Why Supermodel Marco Donatelli Would Rather Hang Out With His Dog Than Date Women

Supermodel Marco Donatelli Would Rather Hang Out With His Dog Than Date Women
Source: @marcoadonatelli

Supermodel Marco Donatelli is a fascinating figure in the world of fashion and modeling. Despite his good looks, charming personality, and enviable success in the industry, he has revealed a surprising preference when it comes to companionship. In a recent interview, Donatelli candidly admitted that he would much rather spend his free time with his beloved dog than go out on dates with women.

Marco Donatelli, a 22-year-old model and entrepreneur from Ohio, claims that he’s “so good-looking” that women constantly throw themselves at him hoping to get him into bed. However, he prefers to spend his time with his four-year-old Goldendoodle, Giuseppe.

Giuseppe, Marco donatelli's dog
Source: @marcoadonatelli

According to Marco, Giuseppe is his best friend and constant companion, and he loves to spend time playing and cuddling with him.

In an interview, Marco mentioned that he has always been a dog lover and grew up with a Shih Tzu named Ginger.

Supermodel Marco Donatelli Would Rather Hang Out With His Dog Than Date Women
Source: @marcoadonatelli

Marco’s mother has been his biggest supporter, telling him that he has a face that people want to look at. Marco compares himself to a young Leonardo DiCaprio and believes that his smile, combination of curly hair and blue eyes, and overwhelming frame make him attractive to women. He says that some weeks he gets inundated with messages from women wanting to have sex with him or go on dates.

Marco Donatelli and his mom
Source: @marcoadonatelli

Despite receiving a steady stream of offers, Marco claims that he “doesn’t have time for girls” at the moment. Instead, he’s focused on his modeling career, business ventures, and spending time with his beloved dog. He even revealed that he once cancelled a photoshoot because he didn’t want to leave Giuseppe alone.

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Aside from modeling, Marco is also a successful businessman with his own clothing line and investments in property. He also makes a decent living playing the stock market. He believes that his success and ambition only add to his appeal to women.

Marco’s rise to fame began after his TikTok account took off and he started collaborating with other social media influencers. He has since worked with photographer Rick Day, who has worked with the likes of Calvin Klein.

Although romance is taking a backseat for Marco at the moment, he knows what he’ll be looking for when the time is right. He’s attracted to brunettes and wants a “family girl” who is also organized, has a degree or a good job, and a good family and support system.

Marco Donatelli and his dog
Source: DailyMail.com

In the future, Marco has a reality TV show and Netflix deal in the pipeline, so he doesn’t expect things to calm down anytime soon. But for now, he’s content to spend his time with his furry companion.