Don’t Fall For Scams: Blue Bay Shepherds ONLY Come From ONE Breeding Program

A new designer dog breed is about to take the dog world by storm, but before you rush out to buy an American Blue Bay Shepherd, you’ll need to do your research. A mix of European German Shepherd and Wolfdog, the Blue Bay Shepherd was created to be a loving companion dog with the look of a giant wolf. 

Real Blue Bay Shepherds only come from one breeding program based in Palm Bay, Florida—if you see anyone else advertising a Blue Bay Shepherd for sale, they’re a scammer! 

Blue bay shepherds

So, how did this exclusive blue-colored dog with wolf blood come to be, and what does it take to own a dog with such unique ancestry? Get to know the Blue Bay Shepherd Dog’s history, learn about behavior, looks, and health issues, and explore the mission of Southern Breeze Ranch where the breed was created. 

Meet 6 Blue Bay Shepherds from Instagram

Vicki Spencer, the creator of the Blue Bay Shepherd Dog set out to create a dog that would display “willingness to please, the loyal nature and trainability of a well-bred German Shepherd with the excellent health, loving nature and awesome beauty of their wolf ancestry.” 

Now more than two decades since the foundation litter of puppies, the Blue Bay Shepherd is still being perfected, but a few puppies have met the ideal standard. Here, we’ll introduce a handful of Blue Bay Shepherds who were considered close enough to give to their forever families. While you look through these beautiful dogs, take note of the beautiful deep blue color of their fur, their light-colored eyes, and their German Shepherd-like but undeniably wolfy features

Because all Blue Bay Shepherds come from Southern Breeze Ranch, we’ve also tracked down photos of these dogs’ parents!

1. Sabre

 Blue Bay Shepherds
Source: @SabreWoof

Meet Sabre, an almost 4-year-old American Blue Bay Shepherd Dog living in Atlanta, Georgia. Sabre’s humans say he’s a total snuggle bug, but he also loves to howl, play, and go outside for long hikes! 

Sabre’s sire—AKA his dad—is one of Southern Breeze Ranch’s most prolific breeding dogs, and an absolutely stunning example of the Blue Bay Shepherd, himself. Sunshine, his mama is yet another popular breeding dog from SBR. 

 Blue Bay Shepherds
Frost (left, Sabre’s father) and Sunshine (right, Sabre’s mother) — Source: Southern Breeze Ranch

2. Riley

 Blue Bay Shepherds
Source: @Riley_Wolfdog

Handsome Riley is a one-year-old Blue Bay Shepherd living in Florida. Quite the photogenic gentleman, Riley’s humans love him so much they did a DNA test to see exactly what his mix is! According to the results, Riley is 31% German Shepherd, 28.9% Gray Wolf, 25.6% Alaskan Malamute, and 13.6% Siberian Husky. 

Riley’s parents are Skyjack and Vision, both from Southern Breeze Ranch and bred by Vicki Spencer. 

 Blue Bay Shepherds
Skyjack (left, Riley’s father) and Vision (right, Riley’s mom) — Source: Southern Breeze Ranch

3. Mischa

 Blue Bay Shepherds
Source: @M.BlueBayShepherd

Meet adorable Blue Bay Shepherd puppy Mischa! Mischa is actually two years old now, but how cute was he when he was just a few months old? Like all true Blue Bay Shepherds, Mischa was produced by the one and only Blue Bay Shepherd breeder, Vicki Spencer, and her two breeding dogs Conner and Chica. 

 Blue Bay Shepherds
Connor (left, Mischa’s father) and Chica (right, Mischa’s mother) — Source: Southern Breeze Ranch

4. Raven

 Blue Bay Shepherds
Source: @Raven_The_Blue_Bay_Shepherd

Raven is Mischa’s (seen above) full sister, also born to Connor and Chica from Southern Breeze Ranch in the same litter! Raven still lives with a family in Florida and has proven to be a fabulous companion on boat trips and fun-filled beach days. 

5. Krypto & Arsene

 Blue Bay Shepherds
Source: @KholKairo

These two gorgeous Blue Bay Shepherds are Krypto (left) and Arsene (right) are an amazing example of how much variation there can be in a designer mixed breed. Krypto—who is eight years old—is the product of some of Vicki Spencer’s earlier breeding endeavors and is the pup of two retired breeding dogs named Fargo and Sugar. Arsene is a more traditional color for the Blue Bay Shepherd, is two years old, and is the product of a pair of breeding dogs named Wesley and Channing. 

white german shepherd
Fargo (Krypto’s father) and Sugar (Krypto’s mother) — Source: Southern Breeze Ranch

6. Arlo

 Blue Bay Shepherds
Source: @TheWolfOfBiscayneBLVD

Arlo is a ten-month-old Blue Bay Shepherd living in Miami, Florida who happens to be Riley’s (seen above) half-brother! Like Riley, Arlo’s dad is Skyjack, but unlike Riley, his mama is named Quest. 

 Blue Bay Shepherds
Skyjack (left, Arlo’s father) and Quest (right, Arlo’s mom) — Source: Southern Breeze Ranch

American Blue Bay Shepherd Dog Basic Info

The American Blue Bay Shepherd is the pet project (no pun intended) of Vicki Spencer, founder and creator of Southern Breeze Ranch and this line of designer dogs. The “foundation dogs” Spencer used are the original breeding pairs crossed more than 20 years ago to produce the very first Blue Bay Shepherd puppies. The foundation breeds include a combination of blue European German Shepherds and Wolfdogs—crosses of Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, and Eastern Timber Wolf. 

Spencer named the Blue Bay Shepherd for its blue coat and her hometown of Palm Bay, Florida; thus, the Blue Bay Shepherd was born! 

 Blue Bay Shepherds
Jordan (left, foundation animal, European German Shepherd) and one of the foundation female Wolfdogs — Sources: Southern Breeze Ranch and @SouthernBreezeKennels

Spencer chose to use European German Shepherds rather than American-bred German Shepherds to try to breed out some of the health issues common in American GSDs, namely hip and back problems. The Wolfdogs she used were low and mid-content Wolfdogs, and theoretically, Spencer’s aim was for the Blue Bay Shepherd to have about 6% wolf content. Spencer also chose blue GSDs and Eastern Timber Wolves for their blue coats, intent on producing an all-blue Wolfdog. 

Because the breed is still so new, each individual is unique, and different examples of the Blue Bay Shepherd can vary in wolf and other breed content. Some Blue Bay Shepherds can be as much as 25–30% wolf according to their DNA results, so there is still work to be done to lower the wolf content of this breed. 

Blue Bay Shepherd Temperament

Wolfdogs are a controversial subject, particularly because the average dog owner is not equipped to own a wolf-dog hybrid. Wolfdogs are notorious for being reactive and aggressive towards other dogs and small animals, but interestingly, Vicki Spencer’s main concern when breeding Blue Bay Shepherds was introducing aggression from the German Shepherd side. 

Spencer has said that her “vision for the Blue Bay Shepherd was to create just a really good companion and family pet that would be safe with all people.” It’s important to note that Spencer has more than 30 years of experience with Wolfdogs, and is uniquely qualified to raise and work with these hybrid animals. 

The ideal Blue Bay Shepherd is even-tempered, affectionate, and playful, but still carries some of the wariness and suspicious tendencies of wolves. Sometimes described as shy, Blue Bay Shepherds are loving and social once they warm up, though sometimes nervous around strangers. 

Despite their ancestors being working dogs and wild wolves, Blue Bay Shepherds have been deliberately bred to be companion dogs, and do not have the intensity or drive to work that is common in GSDs. 

 Blue Bay Shepherds
Source: @riley_wolfdog

Blue Bay Shepherd Size

Unlike most domesticated dog breeds, the Blue Bay Shepherd displays a fair amount of sexual dimorphism—meaning males are much larger than females. 

Female Blue Bay Shepherds typically stand 24–28 inches tall and weigh 70–85 pounds with some large outliers weighing up to 100 pounds. 

Males stand around 26–30 inches and weigh around 85–105 pounds, with outliers weighing around 130 pounds at maximum.  

Blue Bay Shepherd Health

Because there are very few Blue Bay Shepherds, there isn’t much information to support health trends or to indicate whether they are prone to any particular health issues. It is, however, reasonable to assume that some Blue Bay Shepherds may inherit some of the health issues that are common in German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies, and Alaskan Malamutes. These breeds also share some common health problems, which makes it more likely for the Blue Bay Shepherd to inherit them. 

Interestingly, wolves, Wolfdogs, and wolf hybrids are generally considered more resistant to disease and are less prone to illness than domestic dogs. This said, keep an eye out for these health issues if you own a Blue Bay Shepherd:

  • Joint issues (e.g. hip dysplasia)
  • Bloat
  • Back problems (e.g. degenerative myelopathy) 
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Heart disease

Where To Find Blue Bay Shepherd Puppies for Sale

 Blue Bay Shepherds
Source: @1st508th_airborne

The only place to find Blue Bay Shepherds for sale is from Vicki Spencer and Blue Breeze Ranch. No one else is authorized to breed these dogs, and Spencer has dedicated her career to breeding dogs and creating happy, healthy Blue Bay Shepherd puppies. If you join her waitlist and are offered a Blue Bay Shepherd puppy for sale, you’ll be one of the lucky few to own one of these unique hybrids.

Because there is only one Blue Bay Shepherd breeder in the world, and because she does not produce very many puppies at a time or authorize customers to breed her pups, you won’t find any resources for Blue Bay Shepherd adoption. It can be difficult in general to find Wolfdogs for adoption since many are brought to sanctuaries if they are abandoned or relinquished by their first owners. 

Blue Bay Shepherd FAQ

Impress other dog lovers with your depth of knowledge on the unique wolf-hybrid Blue Bay Shepherd Dog! Learn what others are asking about the breed and get answers to your most pressing questions. 

How much do Blue Bay Shepherds cost?

You’ve fallen in love with this unique breed and now you’re wondering: how much is a Blue Bay Shepherd? 

The only place to get a Blue Bay Shepherd is from Vicki Spencer at Southern Breeze Ranch. Only a few litters are produced each year, and Southern Breeze Ranch always has a waitlist for puppies. When you buy a Vicki Spencer Blue Bay Shepherd prices are set according to the individual puppy. 

On average, the cost of Blue Bay Shepherds sits around $1,500—$3,000. Blue Bay Shepherd prices are similar to the prices of other large dog breeds, and it’s important to remember that breeding Wolfdogs is a highly specialized field. 

Are Blue Bay Shepherds legal to own?

Yes. On a federal level, there are no laws against owning Wolfdog hybrids, but some states, cities, and municipalities have enacted bans or limitations for private Wolfdog ownership. Before you decide to bring home a Blue Bay Shepherd, research your local laws regarding Wolfdogs. 

Do Blue Bay Shepherds shed?

Yes. Blue Bay Shepherds are moderate to heavy shedders who benefit from regular brushing to remove stuck undercoat. Blue Bay Shepherds may “blow” their coats during seasonal changes, dropping extra undercoat to renew before the temperature shift. 

Do white Blue Bay Shepherds exist? 

Yes. Blue Bay Shepherds can be white if their parents are white, but some can also turn white over their lifetimes. Wolf breeds like the Eastern Timber Wolf often go through a process of “phasing” their coats, wherein their coats lighten in color over several years. Many wolves phase from deep gray/blue to light gray/white as they age, and some Blue Bay Shepherds may have similar color changes. 

What is the difference between a Blue Bay Shepherd and a blue German Shepherd? 

A Blue Bay Shepherd is a hybrid breed whereas the blue German Shepherd is a purebred domesticated dog. Blue Bay Shepherds are a mix of blue European German Shepherd and Wolfdog (usually a mix of Eastern Timber Wolf, Siberian Husky, and Alaskan Malamute.) While German Shepherds did once have close wolf ancestors, they have been standardized for more than 100 years and are now far from their wolf origins. 

Here is a side-by-side of a Blue Bay Shepherd (left) and a blue German Shepherd dog (right): 

Sources: @SageTheBlueBay and @BalooTheBlueGSD

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