Russian Stray Finds Girl During Blizzard And Saves Her Life In An Incredible Way

Everyone who has let a rescue into their lives has pontificated on the age old philosophical quandary of whether they are the rescuers or the rescued. Well, good news everyone, I think I have found a story that lays that question to rest once and for all. And the answer is it’s a two way street, full-stop.

Recently Russian newspapers picked up a story about a girl who apparently survived a blizzard by sheltering with a stray dog for heat under a building’s overhang . It’s unclear what the breed of the pup is (at least from my own research), but according to the details of one story the dog was described as being “fluffy.”

Thank goodness for that because temperatures during the storm were said to be around -11° Celsius (12° Fahrenheit) in the Siberian town of Uglegorsk, on the island of Sakharin just north of Japan. There the little girl identified only as Vika Z went missing from her school after 1pm during the blizzard.

The awning underneath which little Vika and here doggy savior was found. Courtesy of

A search party was organized after her mother reported Vika missing, and they searched for over 18-hours before they found her playing with her new companion just 500 yards from her home. Before that, however, hope started to dwindle as one party member put it, “We were looking all night, nothing was visible at all, our hands in mittens were so cold, it was difficult to straighten our fingers.”

This is another absolutely amazing example of how strong the bond is between people and our canine friends. The world is chalk full of stories about pups rescuing humans from certain death, and not just pups that are trained to do so, like the one from this story. 

This little girl is a trooper! Courtesy of Twitter

One of my all-time favorite stories – excluding this one, which is tied for first now – is the story of Peanut, an abused rescue that was found half-starved with broken bones, who ended up leading her adopted father to a three-year-old girl that was also abused apparently. It’s an absolutely heartbreaking story, but it really highlights the emotional tissue that binds us with these amazing creatures.

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Peanut the American (not Russian) hero pup. Courtesy of Delta Animal Shelter

On the flip side of that coin is the fact that we can also help those animals in need when we find them. This story of three South African children who found a puppy that was half dead and brought it to a shelter. This story, all these stories, give me the feels in ways I can’t quite describe but sure everyone understands. 

Little Vika from Russia is just another in a long line of people since the dawn of humankind that owes her life to a dog she’d never met. I looked all over for more info about the stray savior, but alas came up short. Here’s hoping that dog was able to find a home and a half for his or her brave deed. 

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