Two Sneaky Labrador Retrievers Busted Stealing Bread from Supermarket 


It’s not every day that you see a bread heist executed so perfectly courtesy of a doggy duo. Two black Labrador Retrievers have left the internet in stitches after surveillance footage captured them browsing a supermarket aisle and taking off with a loaf of bread. (Watch video below)

Let’s just say, these two Labs just gave the phrase “partners in crime” a whole new meaning. We’re pretty sure their comical stunt will either brighten your day or put your shoplifting skills to shame. 

Watch These Two Mischievous Labs Make Away with a Loaf of Bread

Bread Heist: Two Labrador Retrievers Busted Stealing Bread from Supermarket 

A few days ago, @MetroUK took to TikTok to share a CCTV footage of the two unleashed Labrador Retrievers browsing the aisle of a petrol station supermarket in England, with one dog holding a loaf of bread firmly in its mouth (video embedded below). 

In the funny video that has since gone viral, the doggy shoplifters — whose tails are wagging in excitement — can be seen running on the aisle while sniffing the shelves, as though trying to figure out what else to steal. At one point, the pup carrying the prized loaf of bread drops it before quickly investigating what appears to be dog food on the bottom shelf. 

Unimpressed with the goodies on the shelves, the Lab makes the ultimate decision to stick to their treasured wheat possession. They’re seen picking up the loaf of bread that they had dropped, then joining their other partner in crime to exit the supermarket together. 

Watch the hilarious clip:


Two labradors were caught on CCTV walking into a perrol station and making off with a loaf of bread 😅 Their owners will be in for a surprise when they get home… What would you do if these were your dogs? 🤔 #fy #fyp #news #uk #dog #dogsoftiktok #dogsofttiktok #unitedkingdom #english #england #england🇬🇧 #labrador #funny

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So far, the video has garnered more than 600,000 views and attracted tons of amusing comments from TikTok users.

One person wrote: “Even dogs are having a ruff time with the cost of living.”

Another user commented: “Look at their tails. They are the happiest thieves.”

A third person hilariously added: “Well Bread dogs right there.”

Can Dogs Eat Bread?

Bread is safe for dogs to eat, provided it doesn’t have any additives known to be toxic to dogs. For instance, dried raisins and garlic (garlic bread). Since bread has no proven nutritional value to dogs, it’s best to feed it to your pup in moderation as an occasional treat. To learn more read: can dogs eat bread or will it make them sick

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