18 Dog Friendly Restaurants in San Diego

Whether you’ve been to San Diego many times or it’s your first visit, this amazing city is packed with fantastic places to see. Beautiful, packed with history and culture, and known for being one of the country’s most walkable places, you need to keep yourself fueled up to properly explore! If you’re traveling with your dog, this means you’re eating for two.

To help you ward off hunger and keep your pup happy, I’ve scoured the internet for the best dog friendly restaurants in San Diego! Keep scrolling to see my 15 favorite spots to grab yourself and your pup something nice to eat.

1. Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, San Diego

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar
Source: @lazydogrestaurants @zoeydapoodle

Basic Info: ​​1202 Camino Del Rio N, San Diego, CA 92108 – (619) 481-6191 – Website

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar is a chain with locations around the U.S., including San Diego! To accommodate 4-legged guests, Lazy Dog offers outdoor/patio seating with plenty of shade. Once seated, your dog will be served a bowl of water, and a meal from their dog menu. Choose from grilled chicken or a plain hamburger patty with roasted veggies over rice, or purchase a Play Pack complete with treats, toys, and other accessories to keep your pup happy.

Humans can enjoy simple American fare like retro TV dinners, craft beer, and bar snacks. 

2. Breakfast Republic

Breakfast Republic, 2730 University Ave., San Diego

Basic Info: 2730 University Ave., San Diego, CA 92104 – (619) 642 0299 – Website

With multiple locations around San Diego, there’s bound to be a Breakfast Republic near you. For lovers of breakfast, these restaurants are heaven! At Breakfast Republic, every hour is breakfast hour. There’s no pup-friendly menu, but diners can enjoy plenty of space on the patio to hang out with their canine companion.

3. Queenstown Public House

Queenstown Public House, San Diego

Basic Info: 1557 Columbia St., San Diego, CA 92101 – (619) 546 0444 – Website

Nestled cozily in San Diego’s Little Italy, Queenstown Public House is a fantastic spot to get some New Zealand grub. Their unique dishes are inspired by the hospitality of the Maori, and that generosity extends to pets! Dogs are welcome to join their favorite humans in the outdoor dining area, and they can enjoy the ambiance and delicious smells. Queenstown Public House serves brunch, dinner, and dessert! In addition to a variety of meat-based meals, you’ll find plenty of vegetarian-friendly options. There is a wide range of appetizers, too, including some scrumptious baked brie.

4. Communal Coffee

Communal Coffee best dog friendly restaurant san diego

Basic Info: 2335 University Ave., San Diego, CA 92104 – (619) 363 7737 – Website

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Travelers and locals alike will love the casual atmosphere of Communal Coffee. This delightful spot is happy to welcome well-behaved pups indoors while you order, and they can follow you to the outdoor patio afterward. While dogs relax in the sun, owners can enjoy plenty of brewed beverages, muffins, bagels, and light refreshments.

Keep in mind that there are a few different Communal Coffee locations. There’s one in North Park, Oceanside, and South Park. All three of these locations are more than happy to welcome a doggy diner, but their menus and offerings will vary.

5. Sally’s Fish House & Bar

Sally’s Fish House & Bar, best dog friendly restaurant san diego

Basic Info: 1 Market Pl., San Diego, CA 92101 – (619) 255 0657 – Website

If you’re looking for a place to feed your pups and yourself, then Sally’s Fish House & Bar is your place. In addition to a scrumptious menu of seafood, this spot serves up its own dog-friendly menu. While you eat, your pup will enjoy some water with their meal of chicken and rice, crab cookies, or rawhide bones.

With lunch and dinner menus, Sally’s Fish House & Bar has plenty of different dishes. The chefs may specialize in seafood, but vegetarians and vegans will also find something worthwhile.

6. Station Tavern & Burgers

Station Tavern & Burgers, best dog friendly restaurant san diego

Basic Info: 2204 Fern St., San Diego, CA 92104 – (619) 255 0657 – Website

You won’t necessarily be in the heart of San Diego at Station Tavern & Burgers, but you’ll only be 15 minutes away! This is the perfect place to unwind. Visitors can relax in the more suburban atmosphere and take the short walk downtown after they’ve refueled. The menu is primarily focused on human-style burgers, but dogs are welcome to enjoy self-serve water bowls on the luxurious outdoor patio. In the wintertime, guests and pups are kept warm with outdoor heaters. 

7. The Regal Beagle

The Regal Beagle, San diego

Basic Info: 3659 India St. #101, San Diego CA 92103 – (619) 297 2337 – Website

The Regal Beagle is a great downtown spot, but local experts strongly recommend walking there. Parking is limited, and limited patio seating means that you should aim to arrive before the rush. Once you’re there, however, you and your pup can dine together on the outdoor patio. If you’re a lover of meat, then The Regal Beagle’s menu of burgers and grilled sausages is absolutely for you.

8. Casa De Freds Tacos y Tequila

Casa De Freds Tacos y Tequila, San Diego
Source: @fredsoldtown

Basic Info: 2470 San Diego Ave., San Diego, CA 92110 – (619) 858 8226 – Website

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There’s plenty to love at Casa De Freds! This locally favored spot is home to a delightful mix of tacos, grilled goods, and desserts for people. For dogs, who are invited to join their humans on the outdoor patio, there’s a dog-friendly menu. Pups can “order” dishes like burgers, chicken and fries, sliced carne asada, and more!

Humans are welcome to order from a huge menu. In addition to tacos, Casa De Fred is serving up fajitas, enchiladas, burgers, and burritos. Early risers can even take advantage of a creative breakfast menu. When you’re done, don’t forget to check out the dessert offerings! One of our faves on this list of Dog friendly restaurants San Diego.

9. Voltaire Beach House

Voltaire Beach House, San Diego
Source: @voltbeachhouse

Basic Info: 4934 Voltaire Rd., San Diego, CA 92107 – (619) 915 8840 – Website

Voltaire Beach House’s dog-friendly menu serves up rice and veggies with either chicken, beef, or fish for protein. Canine diners are welcome to eat on the outdoor covered patio. If you’re a beach lover and you’re looking for a quick bite to eat before you catch some waves, then this is the spot for you!

If you’re planning on visiting Voltaire Beach House, be aware that parking is limited. One of the best ways to dine here is by walking. That way, you don’t need to worry about finding a parking spot!

10. Fig Tree Cafe

Fig Tree Cafe, San Diego

Basic Info: 416 University Ave., San Diego, CA 92103 – (619) 298 2010 – Website

There’s plenty of space on the outdoor patio at Fig Tree Cafe. This Americana restaurant is always ready to cater to its canine clients, and its human patrons are welcome to browse a vast menu of delicious food. Both lunch and dinner menus are available, and diners are welcome to indulge in some dessert after their meal.

11. Daybreak Island Grill

Daybreak Island Grill, San Diego

Basic Info: 2296 Bacon St., San Diego, CA 92107 – (619) 222 0406 – Website

Before you drop by Daybreak Island Grill, make sure you and your pup are ready for something delicious! You can get breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and your pup will be kept occupied with their own meal. Daybreak Island Grill’s pup-friendly menu is a delightful grilled assortment of greens, veggies, and meat. When you’re finished with your meal, canines will even get a treat as a bonus!

12. Slater’s 50/50

Slater’s 50/50, San Diego

Basic Info: 1750 Dewey Rd. #193, San Diego, CA 92106 – (619) 398 2600 – Website

Are you a fan of meat? Do you love bacon? If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, then you need to try Slater’s 50/50! This scrumptious destination is home to the 50/50 patty, a burger that’s 50% ground beef and 50% bacon. Pups are welcome to join their human friends on the outdoor patio.

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13. Newbreak Coffee & Cafe

Newbreak Coffee & Cafe, San Diego
Source: @newbreakcafe

Basic Info: 1959 Abbott St., San Diego, CA 92107 – (619) 224 6666 – Website

Flaunt yourself and your pup’s style at Newbreak Coffee & Cafe, where diners with dogs are invited to enjoy their meals together on the front patio. This is the perfect spot for a quick bite. In addition to open-face bagel sandwiches, Newbreak serves healthy wings and light refreshments.

14. Bull’s Smokin’ BBQ

Bull’s Smokin’ BBQ, San Diego
Source: @bullssmokinbbq

Basic Info: 1127 W. Morena Blvd., San Diego, CA 92110 – (619) 276 2855 – Website

When you dine at Bull’s Smokin’ BBQ, you’re guaranteed to get a delicious meal. This amazing BBQ joint is serving up plenty of delicious dishes, including vegetarian-friendly options. After you’ve ordered, you can join your pup on the outdoor patio, which has plenty of space to accommodate everyone. Be sure to point out your pup’s presence, because the staff of Bull’s Smokin’ BBQ will toss them a bone — literally! Every doggy diner at Bull’s gets a mouth-watering beef bone.

15. Buon Appetito

Buon Appetito, San diego

Basic Info: 1609 Indiana St., San Diego, CA 92101 – (619) 238 9880 – Website

Here’s some others my San Diego friends said needed to be on here

16. Panama 66

Located in Balboa Park. https://www.panama66.com/

17. Cocina de Barrio

Locations in Hillcrest and Point Loma https://www.eatcocinadebarrio.com/

18. Barrio Star

Located in Banker’s Hill http://barriostar.com/

For a truly refined dining experience, hit up Buon Appetito. Here, the outdoor patio is open for canines. Humans, meanwhile, can enjoy a luxurious assortment of menu items. Diners love the wide range of options, which cater to fans of Italian cuisine. Diners are also welcome to sample some fine wines.

Regardless of which option you choose, you’re sure to encounter plenty of delicious cuisine and canine companionship in San Diego. This Californian landmark is packed with things to do, and you’ll never run out of ways to keep yourself busy.

As you’re traveling, don’t forget to bring plenty of supplies for your pooch. Drop by my blog to see more product recommendations and tips on how to keep your pup safe on your adventures.

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