Dog Abandoned At Shelter Because She Was Old

Shelter Volunteer:

And why you bringing her in?

Senior Dog Owner:

Um, because, uh, she hasn’t recognize us no more, and she is always like growling…

Senior Dog Abandoned At Shelter

Rocky Kanaka (Animal Advocate):

The heartbreaking thing is that someone gave up on Chiquita when she needed them most. The minute I saw that video of someone turning in Chiquita, I knew that I had to take action, and I immediately reached out to the rescue and I said, I’ll adopt her.

That day, we jumped in the car. We headed from Los Angeles straight down towards San Diego to meet with Frosted Faces Foundation, a senior dog rescue. So this is happening. We are adopting this sweet girl. She is worn out right now. She’s sleeping.

I fell in love with her the first second that I saw that little tongue hanging out and Chiquita, what a great name. I called her Chiquita Banana. In fact, we even ordered her pajamas that had little bananas on it so that <laugh>, she could wear Chiquita banana pajamas.

Rocky & Senior Dog Abandoned At Shelter


Check this out. She’s got her little bedroom there, Little crate. Oh, she’s such a sweet dog. She’s on medication now. Doesn’t seem to be as much pain. See, she, she likes being pet. I’ve seen, I’ve seen dogs that look like they’re just not gonna last in their day. Have years left with just the right care and attention and diet and love.

Rocky Continues:

Now, we were really excited to meet Chiquita, but I, I have to tell you, we were just as excited to meet everyone at the Frosted Faces Foundation because imagine going into a place and it’s just a bunch of cute old senior dogs that just, just wanna love you, and they just wanna be loved. It’s really such an amazing place. If you ever get the chance, you have to go visit a senior dog rescue. It’s one of the sweetest things in the world.

Senior Dog Abandoned At Shelter

Okay, we’re back in LA. How’s, how’s your first car ride with us sweetie? She slept the whole way.

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And when we adopted Chiquita, we got her home. We were really excited to get her on a nutrition plan, to do everything that we could to help her.

“Look at that girl, you got your own backyard,”

Senior Dog Abandoned At Shelter

But then things turned for the worse. It’s like Chiquita’s little body just gave up. It’s almost like she knew she was safe now and she was loved and that she could let go. When I think about Chiquita, it still makes me sad, but there’s also a little place of happiness because, because although we would’ve liked to have her here for years, even, even months, just being able to have Chiquita for a couple of days so that we could show her that she’s important and that she matters and that she’s safe.

I know it made the world of difference for us, and I think it really made the world of difference for her in her final days. My hope is that by sharing Chiquita’s story, that her life matters because it inspires other people to adopt senior dogs. And remember, adopting a senior dog is for them, but it’s also very rewarding for you.

Senior Dog Abandoned At Shelter

And a special thanks to Frosted Faces Foundation for everything they do. Please go check them out. And if you believe in Senior Dog Rescue and helping dogs, please share this because I want the whole world to consider adopting or fostering a senior dog. And we’d love to have you be a part of this mission. Hit that join button right there, and you can be a part of this family too.

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