Dog Dumped on Side of Road Because He Looks Wonky!

Darcy (9 Years Old):
When I first saw him, I saw his nose was a bit unusual but he was very cute.

Alan the Wonky Dog

Johanna (Alan’s Adopter):
Everyone that comes to the house, Alan thinks it’s to see him; whether they’re delivering food, whether they’re here to fix something in the house. He thinks they’re here to see him.

I saw a couple of dogs just by the side of the road. I thought, “Oh no, they they’ve been dumped.” I found those two dogs plus five puppies. And one of those puppies was Alan. We, we all just fell in love with him straight away.

Alan the Wonky Dog

He eats fine, he breathes fine. He doesn’t know! You know, to him, he’s just a normal dog. He has no idea that he’s slightly different.

Now Alan brings joy to more than just his family. All because of his wonky smile.

Alan the Wonky Dog

You don’t have to be beautiful to be loved, or you don’t have to be perfect to be loved. And I think that does come through really strong in, in what we do.

It does not matter. But that’s what special about him. His nose is not beautiful, but he is loved a lot by me. My mom, Joanna and Dad.

Alan the Wonky Dog

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