Vada: A Special Needs Gal Looking For Her Forever Home

Vada is a 1 1/2 year old French Bulldog. She lives in Toledo, OH with her foster mom Tamara Davis. 
Vada was surrendered at 6 mos. to a local county shelter, Lucas County Canine Care & Control,  by her family who had purchased her from a well known backyard breeder in Toledo.
Because of her special needs Toledo’s PETbull Project pulled her from the shelter and Davis started fostering her.  

“Her joy for life and happy nature is contagious.”

Tamara Davis, Foster Mom
Because of her really bad breeding she is permanently incontinent, deaf, and has a relatively minor cleft palate that does not require surgery so far. 
Vada’s diagnosis given by a local vet is called Chiari’s Syndrome. It’s neurological so there’s potential for future health issues such as seizures and neuropathy. The vet did say that this doesn’t always happen. 

Vada’s Perfect Home

Vada  aka The Vadanator aka Vadalicious is a lovely and unusual special needs gal who is looking for a truly devoted family that doesn’t mind extra poop duty and will love her unconditionally, continue training her and learn sign language if they don’t already know it. They will also understand that she may very well incur more veterinary expenses than your typical dog.
Despite all this Vada has one the sweetest, friendliest, most socially engaging  disposition her foster mom has ever encountered in a dog.  This includes her own dogs and the 40 or so that she has fostered over the years.  Vada has gone to to many public places (wearing her diaper and dressed to the nines, of course).

“Waking her up in the morning is like opening the curtains to a glorious sunny day”

Tamara Davis, Foster Mom
She will make a marvelous companion for a family that’s prepared to manage her incontinence, and willing learn and grow with her.   She loves children and other dogs.
“Her joy for life and happy nature is contagious. Waking her up in the morning is like opening the curtains to a glorious sunny day.  She just needs to find a family who wants to grab a pocketful of life with her,” said her foster mom Tamara.


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