Buddy Love, Loves To Play & Romp, Needs Some Love

Buddy surrounded by tennis balls

Name: Buddy
Location: Severn, Maryland
Size: Medium

Age: est 10-11
How to Adopt: Learn More About Buddy!

Buddy Love is an amazing special needs pup with a lot of personality. This senior pup has had a rough past, but he doesn’t let that get him down. With the help of his doggy wheelchair, he loves to romp and play!

Currently, Buddy Love lives at the Senior Dog Sanctuary of Maryland. He loves to play with other dogs, children, and people of all ages! However, due to past incidents, his ideal home will be a one-dog household. 

As the king of your home, Buddy will delight you with his fun-loving personality and snuggly soft side.

Buddy Love in a cute costume

We are unsure the cause of his condition (and can’t say if it’s abuse, neglect, or some other cause because we simply don’t know). He was impounded via an animal control case and there is still some sensitivity around laying blame on the owners (there may even be a pending court case), so we stay away from that and focus on his road to recovery.

It does seem that he’s been like this for quite some time. The problem though, was that his elbows would become raw and painful when he leaned on his front legs. He’s healed through weekly laser treatments, special sleeves, and the use of his cart.

How to Adopt Buddy

If you’re interested in adopting Buddy Love, then get in touch with the Senior Dog Sanctuary of Maryland! For a speedier process, contact Christine Sandberg ([email protected]). 

There is a $200 adoption fee, which covers all necessary paperwork, vaccines, and a microchip.

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Before you adopt Buddy Love, be sure that your home is ready for a special needs dog. Buddy uses a cart to get around, so your home should have plenty of space for him to run around! 

You’ll also want to be ready to give him his daily medications for anxiety, which the amazing staff at the Senior Dog Sanctuary of Maryland have helped him tame. The ideal home for Buddy Love will be a one-dog household where someone is with him most of the time.

Cinematic image of Buddy Love

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