been shot, she took him straight to the vet,” reports WXIN. “The vet examined Jackson and found masses of tiny bullets that had been fired from a BB gun. There was one stuck under his eyelid, one in his ear, one in his knee – they were everywhere.”

The vet removed 27 bullets from Jackson’s body, but was forced to leave 20 where they were due to their location. In addition to these, they also found 20 more bullet holes. Seymour Police Department Assistant Chief Craig Hayes was quoted as saying, “I have never seen an animal shot that many times. It’s a very bad case, and it’s sad to see.”

Dog at vet - Dog Owner Noticed Bites On Her Dog But Upon Closer Inspection They Weren't Bites At All

Police suspected that the shots came from a nearby yard and quickly found bullets and a gun hidden in a neighbor’s home. The suspect was also found to be in possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

Although BB and pellet guns are often referred to as “toys” or “fake”, they can cause real damage, as Jackson’s case clearly demonstrates. Those who use them to commit crimes should be charged accordingly.

dog shot with bb gun

While Hayden is hopeful that Jackson will make a full recovery, the incident has left many animal lovers feeling outraged. “I don’t understand how someone could do something so evil to a dog, least of all when the dog has never harmed anybody,” she said. “I really hope the person responsible gets a long prison sentence and pays the price for their crime. I truly believe that when they get out they should never be able to get close to an animal again.”

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For now, however, the focus is on Jackson’s recovery. Despite his traumatic ordeal, he is reportedly doing well and is expected to be able to play happily in his backyard again soon.

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