This Therapy Dog Survived Abuse and Abandonment. Now She Brings Pure Joy to Others

In the wake of the harrowing Las Vegas shooting, amidst the chaos and heartbreak, a four-legged hero emerged, bringing solace to the wounded city. Scooty, a therapy dog with an extraordinary tale of survival and resilience, became a beacon of hope for countless patients, doctors, and nurses. But her journey to becoming the “happiest dog on earth” was fraught with challenges that would have broken the spirit of any other creature.

Dog voted happiest dog on earth though she can't use her legs

Erica, Scooty’s compassionate owner, first came across the dog’s heart-wrenching story on a local rescue organization’s webpage. The organization had recently rescued several dogs from a hoarding situation in Mexico, and among them was Scooty. The details of Scooty’s past were harrowing. She had been hit by a car and left for dead on the streets. Unable to walk, she dragged her injured body around, causing her back legs to wear down to the bone. The trauma led to severe infections, maggots, and even gangrene. “She had literally every issue you could think of working against her,” Erica recalled.

Happiest dog on earth Scooty
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Moved by Scooty’s plight, Erica decided to adopt her, embarking on a challenging yet rewarding journey of rehabilitation. “Nothing was linear with caring for special needs dogs,” Erica shared. “There’s a lot of learning as you go. It was a lot of trial by fire.” Determined to give Scooty a second chance at life, Erica explored various treatments. From getting Scooty a wheelchair to trying water therapy, acupuncture, and laser treatment, Erica left no stone unturned. “Our biggest goal was to get her into some sort of mobility, working on standing, working on reflexes,” she said.

Scooty - Happiest dog on earth at hospital helping

The road to recovery was long and arduous. It took five months of consistent care, therapy, and boundless love for Scooty to show signs of improvement. A significant milestone in her recovery journey was her first visit to the beach. The soft sand provided a safe environment for Scooty to move around, fall, and play without getting hurt. “Once we were able to take her to the beach and let her walk around freely… she just went straight into the water with her wheelchair. The beach is definitely her zone,” Erica reminisced with a smile.

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Scooty in Water therapy

Scooty’s transformation from a near-death experience in Mexico to becoming a therapy dog in Las Vegas is nothing short of miraculous. Her infectious joy and unwavering spirit have since touched and inspired individuals around the world. “She is just a bundle of joy,” Erica said. “She makes different beautiful. She makes people understand that just because you are different or differently-abled, it doesn’t mean you have to have a negative outlook on life.”

image of Scooty before rescue

In the hospital corridors of Las Vegas, Scooty’s presence was a source of immense comfort. “When we go into these hospital settings, that light switch goes on for her,” Erica shared. “She’s like, ‘I’m here for other people. What can I do to make you feel better?'” The impact was profound, with even doctors moved to tears by Scooty’s affection. “She just doesn’t cry. Like, ‘I’m here. Touch me. Aren’t I happy?'” Erica recalled.

Rocky, a dog rescue advocate, emphasized the broader message of Scooty’s story. “Share this if you believe every dog deserves a loving home,” he urged. Scooty’s tale is not just about her individual journey but also a testament to the transformative power of love, resilience, and the indomitable human-animal bond.

Scooty at the beach with her Wheelchair

Today, as Scooty continues to inspire and spread joy, her story serves as a powerful reminder of the potential that lies within every rescue dog. It’s a tale of hope, second chances, and the incredible impact one dog can have on countless lives.

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