Thinking of Getting a Springerdoodle? Find Out If This Active Dog Is Right For You

The world of Doodles keeps on expanding, and fluffy mixed-breed dogs abound! The mixes created because of the Doodle craze are widely varied, and we’ve seen some amazingly unique combinations. While this mix might not be the most exotic or unusual, there’s a lot to love about this energetic, social, adventurous breed. 

Meet the Springerdoodle, a combination of English Springer Spaniel and Poodle. If you’ve never heard of a Springerdoodle before, you might have heard of a Sproodle—but either way, we’re talking about the same mixed breed. 


In this quick guide, we’ll go over the basics of Springerdoodle ownership, introduce you to a handful of Springerdoodle dogs, and answer your most asked questions about the breed. 

Meet 5 Springerdoodles from Instagram

You can’t really get to know a dog breed without knowing what it looks like! Let’s meet five Springerdoodles whose humans have generously made Instagram accounts so they can show off their adorable lives. 

1. Martha

Source: @Martha_Springerdoodle

Have you ever wondered what a Springerdoodle puppy looks like? Wonder no longer! Miss Martha was born in July of 2021, so she’s an adult now, but how cute and fluffy was she as a little puppy?

2. Lady

Source: @Lady_The_Springerdoodle

Five-year-old Lady is a lovely Springerdoodle from Yorkshire, England whose sweet nature has made her the perfect therapy dog! When she isn’t comforting people with her soothing energy, Lady is taste testing cheese—she’s a dairy connoisseur.

3. Rosie

Source: @Rosie_The_Springerdoodle

Rosie is a miniature Springerdoodle living in Tampa Bay, Florida! A therapy dog in training and a goofy girl, Rosie almost always has the best hairdo at the dog park. 

4. Molly

Source: @MollyTheSpringerdoodle

Molly is a standard Springerdoodle living in Canterbury, New Zealand where she spends her days playing with her human bff—a new baby! Friendly, sweet, and playful, Molly is always finding something fun to do. 

5. Pheobe

Source: @PheobeTheDoodle

Pheobe is a two-year-old mini Springerdoodle from Athens, Georgia who is a social butterfly! Happy to have all the attention, put Pheobe center stage and she’ll be happy. 

Springerdoodle Basic Info

What is a Springerdoodle, anyway? Like most Doodle dogs, Springerdoodles have two purebred parent breeds—a Poodle parent and an English Springer Spaniel parent. This cross is sometimes also called a Sproodle. 

Springerdoodles are a mid-sized mixed dog breed usually considered a good family dog, but not necessarily a breed for first time dog owners. As you’ll learn, Springerdoodles inherit high energy both mentally and physically, and need quite a lot of stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. English Springer Spaniels are hunting dogs who are highly eager to please and love to have a job. Poodles are incredibly intelligent but not as motivated as Springers, and Doodles in general can be difficult to train. 

If you’ve been looking into getting a Springerdoodle puppy, read this guide and many more before you make the final decision. 

Springerdoodle Temperament

If you’re comfortable spending time every single day on exercising and mentally stimulating your dog, you might be able to keep up with a Springerdoodle. In addition to long walks, Springerdoodles like to have time to run, sniff, and explore on their own—this breed can be both high energy and independent, and might feel like you’re slowing them down on walks. 

Springerdoodles will also demand that you spend extra time tiring them out mentally each day, whether that be through games and puzzles, or extra time spent on training. Springerdoodles respond well to positive reinforcement and are particularly food motivated

Source: Good Dog

When bored or understimulated, Springerdoodles can become neurotic and destructive, and may resort to finding their own “creative” solutions to boredom. While the Springerdoodle can be a good family dog, we don’t recommend this breed for families with young children, since Springerdoodles have so much energy and require so much attention. 

Generally cheerful and friendly, Springerdoodles enjoy socializing and meeting new people, and would much rather be adventuring with you than stuck at home. If you like to hike, spend time outdoors, and stay active, this breed might be for you!

Springerdoodle Size

Springerdoodle dogs come in two sizes: standard Springerdoodle and mini Springerdoodle. Full-grown Springerdoodle size depends on their Poodle parents.  

Standard Springerdoodles have one standard Poodle parent and one English Springer Spaniel Parent. The smaller version—the miniature Springerdoodle—has one miniature Poodle parent and one English Springer Spaniel Parent. 

It’s also important to remember that the full-grown size of hybrid dog breeds like the Springerdoodle can be unpredictable because of the non-standardized combination of genetic traits. So, while a mini Springerdoodle full-grown should theoretically be smaller than a standard Springerdoodle, there is a lot of variation in the breed and your mini may grow larger than expected. 

Mini Springerdoodle13–20 inches20–50 pounds
Standard Springerdoodle15–20 inches40–70 pounds

Springerdoodle Health

Springerdoodles are at risk for developing the same health problems that plague their parent breeds. Because Poodles and English Springer Spaniels have some overlap in health issues but are not identical, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the health of both breeds. Some of the issues to be aware of if you own a Springerdoodle include, but are not limited to:

  • Ear infections
  • Eye and vision problems (e.g. progressive retinal atrophy)
  • Joint issues (e.g. elbow and hip dysplasia, ​​Legg-Calve-Perthe, luxating patellas) 
  • Bloat
  • Von Willebrand disease—a clotting disorder
  • Glycogen storage disease

Where To Find Springerdoodle Puppies for Sale

Source: Crockett Doodles

If you’ve been considering getting a Springerdoodle, we recommend first learning more about owning a Poodle or a Springer Spaniel. You might find that the qualities you think you’ll get owning a Springerdoodle are already available in an ethically and reliably bred purebred dog. 

If your heart is truly set on a Springerdoodle, we urge you to choose adoption over buying from a breeder. It is very difficult to find a truly ethical or reputable breeder of mixed-breed dogs like Springerdoodles. Most “designer dog” breeders are backyard breeders and puppy mills where there is a well-established attitude of profit before the health of their dogs. 

So rather than looking for a standard or mini Springerdoodle for sale, check your local animal shelter or check out a breed-specific rescue like IDOG which helps rehome Doodles nationwide. 

Springerdoodle FAQ

Other dog lovers like you are curious about the Springerdoodle and they have some questions—here are our answers to the most frequent queries about this mixed breed. 

Do Springerdoodles shed? 

Yes. Springerdoodles have a low-shedding coat, but they still shed a little bit. Compared to a purebred Springer Spaniel, Springerdoodles shed very little, but they shed more than a purebred Poodle. 

Does the American Kennel Club recognize Springerdoodles? 

No. The AKC does not recognize any mixed breed dogs. 

How much do Springerdoodle dogs cost? 

The typical price for a Springerdoodle puppy from a breeder is between $800–$2,000 but we don’t recommend buying a mixed breed dog from a breeder. Rescue instead and you’ll pay between $100–$500. 

Do Springerdoodles bark a lot? 

Yes. Springerdoodles are considered a moderately vocal breed, and they like to bark. 

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