Sweet, confident and playful


Meet Hodges!! This boy was found in Mississippi at Hodges cemetery. He was running around and playing with another dog named Raven who we have as well. They were very friendly and came up to the volunteer who came to assist with rescuing them. Hodges […]


Meet Lucia!! Lucia is was picked up by ACO in Mississippi. She was found by a school as a stray and the next she was picked up, she broke with Parvo. We were able to treat her and she is all good to go now!!! […]


Welcome Nahala to CCPAL Rescue. He is an 1 yr old dog. We believe his breed to be Boxer/Lab. He has a ¾ tail that is thick. He may have been born with a shorter tail. He is very outgoing, friendly and energetic. He is […]


Sweet Calm and smart


Loves all the dogs and people! she is the sweetest


Meet Daphne!! This girl was in a neighborhood in Mississippi. There were people trying to shoot her. Thank goodness, she was able to stay safe from them. There was a family who saw her, and knew she needed help fast. They took her in to […]


Welcome Maybell to CCPAL Rescue. She is a 3-year-old Shepherd/Basenji is our best guess. She has mostly upright ears and a curled tail. She is a good walker on leash and would be great for a walker, jogger or hiker. She is confident and would […]


Meet Heath!! This little guy was found as a stray. He was found in a rural area of Mississippi. Fetching Hearts knew we had to take him in and find this sweet baby a forever home to grow up in. Health loves playing with his […]


Friendly, active and very cuddly! Loves belly rubs.