Divine Canine: Why This Mystical Dog Was Worshiped as a God.

A Breed Enshrined in History

Divine Canine: The Saluki

The Saluki, an ancient breed that has captivated human imagination for millennia, holds a unique place in canine history. Originating from the Fertile Crescent, the cradle of civilization, this breed is believed to be one of the oldest known breeds of domesticated dog. Its elegant appearance and noble demeanor have been immortalized in Middle Eastern art and folklore for over 4,000 years.

Mummification and Ancient Egypt

Divine Canine The Saluki
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In ancient Egypt, the Saluki transcended the role of a mere companion to become a sacred entity. Revered to the extent that they were often mummified alongside their owners, these dogs were prepared for the afterlife, ensuring they would continue to accompany their owners in the world beyond. This practice underscored the Saluki’s divine status within the ancient Egyptian society.

The Pharaoh’s Companion

The breed’s esteemed status is further highlighted by its association with King Tutankhamun, one of Egypt’s most famous pharaohs. Artifacts from his tomb depict the Saluki, suggesting that these dogs were esteemed members of the royal household and held in high spiritual regard.

Divine Canine - The Saluki
Source: Thecollector.com

The Saluki in the Modern World

A Symbol of Elegance and Nobility

Today, the Saluki’s god-like status may be a thing of the past, but its legacy as a symbol of elegance and nobility persists. Celebrated for its grace, speed, and intelligence, the Saluki continues to be a revered hunting companion and a cherished pet.

Divine Canine: The Saluki

Global Popularity

The Saluki enjoys a dedicated following, particularly in the Middle East, where it remains a symbol of heritage. In Western countries, the breed is admired for its beauty in dog shows and cherished as a unique and affectionate pet.

Royalty and the Saluki Today

In the Middle East, where the Saluki’s roots run deep, this breed continues to be a symbol of heritage and nobility. Several members of Middle Eastern royal families are known to have a fondness for Salukis, keeping them as a part of their royal households.

Divine Canine: The Saluki
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  1. Royal Family of the United Arab Emirates: The Saluki holds a special place in the UAE, particularly among the members of the ruling families. For instance, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai, is an enthusiast of traditional Arabian Salukis. His social media often features these elegant dogs, highlighting their significance in Emirati culture.
  2. Saudi Arabian Royalty: In Saudi Arabia, Salukis are esteemed for their heritage and hunting prowess. Members of the Saudi royal family have been known to maintain and breed Salukis, participating in traditional hunting expeditions that underscore the breed’s historical significance.

Where to Find a Saluki

Prospective Saluki owners can find reputable breeders worldwide. Organizations like the Saluki Club of America and The Kennel Club in the UK offer resources for those interested in this ancient breed. It’s crucial to choose breeders who prioritize the health and welfare of their dogs.

Divine Canine: The Saluki

There are several rescue organizations in the United States that focus specifically on Salukis. These groups are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of Salukis, often working across states to ensure these dogs find suitable homes. Here are a few notable Saluki rescue organizations:

  1. Saluki Tree of Life Alliance (STOLA): STOLA is one of the most prominent Saluki rescue organizations in the U.S. They are dedicated to the welfare of Salukis and Saluki mixes, providing rescue and adoption services. STOLA operates across the country and offers educational resources about the breed. Website: STOLA – Saluki Tree of Life Alliance
  2. Saluki Rescue International (SRI): SRI is another organization that focuses on rescuing and rehoming Salukis. They work internationally but also have a significant presence in the United States. SRI assists Salukis in need by providing foster care, medical treatment, and finding them permanent homes. Website: Saluki Rescue International
  3. Northern California Saluki Rescue: This group operates primarily in Northern California but also coordinates with other rescue organizations across the U.S. They focus on rescuing Salukis from shelters, assisting surrendered Salukis, and providing foster care until permanent homes are found.
  4. Middle Eastern Saluki Rescue USA: While not exclusively based in the U.S., this organization helps rescue and rehome Salukis from Middle Eastern countries in the U.S. They work to provide these dogs with a second chance at life in a new environment.

The Saluki’s Enduring Appeal

Divine Canine: The Saluki

The Saluki’s journey from ancient reverence to modern admiration is a testament to its timeless appeal. Once revered as a god, the breed continues to captivate with its elegance and unique place in the canine kingdom. Celebrating the Saluki today means honoring a legacy that bridges the past and the present, a reminder of the profound bond between humans and their canine companions.

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