Abandoned Senior Dog With Matted Fur Does Cutest Thing When he Gets Groomed

When you see a dog as matted, dirty, and unkempt as Chewie, this sweet 8-year-old senior dog, you can be certain they’ve seen more than their fair share of neglect. Chewie was abandoned and left to fend for himself by his owners when they moved away from their rental property, and clearly, Chewie struggled to make it. While his time alone can’t have helped his condition, seeing just how bad Chewie looked at first, it’s hard to imagine he was well cared for even before being abandoned. (watch video above)

Luckily, Chewie was found by the right rescuers, and they started changing his life for the better immediately. 

Abandoned Senior Dog Gets Makeover & a Second Chance

How Dog Groomers Tackle Severely Matted Neglect Cases

Mel, the animal shelter groomer who took on Chewie’s case, started on him as soon as she saw his sorry state. With severely neglected dogs like Chewie, groomers and shelter staff can’t be sure if he’ll even let them bathe or brush him. All that matted fur could be hiding wounds, irritated skin, fleas, or other skin issues, so it’s important to be very careful. 

“I went ahead and go slow to get him because he was acting very nervous,” says Mel in the video as she gently clips away the long mats of fur covering Chewie’s face. Even though Chewie is nervous, he stays so calm and lets Mel work on him. He is still willing to trust, even after everything he’s been through. 

Unveiling Bigger Problems As The Fur Comes Off

Abandoned Senior Dog Gets Makeover & a Second Chance

As Mel works on Chewie, she can feel that he is severely overweight, a sign his humans never cared about giving him proper nutrition or exercise. The fur removed from his face reveals an ulcerated eye—usually the result of some kind of injury, either from an accident, an attack from another animal, or intentionally inflicted abuse. 

Despite all of this, Chewie is so well-behaved. He lets Mel lift him into the bath, shampoo and condition him, and even trim a few nails. Mel—an experienced dog groomer—knows exactly how to make the most of these moments, and makes sure to give Chewie as many positive moments during the groom as possible. Lots of petting, soothing words, and all the TLC she can provide. 

Abandoned Senior Dog Gets Makeover & a Second Chance

It all pays off when they get to the scariest part of the grooming process: the drier. Even perfectly cared-for dogs are often afraid of the dryer, but little Chewie stays calm and lets Mel dry his fur without a fuss. What a resilient boy!

Chewie Looks Like a New Dog—Now He Needs a Home

Clean and dry, Chewie gets a trim, has his fur combed, and even gets his mustache carefully shaped by Mel’s expert hand. Add a green bandana, and Chewie looks like a completely different dog—a handsome one, at that!

Abandoned Senior Dog Gets Makeover & a Second Chance

Thankfully, Chewie isn’t in a shelter anymore and is now awaiting his forever home in the care of Frosted Faces Foundation, a nonprofit animal rescue in Ramona, California whose founders are passionate about giving senior dogs the best life possible in their golden years. If you want to adopt Chewie or any other senior pup, you can learn more by viewing Frosted Faces adoptable dogs online. 

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