Avery up for Adoption

Here's What You Need To Know:

  • Pet's Location : Knoxville, Iowa
  • Pet's Age : Young adult
  • Pet's Breed : pitbull
  • Pet's Gender : Female
  • Pet's Size : medium
  • Pet good with other pets? : Yes
  • Pet good with kids? : Yes
  • Pet good with cats? : No
  • Is the rescue able to transport the dog to owner's location? : Yes

Avery was found beaten with limited resources, she brought her in. Avery had many marks on her as if she was beaten with a stick or something along that line. She has always been happy to be in our care because she gets love, medical attention, food, and water. She is only 3 years old and we’ve had her for 2 years.

She has a heart murmur and that was diagnosed shortly after we got her. She takes two medications for it, Enalapril and Pemobenden. She takes one of each twice daily. She also has skin and foot allergies. She takes 2 Apoquel once a day for her allergies. I wonder if she could discontinue the Apoquel if she gets out of the shelter environment, but do not know. Her medicine costs are approximately $100.00/month. She gets frequent UTIs also that she has to be treated for, once again, I wonder if they will stop when she’s out of the shelter.

She’s the sweetest dog! The only issue she has is that she doesn’t like cats. She was adopted once. The person had a cat and we warned her that Avery does not like cats. She said her cat stayed in the bedroom and hid under the bed so it wouldn’t be a problem. It was. Avery was brought back the same day because she went after the cat. Female pit bulls do NOT like Avery. She was severely attacked by one at the shelter. Totally out of the blue.

Fortunately we were able to pour water on them and got them apart, but Avery was severely injured and had to be rushed to an emergency vet. It was on a Sunday and someone was walking the other dog and she went after Avery because Avery was being given a treat. We were scared that Avery was going to die from the attack. She’s a tough girl and recovered. She really needs a break in life. She needs someone that will love her unconditionally and give her the life she deserves.