Dog Almost Goes Blind Due to Bad Vet Advice, Then This Happened

Few things are as scary as seeing your canine companion sick, but that’s exactly what happened to Kammy Shepherd and her pup, Boh! This adorable puppy was born perfectly normal. He loved to run and jump and play, but it soon became apparent that this pup was losing his eyesight.

Meet Boh

Image of Boh, a dog who got over Cataracts

Friends and family first noticed something was wrong when he became clumsy and uncertain. His eyes started to turn milky white. Unfortunately, the vet in Idaho claimed that “there was nothing that could be done to help him.”

Always Get A Second Opinion

Later, this happy family of two moved from Idaho to Utah. Here, his new vet informed Kammy of heartbreaking news: Boh had cataracts, and the only way to fix the problem was surgery. Unable to come up with the funds on her own, Kammy posted videos to TikTok, and she quickly received the $4,500 needed to cover Boh’s surgery.

cataracts in dogs

Today, thanks to the generosity of total strangers, Boh is loving life and seeing clearly! He loves to romp and roam, and his mom keeps fans updated on her Instagram page.

I have actually lived with three blind dogs. I put together a list of everything I have learned (tips and tricks, products you need etc) so you will be able to navigate this more easily.

Cataracts in Dogs

cataracts in dogs

While he’s now happy and healthy, Boh can still teach us important lessons! Alongside his mom, Kammy, Boh wants everyone to learn about Cataracts in Dogs: Everything You Need to Know, from Prevention to Treatment

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