Watch As Dog Clings To Hope After 200+ Days At The Shelter

When sweet Indiana arrived at the Animal House Shelter in Huntley, Illinois, he was cheerful, wagging, and excited—he was meeting new people and it seemed like he would find a home quickly. A beautiful white cream color, Indiana was striking to look at even behind the bars of his kennel. How could anyone pass him up?

Watch As Dog Clings To Hope After 200+ Days At The Shelter

More than 200 days later, Indiana is still at the shelter with zero potential adopters. Indiana has been overlooked for months on end, and he has become one of the shelter’s longest residents. 

Now, shelter staff are desperately trying to get the word out about this sweet, reserved dog. Indiana deserves a forever home, and no dog should have to spend this long living in a shelter. No matter how hard staff work to make their dogs comfortable, long-term stays at the shelter can seriously impact a dog’s psychological state. 

Let’s try to find Indiana the perfect human so he can move on from his shelter stay and live the rest of his life in the lap of luxury!

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Get To Know Indiana: Alaskan Malamute X American Staffordshire Terrier

Indiana is a 2-year-old adult male dog weighing in at a whopping 95 pounds! Indiana might be large, but he’s reserved and a little shy until he gets a chance to warm up. This gentle giant doesn’t know how big he is, and he’s just looking for someone who can baby him. 

Watch As Dog Clings To Hope After 200+ Days At The Shelter

An Alaskan Malamute x American Staffordshire Terrier mix, Indiana has a beautiful fluffy tail and mid-length coat with a strong, athletic build. His coat is cream, and he has the sweetest expression on his face at all times. 

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Eager to please, Indiana is easily motivated by positive reinforcement and already knows how to sit and heel, among other commands. Indiana would do best in an adult-only home or one with older children/teenagers who are experienced with big dogs. Handsome Indiana gets along with other dogs but doesn’t like cats and is not recommended for a home with small animals. 

Take a Chance On Overlooked Shelter Dogs

Sadly, it’s not that unusual for shelter dogs to become long-term shelter residents. Many adoptable dogs get overlooked because they are shy or reserved, a large breed, a senior, or simply an “undesirable” breed. If you’ve been thinking of adopting a dog, I encourage you to visit your local shelter and ask about their longest residents—you might just find your new best friend!

Watch As Dog Clings To Hope After 200+ Days At The Shelter

If you live in or near Huntley, Illinois, and are looking for a large-breed dog, visit Animal House Shelter to meet Indiana, or fill out an adoption application and mention him by name.