Sadly, Queen Elizabeth Can’t Walk Her Dogs Anymore


There is no shortage of iconic imagery that is associated with the Queen Elizabeth II of England. The little royal wave that she does when crowds gather to get a look. Or, if you happen to live in the UK or Canada, her visage on currency. But there is perhaps no image that is as indelibly linked to the Monarch as one of her and the beloved royal Corgis.

Look at the way that corgi is watching his Mum.

The real crown jewels.

Alas, she has unfortunately reached an age now where she can no longer take them for walks. Recently, she had to cancel an event on Commonwealth Day because of mobility issues and this news came soon after. This also comes in the wake of a bout of Covid. This is all the more tragic when you consider how much love she had for her dogs.

The last of her line – when this angel went to heaven in 2018 she was the last from the family first started in the 1940s.

Of all the photos ever taken of the Queen – and there are almost a century’s worth – it feels like there are more photos out there of her and her pooches than of her with any other individual (Prince Philip included). 

A young Elizabeth and her pup.

This is not just a PR stunt meant to convey the sovereign as a sympathetic figure who is disposed toward the caring of animals and such. No, the Queen’s corgis have always been a huge part of her life. Her first corgi came into her life as a present for her 18th birthday nearly eighty years ago now, and fourteen generations of corgis from the same line have been with her ever since. Royal indeed! 

Family picnic. New York Times

The Queen has said of them that they are better behaved than some of the humans that she knows, as any pet owner can attest.  During the pandemic they are said to have been invaluable in keeping the Queen healthy and sane… again, as any pet owner can attest. 

But age is the great equalizer with regard to all things, especially pets. There comes a time when we all get a little too old to take our pups for regular walks or care for them. Most of the time in those situations the pet also aged concurrently with the owner. 

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When your pup wants something while you’re on a royal zoom call. 

While the Queen of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland may have people on-hand to take care of her precious pups, not everyone else has that kind of luxury. 

We recently covered the story of Bobo, one of the oldest dogs alive, and Bobo happens to live in an assisted living facility for dogs. Let’s just take a step back and bask in how absolutely awesome it is that such a thing exists. 

So, if you or a loved one are aging and experiencing issues in taking care of your animals, please look into one of these facilities. There are also facilities for humans that are pet friendly. This is after one of the greatest gifts you can give a pet after they’ve given so much to you. 

And let us also take a moment to appreciate the Queen of England, who may have been royalty among humans, but lived (and is still currently living) a life being a servant and friend to dogs.