Can Dogs Eat Watermelon? Yep! 10 Ways To Serve It Up

Wondering if you can sneak some watermelon to your dog? And if you do will your dog even like it or spit it out along with other healthy things you’ve tried in the past? Let’s dig in.

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon?

can dogs eat watermelon

Dogs can eat a wide range of fruits. Included in this list are apples, a mix of berries, bananas, and even pears. If you’re aiming to let your pooch take a bite right out of summer, however, you’ll probably want to feed them a slice of watermelon.

Fortunately for dogs, watermelon is a safe and generally healthy treat for them to enjoy! Unlike some other fruits, the bulk of watermelon (as its name implies) is water. This makes watermelon slices or cubes a fun way to keep yourself and your dog hydrated.

Precautions to Take

Before feeding your dog any watermelon, be sure to remove the rind and discard any black seeds (or get a seedless watermelon)We’ll elaborate on this a bit later, but these parts of the fruit pose a few risks to your dog. Swallowing a little bit of either isn’t something you should panic about, but it’s not a habit you should indulge.

As with any treat, you’ll also want to provide appropriately sized pieces. A melon baller is a perfect way to make bite-sized treats that are safe for most dogs! By dicing or cubing watermelon prior to feeding, you reduce the risk of choking for your pooch. Cutting the watermelon also helps you measure how much you’re feeding. As delicious as they may be, watermelons are still treats, and you don’t want to give your pooch too much!

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon: The FAQ

Kobe, Flip and Zoey - Dogs can eat watermelon

As with any treat, be sure to closely monitor your dog the first time you provide watermelon. Provide their first taste of watermelon in a controlled environment, and give your pooch a tiny serving. This will make it easier for you to watch their reaction. Some dogs may not like watermelon. It is also possible for dogs to be allergic to this summery fruit.

If your dog is allergic to watermelon, stop providing it to them immediately. Signs of an allergic reaction in dogs include:

  • Intestinal distress
  • Gas and/or bloating
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Diarrhea

Is Watermelon Toxic to Dogs?

Watermelon is not toxic to dogs. In fact, it’s known to be a great source of vitamins A, B6, and C with some potassium on the side. Watermelon is also an extremely light treat! A cup of plain watermelon has only 50 calories per serving.

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon Rind?

Watermelon rind should not be given to dogs

To be safe, never feed your pups watermelon rind. In addition to being tougher to eat, the fruit’s rind is hard to digest. It isn’t poisonous, but it is known to cause upset stomachs and vomiting. If your pup gets a little nibble of rind, don’t worry! They’ll be fine! Just don’t make it a habit.

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Can Dogs Eat Watermelon Seeds?

Dogs should not eat watermelon seeds

Never feed the black seeds of a watermelon to a dog. In fact, the most convenient way to share watermelon with your pooch is to purchase a seedless fruit. This way, there are no seeds for you to pick free! Like the rind, watermelon seeds are not necessarily toxic. You shouldn’t lose sleep if your pup accidentally swallows one or two.

The biggest risk posed by watermelon seeds is the potential for an intestinal blockage. Because the seeds are not typically digested, they may become lodged in your dog’s digestive tract. This risk is great for small dogs, but the safest thing to do is simply avoid the seeds, regardless of the dog’s size!

How Much Watermelon Can I Give My Dog?

As healthy as watermelon may be, it’s still a treat! There is a bit of sugar hidden in this delicious, juicy treat, so don’t overdo it. Per Hill’s Pet Food, treats like watermelon and other fruits should only be 10% of your dog’s overall diet. Provide watermelon slices in moderation and only after taking the proper precautions. Remember: if you’re ever in doubt, ask your vet first!

Can Dogs Eat Yellow Watermelon?

Dogs can eat yellow watermelon

Yellow watermelon is perfectly safe for dogs. Both red and yellow watermelons contain the same basic nutritional perks. While red watermelons contain lycopene, which gives them their color, yellow watermelons are packed with beta carotene. Because of this, they have a sweeter, honey-like flavor. Nonetheless, they’re just as safe for canine consumption.

Can Watermelon Turn Dog Poop Red?

If a dog eats a lot of watermelon it might turn their poop red - beware!

Yes! Watermelon may turn your pooch’s poop red. The fruit shares this quality with other vibrantly colored foods, such as beets and red velvet cake. If this happens, it’s likely a sign that you may have overdone it a bit. Lay low with the watermelon snacks until your dog’s poop returns to its usual coloration.

Can Watermelon Cause Diarrhea in Dogs?

Watermelon should not cause diarrhea. If your pup is having diarrhea after ingesting watermelon, they may be allergic. In other cases, the chemistry of the fruit might not sit well with your dog’s tummy. Dogs, like people, have unique digestive chemistry. Not every pup can eat the same thing, and some may not digest watermelon well. If this is the case, stop providing watermelon to your dog. There are plenty of other delicious fruits to share with your pooch!

Can I Give Other Melons to My Dog?

dogs can eat a variety of melons

With the same precautions (removing the rind and seeds), it’s fine to provide other melons to your dog! Both melons and cantaloupes make for sweet, juicy treats. However, it’s worth noting that other melons tend to have more sugar. As such, take appropriate precautions and remember to exercise moderation.

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Do Dogs Like Watermelon?

many dogs do like watermelon

Many dogs love watermelon! It’s up to your individual pooch to determine their individual preference, but most pups adore watermelon. Don’t take our word for it! Take theirs! Maya the Samoyed enjoys sharing watermelon with her family. 

Video Source: @mayapolarbear

With a little creativity, you can turn a basic watermelon into an amazing, tail-wagging treat for your pooch! Freeze it, purée it, dice it, or slice it! There’s no end to the possibilities offered by watermelons!

Plain Old Watermelon

The easiest and quickest way to serve your pooch some watermelon is by slicing it up into appropriately sized cubes. Larger dogs may even enjoy the puzzle of trying to figure out how to eat a slice without the rind! All you need for this method is a plate, a knife, and some fruit!


Is it getting really hot? Boost the cooling power of watermelon by cubing it and sticking it into the freezer. Allow these chunks to harden, then let your pooch enjoy their delicious chilled treat! You can even sneak a few bites, too! Another version of frozen watermelon uses puréed fruit. After removing the rind and seeds, purée the watermelon into a fine, thin mix. This can then be poured into molds and served as yummy frozen bites on hot summer days!

Pre-Made Treats

Watermelon isn’t one of the most popular dog treat ingredients. Its short shelf life makes it a tricky thing to include in pre-packaged doggy snacks, but there are a few strawberry and strawberry-flavored treats that you can buy for your pup.

Treat NamePriceDescription
Pooch Creamery’s Watermelon Ice Cream$6.99This 5.29-ounce cup is packed to the brim with delicious dog-safe watermelon flavored ice cream! All you need to do is add water to this delightful treat and pop the container into the freezer.
Fruitables Skinny Mini Dog Treats$6.17Sold in a 5 ounce bag, these little Watermelon-flavored bites are perfect for training sessions. This particular version is meant for small dogs, but bigger pups will probably love the bites, too!
Messy Mutts Silicone Molds$16.99We know! It’s not a treat, but we couldn’t resist. These 1-ounce dog treat molds are just too cute to ignore! If you’re looking for something to use when you’re making some of your own treats, then consider this double pack of molds.


One sweet way to serve up a fancier watermelon experience is to prep your pooch a puppuccino. This option will require a bit of research and some careful grocery shopping. For the best and safest experience, choose vegan whipped cream. Avoid any products with xylitol or excessive sugar. As you prep the puppuccino, toss in your appropriately sized chunks of watermelon. To make the treat more visually appealing, mix it up a little.


watermelon popsicles for dogs

As the emblem of summertime, one of the most seasonally appropriate ways to serve up a watermelon is as a soothing puppy popsicle! This hydrating fruit pairs well with your freezer, and there are a million different recipes to try.

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We have a delicious Rocket Pop recipe, which features watermelons as the red tip! Other ingredients in this pupsicle treat include Greek yogurt and blueberries. If you pick up some of the standard “people popsicles” for yourself, you and your pup can even match! Grab the recipe here: Rocket Pop recipe,

Flip eats a rocket pop popsicle with watermelon

Watermelons don’t have to be the only ingredient, either! There are plenty of yummy fruits that can be added and mixed into your pup’s popsicles.

Watermelon “Ice Cream”

While we don’t recommend giving your pooch real ice cream (it’s high in fat and may cause digestive issues), you can simulate some watermelon ice cream for your pooch. Find some plain, unsweetened yogurt and blend in seedless watermelon chunks. The resulting mix can be served in popsicle form, or it can be chilled into your dog’s favorite puzzle toys. As with the pupsicle option, you can spice up the ice cream with different fruits.

As with the puppuccino option, be sure to avoid any products with xylitol. Never provide canned or processed watermelon, and be sure to exercise extreme moderation when serving sweet treats!

Puppy Fruit Salad

make a puppy fruit salad

For something fun and colorful, consider mixing it up! Think of all of the different fruits that dogs can eat. From apples and strawberries to bananas and pears, there’s a whole variety! Cut up appropriately sized pieces of these fruits for your pooch and plate them as you wish. You might want to toss them all into a bowl and shake it up, or you can be fancy and give your pup their own miniature fruit charcuterie board.

If you choose this route, be aware that each fruit has its own sugar content. Be careful about serving sizes and make sure that you aren’t loading your pup up with too much sugar. Remember: a little goes a long way when you’re treating your pooch. No matter how big those puppy eyes get, keeping them from devouring everything in sight is your responsibility!

Dogs Love You As Much As They Love Food!

No matter how you choose to serve watermelon to your dog, remember to enjoy your time with them! Dogs love you as much as they love food, and enjoying a sweet summer treat with their best friend is the doggy version of paradise! Many of these options are perfect ways to make treats that humans will also love, so try a bite for yourself. You just might end up rocking matching treats the next time you go to the dog park this summer!


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