Pup Joins in On Newlyweds’ Celebration – Incredible Reaction

Long ago, a wise sage named Michael Bolton once posited that, “When a man loves a woman, can’t keep his mind on nothin’ else.” Well, apparently that goes double for dogs. 

This adage was on full display by one Golden Retriever named Ghost during his owners’ wedding. Ghost was enjoying the party in the quiet company of other guests until the first dance came around. When the couple began their dance, he could not resist but joining in. 

In the video posted on Instagram Ghost ran up to the dance floor as soon as the song started, and stared longingly at his humans. Until, that is, the happy couple noticed him and beckoned him to join them. 

At which point Ghost sprang into action, showing how clever he was by not just running around like this was a rave in the desert, but lovingly getting up on his haunches and actually joining in on the dance. 

The word adorable doesn’t quite do the scene justice, you just need to see it for yourself. 

Also, as amazing as this may sound, this isn’t the first time in recent recorded history that a capering canine joined in on a dance. Not too long before Ghost shook a haunch another golden retriever named Bear joined in his humans’ first dance. 

Bear became an overnight TikTok sensation getting an eye-opening 11.8 million views. Ghost is jealous, I’m sure. 

@stephdunn722 Best day ever ✨ Pup had to join for our first dance. #twosday #twosdaywedding #feb22 #feb222022 #dogwedding #goldenretrieverlife #dogtok #goldensoftik ♬ original sound – Steph and Bear ?

Don’t look now but those kinds of social media numbers are making me think that we are headed full- speed straight into another fad. Remember all those weddings where people danced down the aisle to Chris Brown’s Forever (I’m sure no one ever regretted that)? 

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Yeah, it’s going be like that but with dogs dancing with the bride and groom, but without the regret, because who will ever regret dancing with family? 

All anthropomorphizing aside, however, dogs and other animals have long known to love music. There’s ample evidence of music having a soothing effect on dogs in shelters. Check out this orchestral violinist who volunteers at his local ASPCA shelter. 

Also, to my previous point, why leave your pup at home if you have a wedding to go to? The prevailing wisdom is hey, don’t bring the dog in case they misbehave. But, if Ghost and Bear have taught us anything it’s that if anything dogs are a help not a hinderance to a ceremony that literally means ‘coming together.’