Meet The Smallest Dog In The World

It’s no secret that dogs come in all shapes and sizes. There are massive dogs and there are tiny dogs, and they’re all super loveable!

Today, I’m highlighting some of the most amazing tiny dogs! These pups may be small, but they have a lot of heart. Some are so little they’ve set records, while others have made a serious mark on the world with their bravery and love through thick and thin. 

Are you ready to see some of the cutest dogs in the world? Join me, and let’s count down some of the most petite pups out there!

1. Hope the Dog

Hope, World's smallest dog

In 2013 Rodney McLean witnessed the birth of a very special pup. This little dog was only 32 grams, and she was very quickly diagnosed with a peculiar form of dwarfism. Unfortunately, veterinarians only gave her 48 hours to live, and Rodney was devastated.

Instead of giving up, Rodney dedicated himself to caring for Hope. Due to her tiny mouth, she had to be fed with a tube for five weeks. Every three hours, Rodney would check in on his beloved pooch to ensure she was feeling alright.

Over the next five months, she grew to 11 ounces and enjoyed romping and playing like any other dog! It was a shocking, miraculous outcome, and Rodney shared his joy with the world. He uploaded a video about Hope, and he promised to update viewers on this tiny pup.

Unfortunately, Hope passed away shortly after the video was uploaded. However, her story continues to inspire and uplift people around the world.

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2. Meysi the Terrier

Meysi the Terrier, one of the smallest dogs in the world
Source: The World’s Smallest Dog: Tiny Dog Terrier

Born around 2012, Meysi is a tiny little bundle of energy!

This pup lives in Poland, and her tiny size is the result of a strange terrier crossbreed. At four months old, she reached her maximum size, which is akin to that of a soda can. She weighed only ⅓ pounds!

Like Hope, Meysi contended with many health problems. Her mom, Amy Pohl, spent the first few weeks of Meysi’s life worrying about her. She recalled receiving “zero sleep” for the first six weeks.

However, Meysi went on to defy the odds. She blossomed, and she went on to enjoy a life of romping, playing, and doing everything that a larger dog does!

3. Poppet the Fearless

Poppet the Fearless, one of the world's smallest dogs

In 2010, dog breeder Nikki Barnes beheld the birth of a very tiny teacup chihuahua. This pup’s maximum size was roughly equal to that of a soda can, and she only weighed around 1 pound, ⅕ the weight of similar dogs.

However, like the other pups on this list, Poppet overcame the odds. She blossomed into an amazing pup, and she spent a fair amount of time as Britain’s unofficial smallest dog. She enjoyed plenty of time in the spotlight and having her picture taken was one of her favorite hobbies.

Nikki said that Poppet loved zooming around on her lead, and she was known for her fearless nature. Even the largest dogs failed to faze Poppet’s steely demeanor!

4. Ducky

Ducky, Smallest dog in the world

At 4.9 inches tall and 1.4 pounds, Ducky was one of Guinness’ first verified “smallest dogs in the world”. Born in 2004, Duck spent much of his life being doted on and loved by his human family.

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His mom once said, “People either think he’s adorable, or they think he’s really ugly and looks like an alien.” However, she adored Ducky, calling him her “little man.”

In his lifetime, Ducky was the center of attention. He enjoyed having his photo taken, and he happily posed for many photoshoots. At times, he would even sport a bomber jacket, which his mom cited as her favorite outfit.

5. Boo Boo

Boo Boo smallest dog in the world

Before the next entry — the official smallest dog in the world — there was Boo Boo. From 2007–2012, this tiny pup ruled the Guinness Book’s title for the smallest dog in the world.

At just four inches tall and six inches long, Boo Boo, born in 2006, weighed in at a tiny 24 ounces. He belonged to doting mother Lana Elswick, a professional chihuahua breeder, and he spent his time being pampered and photographed for fans around the world.

His favorite food was potato chips, and he adored spending time with his mom.

After his birth, Boo Boo spent the first few weeks of his life being fed by hand. His tiny mouth simply couldn’t handle regular feeding, which meant that Elswick had to use a tiny tube to ensure that Boo Boo got all of the nutrients he needed.

Fortunately, Boo Boo pulled through, and he went on to live a happy, healthy life!

6. Miracle Milly

Miracle Milly one of the smallest dogs in the world

To top off our list, we have “Miracle Milly”, an amazing chihuahua from Puerto Rico.

Born in 2011, this tiny pup reached a maximum weight of only one pound. Her adult height was a whopping four inches tall.

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For the first six months of her life, Miracle Milly was fed with a dropper. Her dedicated pup parents, Vanesa Semler and Edwin Davila tended to her every need, and they adapted quickly to the vigorous care routine that Milly required. Once she was healthy, however, she acted like any other pup!

She loved to play, eat, and stick her tongue out for photos! At two years old, her tiny stature earned her the Guinness Book of World Records’ title of smallest dog. For the next nine years, Milly lived a life of custom-sized pampering and snuggles, and she peacefully passed away of old age in 2020.

All of these pups are amazing examples of resilience and diversity, and I love sharing their story. If you enjoyed reading about them, be sure to check out the rest of my blog, where I share stories like this!

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