Dog Lover Kristen Bell Shares Hilarious Photo All Dog Owners Can Relate To

Kristen Bell shared comical photos all dog owners can relate to. Yesterday the actress shared these photos on her instagram page, with thousands of comments from other pet owners laughing over the shared experiences that unite all pet parents. “I love dogs,” the actress said. Apparently her love for dogs is greater than her desire to relax!

In the photos Bell is sitting on a boat with a lovely sunset as a backdrop. One could image relaxing and drinking a glass of wine. But Bell certainly doesn’t look relaxed. The large dog on the other hand seems quite happy enjoying the view, cuddled into Bell with its butt in her face.

The Golden Retriever (or golden doodle) is not Bell’s dog. Bell has two dogs, Frank, 4, a rescue dog from The Dog Care in Los Angeles, and Whiskey, 3, a rescue who lost one of his legs after getting hit by a truck.

Whiskey is Kristen Bell’s rescue dog. He lost his leg when a truck hit him (Prior to his adoption)
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