This Puppy Won’t Stop Somersaulting. Find Out Why.

Rocky Kanaka (Animal Advocate):

This is Sampson. He suffered a serious brain infection at only five weeks old because of horrific conditions breeders kept him in. His brain was permanently damaged, making him do things like somersaults.

Audrey (Sampson’s Adopter):

We just noticed that he would fall over sometimes. So when he gets overstimulated, he wants to do these things like somersault… <laugh>

His head was absolutely encompass, and I realized almost immediately like this is someone who’s dying. He was throwing up worms. He couldn’t eat properly.

Rocky Kanaka:

Vets worked tirelessly to drain the absence on his head and fight the brain infection.


They didn’t know how he was gonna survive the anesthesia. It was like the pictures that they sent me were just like, it was like a completely different dog. His head had just was like half the size that it was, and he was feeling almost immediately better.

When he finally came home to us. It was like he could finally be just a puppy again. Every day he just got stronger and he just got better. The puppy we dropped off at the vet, and the puppy we picked up from the vet were two different puppies.

Rocky Kanaka:

The infection caused irreversible damage to Sampson’s brain, including losing his eyesight and hearing


The part of Sampson’s brain that was primarily affected and control your vision and your hearing. He’ll spin in circles and and sometimes he’ll fall, fall over and it’s always to the left. When he walks, he does this kind of goof step walk, and he puts his leg out in front of him, and that’s him kind of like feeling” “Okay. This is a good place to step.”

He’s a very, very curious puppy. He really is just up for anything. He has no idea that he is blind. He has no idea that he’s deaf. He’s all about charging forward and, and seeing what the world has to offer.

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Rocky Kanaka:

Now Sampson is officially adopted by Audrey and has inspired others to rescue and help dogs like him.


Sampson represents one of my greatest success stories. Seeing the puppy who we picked up from that horrific breeder to where he is now, and seeing how far he is come and what he’s achieved in his life through, through nothing other than his own tenacity and grit and how badly he wanted to live. He wanted to survive. I mean, he worked so hard. It’s it’s, it’s what you want for all of them and what you hope so badly to be able to give as many as possible. It just doesn’t always pan out, but when it does, it feels good.

Rocky Kanaka:

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