This TikTok Creator Got Famous Singing About His Dogs

If you like dogs, and you’re on TikTok, chances are your FYP has fed you at least a couple of this guy’s hilarious–and impressively well-written–songs about dogs. Still, if you aren’t already familiar, I have the great pleasure of introducing you to the delightful and talented Matt Hobbs, AKA Puppy Songs!

@PuppySongs has over 500,000 followers and 11.5 million likes on TikTok, all thanks to a few silly songs Matt sings about his pups Leni and Marley. Matt has been singing songs to his pups forever, but it was only after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, with more time at home, that Matt started writing them down and recording them. Now, half a million subscribers have fallen in love with his goofy songs, and of course, his adorable four-legged costars. 

TikTok Musical Genius Writes Hilarious Songs About Adorable Dogs
TikTok Musical Genius Writes Hilarious Songs About Adorable Dogs

While Matt is quite the musical talent, we think he might just be a dog mind reader, too, since he perfectly captures what’s happening in Leni and Marley’s world, like in the songs When Mahm Comes Home and Leni’s Rules

Just hearing this song is making me excited to get home to my own dogs!

@puppysongs Leni’s Rules???????? #puppysongs #pupper #lenisrules #leni #smalldogs #pomchi #singingdogs #chihuahua #smalldogs ♬ Lenis Rules – Puppy Songs

I totally get it, Leni. I also need you to give me food if you want to be my friend!

Matt also creates puppy songs about other dogs, like this amazon song dedicated to Grim, a Finnish Lapphund living on Svalbard!

@puppysongs Answer @im_siowei SO FUN collabing w our pal @sejsejlija earlier this year ????????❄️ #fyp #puppysongs #grim #themesong ♬ Grim – Puppy Songs

Now, Matt is branching out and spreading the puppy song love by offering original songwriting services to dog owners and fans of his account! Matt can either create a shoutout video for you (or someone you love) or write a custom 20-second song about your pup. 

@puppysongs You’ve found Puppy Songs TikTok ???????? #puppysongs #dogsongs #fyp #leni #ilovedogs #songsaboutdogs #marpup ♬ Welcome to Puppy Songs – Puppy Songs

The perfect gift for the holidays, or just a fun way to celebrate your favorite dog, get your shoutout or custom song by visiting the Puppy Songs website

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