113 Unusual Female Dog Names To Consider

No, not Bingo.

Definitely not Coco.

And you’re not going anywhere near Bella.

You’ve recently adopted the cutest dog and you want a female dog name that’s as unique as she is. One that makes people go: “Oh, that’s an unusual name. What does it mean?”

You’ll find it fulfilling to tell people the meaning of your dog’s name and why you picked it, as well as how it suits your dog’s personality, origin, or appearance.

I’ve been there. It can be difficult to decide on that spectacular name. To make the process easier for you, I listed 64 unique English and foreign female dog names. I’ve even included the story behind a few!

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Unusual Female Dog Names

The icing on the cake? A short, but creative guide to making a choice.

Fun, right?

Foreign and English Names for Brave Female Dogs

Heroic dog in a pool

Your dog is the feisty type.

Following you around the house, helping with chores. Running into the woods looking for God-knows-what. Even saving you from a fall or other mishap.

She’s a brave one, your little girl. And her name should reflect her courage. Here’s a list of foreign female dog names for brave dogs.

EmberBurning coalEnglish
CourageHaving a tendency to take risksEnglish
KalamaFlaming torchHawaii

Fast Fact: The German Shepherd is one of the bravest dog breeds there is.

Soft Foreign Names for Female Dogs

Puppies in a basket
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Lovey-dovey. Affectionate. Gentle. That’s your dog’s personality.

Here are some foreign names that will reflect her gentle nature:

FayeFaithOld FrenchFe
AzureSky blueSpanishAh-szure
EsmeBeloved, esteemedFrenchEhz-me
AtasiBlue flowerIndianAtta-see
MacedoniaTall ones or Highlander, suitable for giant dogsGreekMaa-cee-doh-nia

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Fast Tip: Picking a name that sounds like a command could go wrong. For instance, the name “May” sounds like “Stay.” You don’t want to confuse your dog.

Creative English Female Dog Names

Corgi in a tent
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English is not a boring language. Here are some creative English names for your new pup:

PetrichorThe smell of the dry land after it rains
RaindropsCondensed liquid water
WildRisk taker, unrestricted
DazzleTo shine
PopA loud explosive sound
GalaxyThe milky way
CandyA sweet treat
PuzzlesA logical game
NasaAbbreviation for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Suitable for dogs who like to wander or stare into space
DaffodilTypes of flowers
RainbowAn arc of seven colors usually seen after it rains
BlissA season of utmost happiness
BiscuitA light snack
CoffeeA brewed drink
FrecklesLight spots on the human body, usually the face
BloomOf a flower; to open up attractively. Most suitable for cheerful female dogs

Fast Fact: Different dog breeds have their origin in various nations. It’s easy to guess where the German Shepherd originates, for instance. Here’s a tip: name your dog according to the country its breed originates from. Imagine calling your Havanese pup “Cuba.”

Uncommon Names for Female Dogs

Want to make sure your dog will never have to share their name? Choose one of these uncommon names for female dogs inspired by old-fashioned names, random objects, and ironic jokes.




CatA delightful little feline friendEnglish
Babushka Grandmother, old woman, or a headscarf tied under the chinRussian & Polish
Denim Jeans (Denny for short)Denim is the fabric used for manufacturing jeansFrench
SquirrelAn energetic little woodland creatureEnglish
RamonaWise protectorSpanish
DaphneLaurel treeGreek
CalliopeBeautiful voiceGreek
AcadiaIdylic placeGreek
ChavellePledged to GodHebrew
DarcyDark oneFrench & Irish
MeadowA grassy fieldEnglish

These names are suitable for pups with unique markings and goofy personalities, or for dog owners who like to stand out!

Female Dog Names With Interesting Stories

Stories give life to a name. The history, the origin, the culture behind it.

Maybe you don’t want to look lost when somebody probes about your dog’s name. Here are a few names with their accompanying stories:

Maeve: From the Story of Queen Maeve of Connacht

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Intoxicating

Queen Meadhbh is a character in Irish Mythology. She was a prominent warrior in first Century Ireland who had a gracious height, light skin, and was all around attractive.

She is famous for the Tain Bo Cuailnge, where she led a troop of warriors into Ulster to steal a bull.

Her name is derived from “mead,” a type of honey wine made in ancient times. It was originally spelt Meadhbh but today, Americans spell it as Maeve. The Irish, on the other hand, go for Meabh.

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Suitable For: This name will reflect strong-willed dogs. Queen Maeve was determined and always went for what she wanted. She initiated the Tain Bo Cuailnge to prove a point to her husband. Queen Maeve was also the jealous type. If your dog is protective, this is a suitable name.

Alma: The Story of the Alma River

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Nurturer

In 1854, there was a battle between the Ottoman, British, French, and the Russian Empire.

They fought the battle near the Alma River in the Crimean Peninsula. Since then, people have begun using the name Alma to celebrate the British and French victory.

The name is derived from the Latin word “almus” which means to nourish. We also seen Alma in the Bible in various forms:

  • To connote a maiden
  • The name of a prophet
  • One of the lost books of the Bible

Suitable For: Because of its meaning, this name will fit dogs that enjoy looking out for people.

Winn-Dixie: Based on the Movie, Because of Winn-Dixie

Origin: A Supermarket in Florida, a book and movie adaptation.

Meaning: A combination of “Winnie” and “Dixie.” While Winnie is Welsh for “fair one,” Dixie is a slang for the southern U.S.

Because of Winn-Dixie is a story about a special Berger Picard and his owner, Opal. Although Winn-Dixie is male, the name isn’t really gendered and can be used for female pups too.

Because of the dog, Opal assumes more responsibility and opens her heart to love. In three instances, she fights for Winn-Dixie:

  • When she first finds the dog, Winn-Dixie iss homeless, so Opal adopts him against all odds;
  • When the landlord wants to send Winn-Dixie to the dog pound;
  • When Winn-Dixie runs away during a thunderstorm

Suitable For: Winn-Dixie is a friendly dog that gets along with everyone. As Winn-Dixie learns to love, he opens up his owner’s heart to do so, too. This name is suitable for dogs that enjoy making new friends.

Azer: From The Land of Fire

Origin: Persian

Meaning: Place of fire

The Republic of Azerbaijan is Persian for “home of sacred fire.” It was formerly known as Aturpatakan.

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Why was the country given this name?

According to Greek mythology, Prometheus, now the god of fire, stole fire from the gods. As a result, Zeus chained him to the Caucasus Mountains. To date, fire seeps from the mountains, although it is largely tamed by Soviet exploitation.

Suitable For: This name is best for dogs that are feisty, strong and insisting. You can give her the full name, Azerbaijan, and then make nicknames out of it. Azer, Bail, A.Z or Az would be both unique and cute.

Dog Names That Mean Gift From God

Dogs make our lives so much better, and for many of us, dogs are a true gift from God. To honor how special your pooch is, choose a name that means “gift from God.” We’ve chosen twelve names from different languages that are perfect for a heaven-sent pup.




GiaGod is gracious/God’s gracious giftItalian
HanahIn God’s favor/graceHebrew
AlyaFrom HeavenHebrew
DollyGift of GodEnglish
GodivaGod’s giftEnglish
JaniGod is graceousHebrew
DilseyGift of GodSanskrit
DorothyGod’s giftGreek
KrivaGift from GodHindi
Sian (pronounced Shawn)God’s gracious giftWelsh
YoanaGod’s giftSpanish
JayneGod is graciousHebrew

Even if you’re not religious, it’s nice to honor your four-legged-friend with a special name. If you are religious, one of these names can take on a deeper meaning.

Dog Names That Mean Curious Girl

Does your dog get her nose into anything and everything? Give her a name that captures her curious spirit! These dog names mean “curious” in different languages or are inspired by classic tropes and characters and are perfect for a pooch who likes to explore.  




JignaIntellectual curiosityHindi
SyretiaSerious, independent, and curiousEnglish
NancyLike girl-detective Nancy Drew!Hebrew
AgathaLike bestselling mystery writer Agatha ChristieGreek
AmeliaLike Amelia Earhart, the explorerGerman
DaphneOne of the members of the Scooby-Doo crewGreek
HermioneLike Hermione Granger, smartest Witch in her year!Greek
JessicaLike Jessica Jones, superhero, detective, and total badassHebrew
MarieLike Marie Curie, the physicist who pioneered radioactivity researchFrench
GeorgiaLike Curious George!Greek
ValentinaValentine Tereshkova was the first woman in spaceLatin
AngelaLike Angela Lansbury, known for her role as a detective in Murder She WroteGreek

Suitable for dogs who are somehow always making a mess or getting into trouble, we also love these names for dogs who like to be in charge. Dogs can be curious investigators, and we love seeing what mischief they’ll get into. 

Female Dog Names That Mean Loyal Friend

These names are perfect for a dog you love more than you love people! Some of these names are the word for “friend” in other languages, while others are traditional names with cultural meaning. Here are just a few of the many options you have of dog names that mean loyal friend. 




Sadaqa“Friendship” in ArabicArabic
AlminaElf-friend, friendlyEnglish
Amiga“Female friend”Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese
Amie“Female friend”French
DamicaOpen-spirited, friendlyFrench
FauniaTo befriendLatin
Podruga“Female friend”Russian
WinfreyPeaceful friendOld English

Suitable for dogs who always want to be by your side or have great intuition.

Girl Dog Names That Mean Peace

If you’ve got a dog who loves everyone she meets, is gentle with little kids and animals, and would rather spend the day napping in the sun than barking out the window, give her a name that means “peace.” Some of these names are the word for “peace” in other languages, while others have cultural significance and ties to peace and serenity. 




PalomaDove, a symbol of peaceSpanish
AmaniPeace, peaceful wishesArabic, Hindi, African-diaspora languages
Frede“Peace” in GermanGerman
Pax“Peace” in LatinLatin
FritziPeaceful rulerOld German
Udo“Peace” in IgboIgbo
OliveThe olive tree is a traditional symbol of peaceEnglish
JemimaDove, a symbol of peaceHebrew

Let Your Dog Pick Her Name

We know that this is a long list of names.

Maybe you’ve been able to shortlist your top 10. Or even a top 5.

But what happens when you’re staring at two names you adore, and don’t know which to settle on?

Let your dog pick her name. Yes, we said that. Dogs know what they want and are more intelligent than we can imagine. Research has proven that dogs have some cognitive and even metacognitive skills.

We let two homeless puppies select their own names; Max or Riley? Look how that turned out:

If you don’t have treats to use as we did, you could label food bowls with your shortlisted names and see which one she’ll go for.

Dogs may be unable to read, but if they say that’s their name, then so be it.

Fast Fact: The poodle isn’t all hairs and adorable. According to the American Kennel Club, poodles are one of the smartest dog breeds.

She Shall be Called…

Picking a creative name is not all there is to raising dogs. You’ll still need to attend to your new puppy’s training, grooming and health. It’ll be like raising a baby! And Rocky Kanaka is willing to keep you enlightened through the process.

And when you consider adopting another pet to keep your dog company, we’ll know where you can find one.

You might even fall in love with one of the pets on our YouTube Channel.

We’re on a mission to take American dogs off the streets. And we’d love it if you join us on this journey.

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