Top 7 Ultra-Durable Wooden Chew Toys to Save Your Furniture

Do you have a dog who always seems to find a stick outside? Maybe your dog loves to chew the legs of your furniture, or has a particular skill for destroying wooden spoons and cooking utensils! Enter the wooden chew toy. Designed specifically for your dog to chew on safely, wooden chew toys are the perfect way to fulfill your dog’s desire to chew while keeping them safe. 

Chewing sticks and wooden furniture isn’t safe for your dog, and can even lead to serious health issues if your pup swallows the splinters of wood. Wooden chew toys are carefully designed to eliminate splintering, and withstand hours of attention from your dog’s jaws. 

Keep reading for an in-depth look at the best wooden dog toys for dogs who like to chew!

Best Wooden Chew Toys for Dogs

Why Do Dogs Chew?

Ever wonder why your dog can spend hours chewing on something that tastes like almost nothing? What do dogs get out of chewing?

Puppy Chewing

Puppies chew for four key reasons:

  1. To investigate their surroundings
  2. To alleviate discomfort while teething
  3. To develop jaw strength
  4. For entertainment!

Chewing is an important part of growing up for a puppy, and giving them appropriate chew toys can help save your belongings from damage while your puppy matures. 

Adult Chewing

Adult dogs typically chew either for fun or as a way to alleviate stress or boredom. Think of chewing as the dog version of mindlessly scrolling on your phone!

Benefits of Chew Toys for Dogs

Some people incorrectly believe that they need to train the habit of chewing out of their dog. Chewing is actually beneficial for dogs, so it’s important to give them healthy outlets for this behavior. Here are just a few of the ways your dog can benefit from being given chew toys.

A cute dog has a chew toy in mouth

Chew Toys May Be Safer for Your Dog Than Bones

Chew toys for dogs are designed to not splinter or break, keeping your dog safe from possible gastrointestinal issues or injury. Chew toys are also made to be large enough to prevent choking. 

Many dog bones and rawhides are not made with these considerations in mind and can cause serious illness and intestinal blockage when not treated with extreme care.

Chew Toys Promote Dental Health

Chewing on a toy can help scrape away plaque and buildup on your dog’s teeth! Regular chewing can also help to strengthen and protect the teeth and gums. 

Chew Toys Can Relieve Dogs of Stress & Anxiety

Repetitive chewing on toys is known to increase serotonin and dopamine levels in the canine brain and can reduce anxiety, stress, and boredom. If you’ve ever given your agitated dog a chew, then seen them fall asleep promptly afterward, you know exactly what we mean. 

Dog Chew Toys Help with Teething Puppies

A puppy chewing on a chew toy

Teething puppies usually have some pain, itching, and discomfort, and chew toys can help alleviate these sensations. 

Dog Toys for Chewing Provide Mental Stimulation

If your dog is bored, chewing on a chew toy can help give them mental stimulation and keep them occupied. Chewing is a great activity for dogs who get anxious for this very reason. 

Durable Dog Toys Help Prevent Destructive Chewing

Tired of losing shoes, table legs, and doll arms to your dog’s chewing habits? Get them some durable chew toys to occupy their time.

Chew Toys Keep Your Pup Occupied

Need to get something done or keep your dog out from underfoot for a little while? Give them a chew and they’ll be happy as a clam. 

What Are Wooden Chew Toys?

German shepherd chews on a wooden toy
Source: @jupi_thegsd

Wooden chew toys are exactly what they sound like: chew toys made from wood!

Unlike the sticks you’ll find in your yard, wooden chew toys have been carefully designed and treated to make them safe, anti-splinter, and non-toxic to your dog. 

Why Does Your Dog Need a Wooden Chew Toy?

If your dog loves to pick up and chew on sticks outside, they need a wooden chew toy! Wooden chew toys are safe for dogs, and won’t leave them with a mouth full of splinters or a belly full of bark—no pun intended. 

Things To Consider When Buying Your Dog a Chew Toy

Because chew toys spend the majority of their time in your dog’s mouth, it’s important that you choose chews wisely. Here are a few things to consider.

  • How much does your dog chew? Do they destroy toys in 20 seconds, or keep toys for years?
  • How big is your dog? Could a smaller chew be a choking hazard? Will a larger one be too difficult to wield?
  • Can your dog be trusted not to eat their chews? Do their chews need to be fully digestible, or can they have toys made from non-edible ingredients?  

Safe Chew Toys & Treats for Dogs: What To Avoid

Some types of dog chews and toys pose more of a risk than others, especially for extreme chewers who tear through everything in their path. Some things to avoid when buying safe chews and treats include:

  • Rawhide isn’t digestible, poses a choking hazard, and could create intestinal blockages.
  • Cooked bones splinter easily and cause intestinal tears and blockages.
  • Squeakers are a fun feature but can pose a choking hazard if your dog destroys their toys.

Our Favorite Chew Toys for Dogs

Enough about what you should and shouldn’t do! Here are nine of our favorite wood and non-wood chew toys for dogs. 

1. Coffee Wood Dog Chew Sticks

Wooden Chew Toys

Our first pick is Coffee Wood Dog Chew Sticks. These sticks are made of coffee wood, which is way harder than your average wood, so they are extra tough and less likely to splinter. That means more chew time for your furry friend and less stress for you.

Wooden Chew Toys

2. Woodies Dog Chew™ Toys

Wood Chew Toys for Dogs

Available in four sizes, Woodies 100% natural coffee wood dog chews are fully de-barked to reduce the risk of splintering. 

Wooden Chew Toys

3. Little Loyals Premium Olive Wood Dog Chew

Wood Chew Toys for Dogs

This olive wood dog chew is best for mid-range chewers, and not designed for heavy chewers. 

Wooden Chew Toys

4. Antler Chew Toy

Wood Chew Toys for Dogs

If you want a chew your dog won’t be able to break, try this antler chew toy made from super-durable nylon. To encourage your dog to chew, these toys have been scented with bacon flavor. 

Best Wooden Chew Toys for Dogs

5. Little Loyals Premium Heather Wood Dog Chew

Wooden Chew Toys

Featuring a unique shape to challenge your dog’s chewing habits, this heather wood chew is intended for mid-heavy chewers, but not extreme chewers.

Wooden Chew Toys

6. Ware Java Wood Chew

Best Wooden Chew Toys for Dogs

Designed to give your dog an easy grip, this java wood chew is sustainably harvested and splinter-proof. 

Best Wooden Chew Toys for Dogs

7. Olive Wood Dog Chew & Throw Stick w. Lanyard

Best Wooden Chew Toys for Dogs

Featuring a handy lanyard attachment so you can hang this stick by the door, this olive wood dog chew toy is designed for long days of fetch followed by afternoons of chewing!

Best Wooden Chew Toys for Dogs

Wooden Chew Toys for Dogs FAQs

We can already tell you have questions! Take a look at our answers to some of the common queries dog lovers like you have about wooden chew toys. 

Are wood chew toys safe for dogs?

Yes! As long as the chew toy has been specifically designed for dogs, and you are supervising your pup while they chew on it, wood chew toys are perfectly safe for dogs. If you notice that your dog is pulling splinters or crumbles of wood off of their chews you should remove it from them immediately and discontinue use. 

What do vets recommend dogs chew on?

Vets typically recommend rubber, nylon, and fully-digestible chews (e.g. bully sticks and salmon skin) for dogs to chew on. While some may approve of wood chews, the chance of splintering makes wood less popular amongst vets. 

What is the safest thing for a dog to chew on?

As long as you are supervising your dog and choosing appropriate toys/chews for their needs, most dog toys are safe to chew on! Remember, your dog should not be left alone with their chews, and should never be allowed to chew on anything that could pose a choking hazard. 

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