These Red Nose Pitbull Puppies Will Be The Cutest Thing You See All Week

If you love Pitbulls and have spent time in the Pittie world, you’ll have heard the term “red nose.” Sometimes miscategorized as a distinct breed, red nose Pitbulls are just American Pit Bull Terriers with red fur and—you guessed it—a coppery red nose. Some red nose Pitbulls may also be white and red or mostly white with a red nose. Many red nose Pitbulls are a fiery, bright shade of red, but you’ll also see almost-brown red-nose Pitbull puppies when searching for your new best friend. 

Red nose Pitbulls get their red noses from a dilution gene that gives them beautiful red coats. Thanks to this, you’ll never see a black red-nose Pitbull puppy or one with dark coloring and a red nose. 

Red nose pitbull

Though not rare, the red nose Pit is highly sought after in some Pitbull circles. Some buyers will pay big money to own a red nose, but finding one of these pups from an affordable and reputable breeder, or better yet, at a shelter is possible. To help you decide if a red-nose Pit puppy might be right for you, we’ve put together this essential guide complete with basic info, answers to common questions, and adorable pictures to inspire you. 

Meet 5 Red Nose Pitbull Puppies from Instagram

Brace yourself for cuteness! These red-nose Pitbull puppies will have you “oohing” and “ahhing” over their squishable faces, copper noses, and goofy personalities! Some of these pups are all grown up now, but their humans have been kind enough to post their puppy pictures on Instagram for us to enjoy. 

1. Rose

rose the red nose pitbull
Source: @Rose_The_Real_Rednose

Rose is a three-year-old red nose Pitbull who has been with her family since she was a tiny little red nose Pit puppy. Remember that dilution gene that gives red noses their coloring? That gene can also give red nose Pitbulls blue or light-colored eyes, and Rose is a great example. A fan of naps, chews, and humans of all ages, Rose is a sweet girl living a lowkey life. 

2. Stella

Stella the red nose pitbull
Source: @Stella_And_Stubbs

Stella is a sweet three-year-old red nose Pitbull living her best life with her brother Stubbs! A goofy girl who will do anything for a treat and always has a smile on her face, Stella is the perfect example of a happy-go-lucky Pittie. 

3. Kali

Kali the red nose pitbull
Source: @Kali_Lee.Rednose_Pitty

Kali is a funny little red nose Pitty whose humans say she learns tricks really easily, but will only do them for plenty of treats! Miss Kali has lots of opinions on the world and has strong likes and dislikes. One thing Kali isn’t a fan of is water, so she won’t be joining anyone for a day at the beach anytime soon. Instead, Kali would rather enjoy a nap on a plush sofa. 

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4. Major

Major - the red nose pitbull
Source: @Major.The.Rednose

One of the best things about Pitbull puppies is the soft, velvety wrinkles—and no, this isn’t up for debate! Major has always had this angelic look, which helps him get away with mischief. A super well-trained pup, Major knows a ton of tricks and has a following of more than 16K who track his training progress and day-to-day activities. 

5. Teddy

Teddy - the red nose pitbull
Source: @3RedMutts

Teddy is part of a trio of red Pitbulls which also includes Alaska and Rouge. Teddy is a typical red nose Pitbull with a fiery coat, a copper nose, and light-colored eyes. The smallest of his pack, Teddy is a goofball with tons of personality and endless energy to play. 

Red Nose Pitbull Basic Info

Red nose Pitbulls aren’t a specific breed, but a color variation of the American Pit Bull Terrier. American Pit Bull Terriers—often just called “Pitbulls”—are one of the most popular Bully breeds in the U.S., but also one of the most controversial. Incorrectly branded as aggressive and unpredictable, American Pit Bull Terriers are one of the most abused, neglected, and abandoned breeds in the world. 

In truth, the American Pit Bull Terrier is an incredible dog, no matter the color. Goofy, human-oriented, and affectionate, red nose Pits are fantastic family dogs and companions. Once bred to work on farms as herding dogs, Pitbulls quickly became popular pets with a loyal following. 

Red Nose Pitbull Temperament

Red nose Pitbulls—and all American Pit Bull Terriers—are confident, social, happy dogs who enthusiastically enjoy their humans and surroundings. Cheerful and eager to please, red nose Pitbulls are easy to train and are often very gentle and aware of their strength. These qualities have made them favorites as family dogs, but as with any breed, they should not be left alone with children. 

Typically very accepting of strangers and new dogs, some American Pit Bull Terriers can be a little suspicious of newness, especially following traumatic or stressful life experiences. Highly sensitive and intelligent, red nose Pitbulls are easily impacted by their surroundings and outside stimuli. In some cases, this can lead to American Pit Bull Terriers becoming shy, but confidence building and positive reinforcement training can help to reverse this in most of these dogs.

Red Nose Pitbull Size

Red nose pitbull
Source: a_pibble_named_scooby

Powerfully built muscular dogs, red nose Pitbulls are heavy midsize to large dogs with excellent athletic ability. Most adults stand between 17–21 inches tall and weigh between 30–60 pounds. Because Pitbulls are so frequently neglected and abandoned, many are mixes of multiple Bully breeds or something else entirely, which may impact size. In recent years, there have also been purposeful efforts by some breeders to create extra-small or extra-large varieties of the American Pit Bull Terrier. 

Red Nose Pitbull Health

Red nose Pitbulls and other American Pit Bull Terriers are generally quite healthy dogs, but like all breeds, there are some possible health concerns to be aware of. Some more common health issues to look out for if you own a red nose Pitbull include:

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia 
  • Patellar luxation
  • Skin, food, and environmental allergies
  • Bloat and gastric dilation 
  • Thyroid diseases
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Where To Find Red Nose Pitbull Puppies for Sale

While you can certainly find reputable American Pit Bull Terrier breeders, the best place to find a red nose Pitbull puppy is by visiting your local animal shelter, searching online rescue resources, or working with breed-specific rescues. Pitbull-type dogs are the most common breed variety in American animal shelters and are widely available in every state. A visit to your local humane society, animal control, or shelter will show you just how many Pitties need homes, and you are almost guaranteed to find a red nose in the bunch. 

A good place to start is by searching Petfinder, an online database where you can search for adoptable dogs by breed, location, age, sex, and more. 

Red Nose Pitbull FAQ

Did we miss a key detail about red nose Pitties? Let’s see if we can fix that by answering some common questions about this color variant of the American Pit Bull Terrier. 

How many puppies can a red nose Pitbull have? 

The average litter size for an American Pit Bull Terrier is around 5-6 puppies, but some may be as large as 10 or more. 

How much are red nose Pitbull puppies worth? 

When searching for Pitbull puppies for sale, red nose Pits will often be priced higher than those with black noses. A typical price for a purebred red nose Pitbull puppy is between $500–$2,000, though some breeders may ask as much as $5,000. 
If you find a red nose Pitbull puppy at a shelter, you’ll pay between $250–$700. 

What breed is a red nose Pitbull?

Red nose Pitbulls are a color variation of the American Pit Bull Terrier. 

What’s the difference between a red nose Pitbull and a blue nose Pitbull?

Red nose Pitbulls have a dilution gene that causes the typical black nose to lighten and become more brown/red. Blue nose Pitbulls carry a different recessive gene that also dilutes, but doesn’t create the chocolate coloring. Because of this, blue nose Pitbulls have gray-blue noses.
Photo by Lucky on December 27, 2022.
Source: @_Lucky_ThePitbull

Lucky is a blue nose Pitbull. Notice how he has no redness in his fur, but his nose isn’t black? Instead, it’s almost blue! That’s how this variety of American Pit Bull Terrier gets its name. 

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