132 Names That Will Make Your Boxer the Star of the Dog Park

Boxer dogs are known for their playful energy, loyalty, and distinctive looks. Whether you’re welcoming a new puppy into your home or adopting an older dog, choosing the perfect name is a significant step. This guide provides an extensive list of names categorized to suit different themes, ensuring you find the ideal name for your furry friend.

Boxer Dog Names

Girl Boxer Dog Names

  1. Bella: A classic name meaning “beautiful” in Italian, perfect for a graceful Boxer girl.
  2. Luna: Meaning “moon” in Spanish, ideal for a dog with a serene and calm demeanor.
  3. Roxy: A spirited name for a playful and energetic Boxer.
  4. Sadie: A sweet and timeless name that suits a gentle and affectionate dog.
  5. Maya: Meaning “illusion” or “dream” in Sanskrit, great for a dog with a mystical charm.
  6. Nala: Inspired by the strong and loyal lioness from “The Lion King.”

Boy Boxer Dog Names

  1. Max: A strong and popular name meaning “greatest,” fitting for a confident Boxer.
  2. Rocky: Inspired by the famous movie character, ideal for a tough and resilient dog.
  3. Zeus: Named after the Greek god of the sky, perfect for a powerful and majestic Boxer.
  4. Duke: A regal name that conveys nobility and strength.
  5. Leo: Meaning “lion” in Latin, great for a bold and courageous Boxer.
  6. Toby: A friendly and approachable name that suits a cheerful Boxer.

Badass Boxer Dog Names

  1. Blaze: For a dog with a fiery and intense personality.
  2. Diesel: A strong name that signifies power and toughness.
  3. Jagger: Inspired by the rock legend Mick Jagger, perfect for a dog with a rockstar attitude.
  4. Maverick: Ideal for an independent and free-spirited Boxer.
  5. Thor: Named after the Norse god of thunder, great for a formidable and powerful dog.
  6. Rogue: For a Boxer with a daring and adventurous spirit.
Boxer Dog Names

Cute Boxer Dog Names

  1. Buddy: A friendly and endearing name for a loyal companion.
  2. Poppy: A cheerful and sweet name inspired by the bright flower.
  3. Bambi: Named after the adorable deer from the Disney movie, perfect for a gentle Boxer.
  4. Coco: A cute and playful name that suits a fun-loving dog.
  5. Muffin: For a Boxer with a sweet and cuddly personality.
  6. Peanut: Great for a small and adorable Boxer pup.

Rare Boxer Dog Names

  1. Astra: Meaning “star” in Latin, perfect for a unique and shining Boxer.
  2. Oberon: Inspired by the king of the fairies in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”
  3. Quillon: An unusual name meaning “crossing swords,” ideal for a spirited Boxer.
  4. Seren: Meaning “star” in Welsh, great for a rare and radiant dog.
  5. Zorion: A Basque name meaning “happiness,” fitting for a joyful Boxer.
  6. Vesper: A Latin name meaning “evening star,” perfect for a calm and serene dog.

Boxing-Inspired Names for Boxer Dogs

  1. Ali: Named after Muhammad Ali, the legendary boxer known for his speed and charisma.
  2. Fury: Inspired by Tyson Fury, perfect for a powerful and resilient dog.
  3. Rocky: A classic name from the iconic boxing movie, great for a tough and determined Boxer.
  4. Sugar: Inspired by Sugar Ray Leonard, ideal for a sweet yet fierce dog.
  5. Apollo: Named after Apollo Creed from the “Rocky” series, perfect for a bold and confident Boxer.
  6. Laila: After Laila Ali, a strong and graceful name for a female Boxer.

Unique Boxer Dog Names

Boxer Dog Names
  1. Orion: Named after the constellation, ideal for a Boxer with a stellar personality.
  2. Lyric: Perfect for a dog whose presence is like a beautiful song.
  3. Zephyr: Meaning “west wind,” great for a breezy and carefree Boxer.
  4. Fable: For a Boxer with a storybook charm and an imaginative spirit.
  5. Rune: Inspired by ancient letters, ideal for a mystical and unique dog.
  6. Echo: Perfect for a dog with a resonant and lasting impression.

4-Letter Boxer Dog Names

  1. Tara: A simple yet elegant name meaning “star” in Sanskrit.
  2. Jack: A classic and strong name for a dependable Boxer.
  3. Kira: Meaning “beam of light” in Persian, great for a bright and cheerful dog.
  4. Finn: A playful and friendly name for an adventurous Boxer.
  5. Zara: Meaning “princess” in Arabic, perfect for a regal and graceful Boxer.
  6. Axel: A cool and edgy name for a bold and daring dog.

Classic Boxer Dog Names

  1. Rex: A timeless name meaning “king” in Latin, perfect for a regal Boxer.
  2. Molly: A sweet and traditional name that suits a gentle Boxer.
  3. Oscar: A strong and classic name for a noble dog.
  4. Lucy: A charming and popular name for a lovable Boxer.
  5. Charlie: A friendly and approachable name for a sociable dog.
  6. Hank: A sturdy and dependable name for a loyal Boxer.

Cool Boxer Dog Names

Boxer Dog Names
  1. Jet: For a sleek and fast Boxer with a cool demeanor.
  2. Blaze: Perfect for a dog with a fiery and energetic personality.
  3. Dash: Ideal for a Boxer who loves to run and play.
  4. Raven: A mysterious and cool name for a dark-coated Boxer.
  5. Ace: A top-notch name for a dog that’s always number one.
  6. Cruz: A stylish and trendy name for a cool Boxer.

Elegant Boxer Dog Names

  1. Aurora: Named after the Roman goddess of dawn, perfect for a radiant Boxer.
  2. Giselle: A graceful and sophisticated name for an elegant dog.
  3. Juliet: Inspired by Shakespeare’s romantic heroine, great for a lovely Boxer.
  4. Savannah: A refined and classy name that suits a graceful dog.
  5. Vivienne: An elegant and timeless name for a sophisticated Boxer.
  6. Celeste: Meaning “heavenly” in Latin, perfect for a divine and graceful dog.

Nature-Inspired Boxer Dog Names

  1. Willow: Inspired by the graceful tree, perfect for a gentle and flexible Boxer.
  2. River: A flowing and serene name for a calm and peaceful dog.
  3. Sky: Ideal for a dog with a limitless and free-spirited personality.
  4. Sage: A wise and earthy name that suits a calm and thoughtful Boxer.
  5. Breeze: For a Boxer with a light and airy presence.
  6. Ash: A strong and grounded name inspired by the tree.

Exotic Boxer Dog Names

Boxer Dog Names
  1. Kaida: A Japanese name meaning “little dragon,” perfect for a fierce yet adorable Boxer.
  2. Zahara: Meaning “flower” in Arabic, ideal for a beautiful and exotic dog.
  3. Bodhi: A Sanskrit name meaning “awakening,” great for a wise and serene Boxer.
  4. Azura: Inspired by the blue sky, perfect for a vibrant and lively dog.
  5. Jafari: A Swahili name meaning “stream,” fitting for a smooth and flowing Boxer.
  6. Indra: Named after the Hindu god of rain and thunderstorms, ideal for a powerful dog.

Sporty Boxer Dog Names

  1. Dash: For a Boxer who loves to run and play.
  2. Racer: Perfect for a fast and energetic dog.
  3. Jordan: Inspired by the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan, great for a dog with a winning attitude.
  4. Scout: Ideal for a Boxer who loves to explore and seek adventures.
  5. Trek: For a dog that enjoys long walks and outdoor activities.
  6. Nike: Named after the Greek goddess of victory, perfect for a competitive Boxer.

Historical Boxer Dog Names

  1. Cleopatra: Named after the famous Egyptian queen, ideal for a regal and commanding Boxer.
  2. Leonidas: Inspired by the Spartan king known for his bravery, perfect for a courageous dog.
  3. Joan: After Joan of Arc, a strong and fearless name for a brave Boxer.
  4. Napoleon: Named after the famous French leader, fitting for a commanding dog.
  5. Eleanor: Inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt, great for a noble and influential Boxer.
  6. Winston: After Winston Churchill, perfect for a wise and resilient dog.

Adventurous Boxer Dog Names

Boxer Dog Names
  1. Atlas: Named after the Titan who held up the sky, perfect for a strong and adventurous Boxer.
  2. Quest: Ideal for a dog who loves to explore and seek out new adventures.
  3. Journey: For a Boxer who enjoys long walks and exploring new places.
  4. Horizon: Perfect for a dog with a boundless and adventurous spirit.
  5. Blaze: For a Boxer with a fiery and adventurous personality.
  6. Everest: Named after the highest mountain, great for a dog with a peak of energy.

Celebrity Girl Boxer Dog Names

  1. Beyoncé: Inspired by the iconic singer, perfect for a fierce and confident Boxer.
  2. Oprah: After the influential TV personality, ideal for a commanding and strong dog.
  3. Adele: Named after the famous singer, great for a dog with a soulful personality.
    4. Rihanna: Perfect for a stylish and trendsetting Boxer.
  4. Shakira: Inspired by the energetic and lively performer, great for a spirited dog.
  5. Ariana: After the pop sensation Ariana Grande, fitting for a petite and powerful Boxer.

Royal Boxer Dog Names

  1. Victoria: Named after the long-reigning British queen, perfect for a regal Boxer.
  2. Charles: Inspired by the British royal family, great for a noble and dignified dog.
  3. Diana: After the beloved Princess Diana, ideal for a graceful and kind Boxer.
  4. Edward: A classic royal name fitting for a stately dog.
  5. Elizabeth: Named after Queen Elizabeth, perfect for a royal and majestic Boxer.
  6. George: A timeless royal name for a noble and strong Boxer.

Geographical Boxer Dog Names

Boxer Dog Names
  1. Rio: Inspired by the lively city in Brazil known for its vibrant culture and stunning beaches.
  2. Paris: Named after the romantic city, perfect for a chic and stylish Boxer.
  3. Sydney: A great name inspired by the vibrant Australian city.
  4. Cairo: Named after the historic city in Egypt, ideal for a dog with a majestic presence.
  5. Dakota: Inspired by the U.S. states, fitting for a strong and independent Boxer.
  6. Berlin: Named after the dynamic German capital, great for a bold and lively dog.

Food-Inspired Boxer Dog Names

  1. Peanut: A cute and playful name for a small Boxer.
  2. Maple: Inspired by the sweet syrup, perfect for a sweet and loving dog.
  3. Mocha: A delicious name for a Boxer with a rich brown coat.
  4. Olive: A simple yet charming name for a sophisticated dog.
  5. Ginger: Great for a reddish-coated Boxer with a spicy personality.
  6. Basil: A fresh and fragrant name that suits a lively dog.

Mythical Boxer Dog Names

  1. Apollo: Named after the Greek god of the sun, ideal for a radiant Boxer.
  2. Athena: Inspired by the Greek goddess of wisdom and war, perfect for a smart and brave dog.
  3. Phoenix: For a Boxer with a resilient and fiery personality.
  4. Hermes: Named after the Greek messenger god, ideal for a quick and agile dog.
  5. Luna: Meaning “moon” in Latin, perfect for a calm and serene Boxer.
  6. Thor: Named after the Norse god of thunder, great for a powerful and strong dog.

Music-Inspired Boxer Dog Names

Boxer Dog Names
  1. Jazz: For a Boxer with a smooth and soulful personality.
  2. Melody: Perfect for a dog whose presence is music to your ears.
  3. Beethoven: Named after the famous composer, ideal for a Boxer with a grand presence.
  4. Lyric: Great for a dog with a harmonious and lyrical personality.
  5. Elvis: Inspired by the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, perfect for a dog with a rockstar attitude.
  6. Harmony: For a Boxer with a balanced and peaceful demeanor.

Pirate Boxer Dog Names

  1. Captain: For a Boxer who takes charge and leads the way.
  2. Buccaneer: Perfect for a bold and adventurous dog.
  3. Jolly: Inspired by the Jolly Roger flag, great for a cheerful and spirited Boxer.
  4. Sparrow: Named after the famous pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, fitting for a clever and mischievous dog.
  5. Blackbeard: For a Boxer with a commanding and formidable presence.
  6. Treasure: Perfect for a Boxer who is a priceless addition to your life.

Finding the perfect name for your Boxer can be a fun and exciting process. With these diverse categories and suggestions, you’re sure to find a name that perfectly suits your new furry friend. Whether you prefer a classic name or something more unique, there’s a perfect match for every Boxer personality.

How did boxer dogs get their name?

Boxer dogs got their name from their distinctive behavior of standing on their hind legs and “boxing” with their front paws during play and combat. This characteristic was particularly noticeable in the breed’s early history when they were used for bull-baiting and other forms of hunting and fighting. The breed originated in Germany in the late 19th century, and their name is derived from this unique fighting style.

The name “Boxer” was likely popularized due to the breed’s resemblance to human boxers in the ring, making the name an apt description of their playful and energetic nature. Additionally, the German word for “boxer” is “Boxer,” further solidifying the breed’s name in both English and German languages. Over time, Boxers became known not just for their fighting prowess but also for their loyalty, intelligence, and affectionate nature, making them popular family pets and working dogs.

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