Scared Pittie Wouldn’t Eat, Drink or Move Until THIS Happened… ??

Pit bulls are one of the most misunderstood breeds in shelters. Because they are often abandoned, not trained, chained up and worse they sometimes develop a fear of humans. Many think it’s difficult to turn dogs like this around.

That’s why, when a pit bull is adopted I celebrate. I can’t tell you how many pit bull adoption stories I have heard where the new family tells me they were apprehensive at first but now love their pitbull dog like one of their kids.

After all dogs are people too and should be treated like family. Pitties are no exception and make great family dogs.

Josie the Pit Bull is a great example of what can happen when love and patience are applied over time.

pit bull adoption

In the video, Erin and her dog Remi found ways to comfort Josie and let her know it was going to be okay. At first Josie didn’t even know how to be a dog. She didn’t go to the bathroom or eat food from a dog bowl, when they would go for a walk she would pancake to the ground, hug a wall or hide behind a fire hydrant. It was sad but Erin wasn’t about to give up and over time Josie started to learn that she could trust again.

Scared pit bull makes a friend

Josie & Remi become friends

Things started to look up when Josie started connecting with Erin’s other dog Remi who taught her how to be a dog.

The great news is that Josie was adopted by her foster mom Erin. And what’s even better is now she helps other foster dogs that might be apprehensive when they first arrive at the shelter or their temporary dog foster home.

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