Do Yorkshire Terriers Shed? A Guide to Yorkshire Terrier Coat Management

Do Yorkshire Terriers Shed?

Known for their elegant looks and somewhat spicy demeanor. As fierce terriers, they embody powerful hunters, yet their long, luscious coats make them excellent show dogs. That brings us to our next question: how much do Yorkshire Terriers shed? With the sheer length of their coats, it must be a lot… right?

Do Yorkies have Hair or Fur?

Before getting into the question of “how much do Yorkies shed?” we first need to address a surprising elephant in the room. Yorkies don’t have fur– they have hair. As one of the few dogs with hair instead of fur, they make a great hypoallergenic breed, regardless of how much they shed.

How Much Do Yorkshire Terriers Shed?

So, how much do these little guys shed anyway? Well, like a lot of dogs with only one coat layer, Yorkshire terriers shed year-round. Since their hair is a lot like ours, though, Yorkie shedding isn’t as allergy-inducing as shed fur from other dogs. Yorkies don’t shed much, either: only expect a few hairs on your couch each day.

a Yorkshire Terrier
Source: Jorge Gardner Unsplash

Are Yorkies High Maintenance?

Although Yorkies are considered hypoallergenic, they’re a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to maintenance. On the one hand, Yorkies are so small that they don’t need nearly as much space to exercise as a big dog. However, they need frequent grooming to ensure their coat stays healthy and reduce body odor. The grooming isn’t too big of a deal for some people, but for others, it makes Yorkies a high-maintenance breed. 

All Yorkies need a weekly bath to remove excess oils and sweat from their bodies, which leads to a pungent odor. If your Yorkie has longer hair, they will also need daily brushing to free up any loose hairs.

Is Shedding Healthy for a Yorkie?

a yorkie

It’s completely normal and healthy for a Yorkie to lose some hair throughout the day– everything with hair or fur sheds, after all. However, excess shedding is often a sign that something is wrong with your dog. Hair loss is a common sign of stress, a poor diet, or allergies. On the more serious side of things, excessive hair loss may also indicate that your puppy is sick or may have parasites. 

As you live with your Yorkie, you’ll establish a baseline for how much shedding is considered “healthy.” If you start to notice an increase in shedding, red, itchy skin, or if you spot bald patches and thinning hair on your Yorkie, see a veterinarian immediately.

Yorkie Mixes and Shedding

Yorkie mixes may shed more than purebred Yorkies, depending on what breed they’re mixed with.

Do Yorkie-Poos Shed?

As a trendy mix, Yorkie-poos combine the curly poodle with the hairy Yorkie. Since both dog breeds are hypoallergenic, Yorkie-poos are too! They do still shed, though.

Do Maltese Yorkies Shed?

Maltese Yorkies are another popular breed that many dog lovers fawn over. Since both breeds are hypoallergenic (they have hair instead of fur) and tend to be low-shedders, expect a few stray hairs here and there.

How to Manage Yorkie Shedding

So, how do you manage Yorkie hair? Generally speaking, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your Yorkie’s coat is luscious and healthy:

Grooming at Home

Yorkies need frequent grooming to ensure that they don’t get stinky! Over time, oils from their skin and sweat from their paws will build up to create some nasty body odor. To keep your Yorkie smelling fresh and their hair strong and fine, it’s best to maintain a regular grooming schedule.

Do I need to Brush a Yorkie?

Yorkies with long hair need daily brushing to detangle the hair, remove loose hairs, and distribute oils evenly throughout their coat. Short-hair Yorkies can benefit from a good brushing too, but you won’t need to brush them nearly as often. When brushing your Yorkie, I recommend using a slicker brush or a small hairbrush to gently work out tangles. Since Yorkie hair is so similar to human hair, kids’ brushes and smaller combs are okay to use.

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Remember to be gentle when dealing with matted hair– work through your Yorkie’s hair like you would your own. A wide-toothed comb works wonders for removing mats. To start, detangle the as much of the matted hair with your fingers as possible. Then, working from the ends of the hair upward, gently comb out the matted area.

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At-Home Baths

Yorkies need a bath at least once a week, lest they get some nasty B.O. When washing your Yorkie’s coat, use a moisturizing dog shampoo to keep their hair from drying out and becoming brittle. Even though Yorkies have hair similar to ours, DO NOT use human shampoo on your Yorkie. Human shampoos contain scents and chemicals that can harm your dog.

yorkie getting a bath

If your Yorkie has sensitive skin, try to find dog shampoos that are paraben-free and unscented. Shampoos made with oats is a great place to start!

Other Grooming Tips

In addition to regular baths and brushing, keep an eye on your dog’s nails, too. Jagged, sharp nails may scrape and scratch the skin when your dog tries to itch itself, and nobody likes accidental cuts! If your dog’s nails start to look jagged, trim them or take them to a groomer. 

For Yorkies, regular paw cleaning during bathtime is a good way to help eliminate odor from around the paws.

Visiting the Groomer’s

Yorkie grooming

When combined with regular baths, the groomer is essentially a trip to the salon for a Yorkshire terrier. Groomers are best equipped to handle trimming dog hair, and can help keep your Yorkie safe from the dreaded poopy butt syndrome

Food Matters

Your food choices also play a role in your Yorkie’s coat health. Food allergies or lack of nutrients can lead to hair loss or dry, itchy skin, so making sure that your dog’s nutritional needs are completely covered is the best way to ensure their coat stays healthy. For Yorkies, you’ll need to give them a balanced diet with mainly meat, supplemented by smaller amounts of fruits and vegetables.

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Keeping up with the Doctor

All good pet parents take their furry friends to the vet regularly. Annual vet visits are essential to keep your Yorkie up-to-date on their vaccines and necessary medications and discuss their general health. Physical exams also establish a health baseline for your vet so that if anything goes wrong, they’ll know what to look for first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Yorkshire Terriers Shed?

Yorkies shed, but not as much as other dogs. They shed a relatively small amount.

Do Yorkies have Hair or Fur?

Yorkies have hair that’s pretty similar to human hair!

Are Yorkies Hypoallergenic?

Yorkies are considered a hypoallergenic breed.

Do Yorkies Smell?

If they don’t receive regular baths, Yorkies start to stink.

When Do Yorkies Shed?

Yorkies shed year-round and do not have a specific shedding season.

How much do Yorkies Cost?

Purebred Yorkies cost more than mixed-breed Yorkies, although some designer mixes are incredibly expensive. Expect to pay between $800 and $5,000 for a Yorkie puppy from a reputable breeder.

Why is my Yorkie Shedding?

There are many reasons why your Yorkie could be shedding. Small amounts of shed hair are normal. If you start seeing bald patches, thinning hair, or reddened skin on your Yorkie, there could be a problem. Consult your veterinarian for more information.

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