A Dog’s Will to Live & the Owners Who Refused to Give Up (Even After The Vet Dismisses Concerns)

In a remarkable tale of intuition and perseverance, Nala’s story underscores the importance of trusting your gut when it comes to the well-being of your pets. Despite facing skepticism from medical professionals, Nala’s owners’ unyielding determination and a deep understanding of their dog’s needs led to a life-saving intervention. (Watch Full Video Above)

A Troubling Diagnosis

Rocky Kanaka, an animal advocate, highlights the critical situation Nala found herself in. “The experts were wrong about Nala, and it almost cost her life,” he explains. This sentiment is echoed by Drew, Nala’s owner, who noticed something alarming. “I was feeling her stomach. It just felt incredibly tight, almost like her stomach’s in knots,” he recalls.

The First Hospital Visit: A Dismissed Concern

The initial response from the veterinary hospital was dismissive. Sarah, another of Nala’s owners, recounts their experience. “They just kept going ‘Oh yeah, yeah. So she’s puking’ and they did an x-ray and they’re like, ‘We don’t see anything on the x-ray,'” she says. This dismissal led to a harrowing turn of events.

A Race Against Time

After receiving a distressing call in the early hours, indicating Nala’s grave condition, the owners rushed her to another hospital. “When we arrived, she had an oxygen mask on. You could see it in her eyes. She was just terrified,” Drew describes the heart-wrenching scene.

Dove Lewis Hospital: A Glimmer of Hope

Understanding the urgency, the couple drove across the city to Dove Lewis Hospital. “Time was running out, and they knew if they didn’t fight for Nala, no one else would,” Kanaka adds, underscoring the critical decision. At Dove Lewis, the situation was dire. “They had to get all her vitals under control before she could even go into surgery,” says Sarah.

The Surgery: A Fight for Survival

The diagnosis was Mesenteric Torsion, a severe and rare condition. “The muscles that hold together her small intestine had essentially twisted inside out, cutting off circulation,” Sarah explains. The surgery was a high-stakes procedure, with a veterinarian telling the couple that they had never seen a dog survive such a condition.

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Nala’s Remarkable Recovery

Despite the odds, Nala made a miraculous recovery. “She stayed at the hospital for another week. Every day was day-to-day,” Drew shares, reflecting on the tense wait for Nala’s recovery. The couple was promised photos of Nala as they couldn’t visit her due to her condition.

A Happy Ending and a Lesson Learned

Nala’s story had a joyous conclusion. “She’s back to her loving, happy self, even a flower girl in our wedding,” Drew beams. Nala’s story inspired many, leading to donations covering her $17,000 surgery cost.

A Message to Pet Owners

Drew emphasizes the importance of knowing your pet. “Trust your gut and what they’re telling you. We just need to listen well sometimes,” he advises. Sarah adds, “Remember that your pets feel your emotions. In stressful situations, try to control them as much as you can.”

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