18 Bizarre Dog Chews Your Pup Will Love (But You Will Not 🤢)

Dogs will chew on almost anything. From toys to table legs, anything that fits in a pup’s mouth is fair game! To help combat this behavior, many pet parents turn to dog chew treats. While they may keep your pup happy and occupied, this assortment of weird chews might gross you out!

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disgusting dog chews

Here’s a rundown of the 18 strangest dog chews that pups love but that make us humans gag.

The most bizarre dog chew I have ever seen is #18. Quite unbelievable!

1. Beef Lung Chunks Dog Chews

beef lung dog treat

If you think you need a breather, consider letting your dog chew into one. That’s right! Beef Lung Chunks are exactly what they sound like. These soft chews are made from genuine cattle lung, and they’re perfect for any mouthy pup.

2. Kangaroo Femur Dog Bone Chew

Kangaroo Femur Dog Bone Chew

For something a bit more adventurous, there are companies that process kangaroo meat into dog chews or even sell off the bones. Kangaroo-meat-based treats that are perfect for cleaning teeth and staying busy. Check them out!

3. Freeze-Dried Turkey Neck Dog Chews

turkey necks from the dog bakery

Is your pup still craning for some more chewing? Turkey Neck Chews are a perfect way to let your pup crunch without worrying about them destroying your house! These chews also hit up a few key nutritional needs, such as phosphorus.

4. Yak Dog Chews

Dog chew a yak dog chew treat

If you’re finding that your pup’s chewing is starting to get hairy, then it may be time to serve up something a bit more luxurious. Check out these delicious, natural treats that are made from yak cheese!

5. Ostrich Neck Dog Chew Treats

Ostrich Neck Dog Chew Treats

Roam Pet Treats returns to the list with another exotic meat offering: ostrich! These natural chews are made from the neck of the ostrich, making them perfect for long chewing sessions. For something chunkier, Ostrich Gizzard Dog Chews and Ostrich Marrow Bone Dog Chews are also available.

6. Beef Trachea Dog Chew Treats

Beef Trachea Dog Chew Treats

For something closer to home, we’ll be returning to the dairy farm. Beef trachea treats are the perfect way to keep a pup occupied. Made from the windpipe of a cow, these chewy delights are known to contain chemicals that help ease symptoms of arthritis.

7. Pig Snout Dog Chews

pig snout dog chews

Another farm-fresh favorite might have you wrinkling your nose. As with everything on this list, pig snouts are exactly what it says on the box. These dried and cured pork treats are a long last chew, making them the perfect pick for pups that chomp through chews quickly.

dog chewing on pig snout dog chew
Bella, a 17 pound dog, enjoys a pig snout dog chew

The source of the pigs can vary, but many pig snout chews are made from pigs that are raised for food production. The snouts are cleaned, processed, and then slow-roasted or dried to create the chews. Made in USA

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8. Water Buffalo Horn Chews For Dogs

If your dog is a fan of the harder-to-chew things in life, then water buffalo horn is a unique and gorgeous treat. Horns are made of the same material as bone, which means that any buffalo horn you happen to pick up will last a while!

9. Tripe Stick Chews for Dogs

In a unique twist, tripe sticks aren’t all that uncommon. These thin chews are facets of most pet stores, but many people don’t think about what they are. A tripe stick is actually the cured byproduct of twisted and elongated cow stomach! ?

10. Possum Dog Chew Treats

For a locally based taste of the wild, consider purchasing Possum Sticks for your pooch. Though similar in shape to tripe sticks, these treats are made of possum meat. Thanks to how they are processed, these sticks can easily be broken into smaller pieces, so dogs of all sizes can enjoy them.

11. Marrow Stuffed Shin Bone Chews For Dogs

Dogs with taste for the more refined things in life may prefer something more flavorful than a plain bone. Fortunately, there’s a solution. Stuffed dog bones are all the crunchy goodness of beef shin bone stuffed and perfect for aggressive chewers.

12. Beef Knee Cap Dog Chews

Waste not want not, because cows are a gold mine of doggy goodness. The strong knee caps of bovines make for amazing chew toys. Best of all, the toughness of a Beef Knee Cap chew pleases aggressive chewers without being hard on the stomach.

13. Giant Beef Femur Bone Dog Chews

Moving along on the cow, their massive femur bones also make for amazing treats. If you have a large dog, Beef Femur is perfectly suited for chomping. As with any bone-based treat, this gigantic chew also helps to clean teeth and keep the mind occupied.

14. Beef Gullet Sticks

While tripe sticks may be from the stomach of a cow, Beef Gullet Sticks come from the esophagus. These shouldn’t be confused with beef trachea, though! The trachea connects the mouth to the lungs, while the esophagus links the mouth and the stomach.

15. Herring Whole Fish Dog Chew Treats

If your dog is a beach goer, they may appreciate the salty taste of whole herring dog treats. These yummy, chewy treats are a great way to promote tooth, skin, joint, and coat health.

16. Beef Esophagus Chews For Dogs

Another name for beef gullet sticks, some brands opt to market their gullet-based treats under the anatomically correct name of Beef Esophagus Chews. These may come as thin strands or braided knots.

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17. Bully Sticks

Let’s round out today’s list with something that may already be in your pantry: Bully Sticks. These pungent chews may be common, but they’re actually made from cow penis. Now that’s a fact for the dinner table! We all know how disgusting a well-chewed bully stick smells but this one is odor free.

18. Freeze Dried Duck Heads

duck head dog chew

Freeze-Dried Duck Head is the ultimate dog snack that will make your furry friend go quackers! This crunchy treat is made from pure, raw, freeze-dried duck heads.

It’s a single source of protein that promotes dental health as the bones act as a natural toothbrush, cleaning your dog’s back teeth.

We know what you’re thinking, “A duck head for my dog? Really?” But trust us, once you get past the “duck-usting” appearance, you’ll see that this snack is a great source of calcium and phosphorus. They are relatively soft, so great for dogs with sensitive teeth.

dog chewing freeze dried duck head
17 pound dog chewing a freeze-dried duck head

So why settle for boring old bones when you can give your dog a duck head instead? It’s 100% made in the USA. Plus, the freeze-drying process locks in the flavor and nutrients, giving your dog a treat that is both light-weight and delicious.

More Bizarre Dog Chews

Why should I consider Camel Hide Chews for my dog?

Camel Hide Chews are considered a great choice for several reasons. Firstly, they are made from a novel protein source, which is excellent for dogs with allergies or sensitivities to common proteins like chicken or beef. They are also tough and durable, providing a satisfying chew for dogs who love to gnaw. Additionally, camel hide chews are hypoallergenic, making them a safe option for dogs with specific dietary needs.

What are the benefits of giving my dog Rabbit Ear chews?

Rabbit Ear chews offer several benefits for dogs, including being a source of lean protein and a novel protein option for pets with allergies to more common meats. They are also good for dental health, as chewing on them can help remove plaque and tartar. Additionally, rabbit ears with fur can aid in the natural deworming process by helping to clean the digestive tract as they move through.

Are Cow Hooves safe for my dog to chew on?

Cow Hooves can be a safe chew for dogs if used under supervision. They are extremely durable, providing long-lasting entertainment, especially when filled with treats or spreads. However, due to their hardness, they are not suitable for all dogs, particularly those with dental sensitivities or weak teeth. Always monitor your dog while they are chewing on horse hooves to prevent any potential risks, such as chipping a tooth or choking on small pieces.

What makes Beef Lung Chunks a good chew treat for dogs?

Beef Lung Chunks are soft, making them perfect for dogs of all chewing levels. Made from genuine cattle lung, they offer a unique texture that dogs love.

Why are Kangaroo Femur Dog Bone Chews considered adventurous?

Kangaroo Femur Dog Bone Chews offer a taste of the exotic, with kangaroo meat being less common. They’re great for dental health and keep dogs occupied.

What are the benefits of Freeze-Dried Turkey Neck Dog Chews?

These chews not only satisfy a dog’s urge to chew but also provide essential nutrients like phosphorus, aiding in their overall health.

How do Yak Dog Chews differ from other chews?

Yak Dog Chews are made from yak cheese, providing a unique flavor and texture. They’re natural, long-lasting, and support dental health.

Are Ostrich Neck Dog Chew Treats safe for all dogs?

Yes, they’re made from the ostrich’s neck, offering a chunky texture that’s great for chewing and is suitable for dogs looking for longer-lasting treats.

What makes Freeze-Dried Duck Heads a unique treat for dogs?

Freeze-Dried Duck Heads are considered unique because they offer both a novel texture and a source of nutrition. The freeze-drying process preserves the natural flavors and nutrients, providing a crunchy treat that’s great for dental health. Despite their unusual appearance, they are a hit with many dogs, offering calcium and phosphorus in a natural, single-ingredient treat.

How do Beef Esophagus Chews benefit dogs?

Beef Esophagus Chews, sometimes marketed as gullet sticks, are made from the cow’s esophagus and are rich in glucosamine and chondroitin, which support joint health. Their chewy texture also helps in cleaning teeth and gums, making them beneficial for oral health.

Are Water Buffalo Horn Chews safe for aggressive chewers?

Water Buffalo Horn Chews are incredibly durable, making them excellent for aggressive chewers. They are less likely to splinter compared to bones, offering a safer alternative. However, it’s always recommended to supervise your dog while they chew to prevent any choking hazards.

What are the nutritional benefits of Tripe Stick Chews for dogs?

Tripe Stick Chews are made from the stomach lining of cows and are rich in enzymes, good bacteria, and nutrients that can aid digestion. They’re also high in protein and low in fat, making them a healthy treat option that supports a dog’s digestive system and overall health.

Why are Possum Dog Chew Treats considered good for dogs?

Possum Dog Chew Treats are made from possum meat, a novel protein source that’s great for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies to more common proteins like chicken or beef. These treats are also eco-friendly, as possums are considered pests in some areas, and utilizing them for dog treats helps manage their population while providing a sustainable snack option.

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