Brave Dog Mom Plunges into Icy Pool to Save Drowning Pup, Heartwarming Rescue Caught on Camera

The dramatic rescue of a French Bulldog in Texas who plummeted into an ice covered swimming pool was captured by the family’s security camera. The video, shared on Facebook in mid-January, begins with the pup in the backyard with the family’s other dogs. Unaware of the danger it was facing, the dog made the terrifying decision to step onto the ice. (scroll down to watch video)

Brave Dog Mom Plunges into Icy Pool to Save Drowning Pup

The dog’s first few steps gave a false sense of security that the ice would be able to support its weight. But as it ventured closer to the center of the pool, the ice unexpectedly cracked and collapsed, trapping the dog under the thick sheet of ice. The dog’s head and body were no longer visible on camera.

The Dog Vanishes From Sight as Dog Mom Hears the Splash

Brave Dog Mom Plunges into Icy Pool to Save Drowning Pup

Texas isn’t used to the snow and ice that it’s received this winter, so the dog had no way of knowing that it was putting itself in peril by climbing onto the ice. When the dog splashed into the freezing water, its mom heard the splash, and she appeared from off camera screaming and running towards the pool. 

Without any hesitation, she leapt into the pool, breaking through even more ice as she desperately clawed and grabbed under the water trying to find her dog. After a few harrowing seconds the dog’s head pops out of the water, its body firmly grasped in the woman’s arms.

Mom Pleads For Help as She Tries To Find a Way Out of the Pool

Brave Dog Mom Plunges into Icy Pool to Save Drowning Pup

Several parts of the pool were still covered in ice, making it difficult for the mom to find her footing, hold on to the dog, and try to get to the side so that they could get out of the frigid water. 

As she tried to break through the ice, she begged for someone to help her. The other dogs can be seen looking extremely anxious, unsure of what to do. She made her way to shallower waters, but could not get out of the pool without assistance.

Brave Dog Mom Plunges into Icy Pool to Save Drowning Pup

Finally, a young man came into the frame, and he extended his arm and reached over to offer a hand to the woman, pulling them both to safety.

A Potential Tragedy Ended Safely

Luckily the Dog Mom was close enough to know that the dog had fallen into the icy pool and was able to rescue him. I did read through several of the more than 200 comments viewers left, but was unable to find an update about the woman and dog. 

This is a great example of why people with children and pets should always fence off their swimming pools. It also provides a fierce reminder that parents will do anything to save their children – and fur babies – from danger, even if it means putting their own safety at risk.

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