My Dog Reacts To Water Fountain! (Funny Worst Dog Toy)

Flip playing with water fountain
My dog Flip playing with a water fountain.

With summer around the corner, plenty of pup parents are looking for ways to keep their canine companions cool. If you haven’t seen the unrestrained glee of a dog experiencing a water fountain or sprinkler for the first time, then you need to check out my video. You’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when I say that dogs love water fountains.

There are plenty of engaging, tail-wagging fountain toys for your pups to play with, and I’ve gone through them all to find the best ones on the market. Join me, and let’s look at my top picks for doggy water fountains!

What Are Dog Water Fountains?

Dog water fountains are a great way to keep dogs cool and entertained during the summer. These are interactive fountains that, when activated, spray a jet of fresh water out. In addition to giving pups an easy and safe way to access clean water, these fountains are great sources of fun!

When you’re looking for a dog water fountain, the most important features you’ll want to see are:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Reliability
  • Safety measures
  • Stability
  • Water filtration

Here is a list of some dog water fountains you can find on Amazon:

Scuddle water fountai
Scuddle Dog Water Fountain

Buy it on Amazon

Bringerpet Water fountain
BRINGERPET Dog Water Fountain

Buy it on Amazon

FURUISEN water fountain
FURUISEN Dog Water Fountain

Buy it on Amazon

EverBrit dog water fountain
EverBrit Dog Water Fountain

Buy it on Amazon

Zhenmao Dog fountain water
Zhenmao Dog Water Fountain

Buy it on Amazon
Dog Water Fountains

The Scuddles Water Fountain

At $48.99, the Scuddles brand Dog Water Fountain is an amazing budget-friendly way to keep your pup cool and entertained this summer. The Scuddles fountain is easy to use, and it features an amazing water filtration system. It even comes with a hose splitter, so that you can work while your pup plays.

BringerPet Water Fountain

The BringerPet brand Dog Water Fountain is another amazing option. At $45.90, it’s at the upper end of the price range, but it comes with everything you want to see in a fountain. Easy-to-use activation is just part of the package because it also has filtration and a hose splitter.

Furuisen Dog Water Fountain

For a more budget-friendly option, check out the Furuisen Dog Water Fountain. At $32.99, this amazing package comes with filtration, a hose splitter, and an adjustable water flow. You’ll also get a set of fountain heads to choose from.

The EverBrit Dog Water Fountain

At $29.99, the EverBrit Fountain is another budget-friendly dog water fountain. While this model lacks some of the fancier features of pricier options, it comes with the same filtration system and easy-to-use button action that you want from a dog water fountain.

Zhenmao Dog Water Fountain

Finally, at $39.99, we have the Zhenmao Dog Water Fountain. With its bright colors and fun button interface, this pick is perfect for the most playful dogs out there. It comes with all the bells and whistles you need, and we love how stable it is.

Video Transcript


You know, when Flip first got online and put this in the cart, I didn’t know why he was ordering it, but now I think I know. Let’s rewind to the beginning and I’ll show ya how it all got started. You ready, buddy? Let’s do this!

Rocky & Flip

Alright, so me and this guy, we ordered something on Amazon that we wanna give a try, right buddy? He placed the order, I paid for it, but… Sometimes he adds things to the cart that I’m not real sure about but when I saw this, check this out. I think he made a good call with this. I think he saw that model dog and was like oh yeah, I wanna be like that model dog.

So, I think it’s a hot summer day and we should try this out. You wanna try it out too, Snoop? Something tells me he is not gonna be, he thinks he’s excited about it but he’ll run away as soon as that thing starts squirting. What it’s intended to do is you hook it up to the hose, you hook it up to the hose and it squirts water, which will be perfect because this guy, like I’ll fill up his water bowl over there and he’ll just, with his big ol tongue, he’ll just swish it all around. So then he didn’t have water the rest of the day if he’s hangin’ out in the backyard and he just gets hot. So if I could teach him how to do this, it could be really awesome.

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Alright, let’s set it up. Also, if you’re new to my channel, my main show, Dogs Day Out, we go out and we help rescue dogs and we also do fun things like review dog water fountains. So, make sure you subscribe if you’re new and leave me a comment down below. What do you think? You think Flip’s gonna like this or you think he’s gonna flip out? It like squirts water up at him. Let me know down in the comments below.

Rocky and Water Fountain

Of course, if you think dogs are cute, hit that thumbs up button! Right Snoop? So first, what is a dog water fountain? There are all kinds of dog water fountains. This water fountain specifically, I ordered it a couple weeks ago and the dog can use this water fountain by just pressing their paw on it and it squirts water up supposedly. I guess the challenge is though you gotta get your dog to learn to step on it and not be scared of it.

So I thought I’d do a test of this dog water fountain. This one specifically is called outdoor dog water fountain. I’ll put the link down below so you can order one if you think your dog would like it or if you want it as a water fountain. Technically, just step on it and drink water. But I thought I’d do a test of the outdoor dog water fountain to see if it works. Looks like it comes with this little hose right here, the adapter. I will tell you, whenever I turn my hose on to the backyard, all the dogs scatter. I don’t know if they’ll even do that.

What’s that? A whistle? Why does it have, why is there, why is there a dog whistle? Doesn’t say anything about a dog whistle. I don’t think I actually own a dog whistle. Now I do, there ya go. OK, let’s hook up this outdoor dog water fountain. It’s so funny, Snoop is acting so excited about this, but he is not gonna be excited about it. I guarantee it, he is not a water dog. What I’m hoping, I think this guy will like it if I work with him enough. He’s usually down to have some fun. So I think he’ll like it but, ya know, we won’t know til we set it up.

Rockt setting up the fountain water

Oh yeah, oh look, just from that. Let’s see, I think this. It’s got this, I guess if you wanted to hook up two. No, it doesn’t, OK. I’m not reading the directions ’cause who wastes their time on the directions? Alright I know I said I didn’t need instructions but something’s off here. No instructions, just the Dalmatian dogs. Oh, it gives you training advice. Pet only wants to please you. When first training your pet, use the fountain.

Oh, it says put some boxes around it. OK, let’s crank this thing on and see how it does. I thought training my dog to use the water fountain would be difficult. I didn’t think actually assembling it would be difficult. Let’s try it again. I don’t know. It’s come down to me even grabbing tools to get this figured out. I mean, maybe this just fits right into the hose. Yeah, it just fits right on there. It was probably operator error. OK, I’m gonna test it first and try to get it to not squirt in my face. Whoa! Did you see that? That has some major up. Alright, let’s try it again. That’s really good! What is that, Flip? What is that, buddy? Oh my goodness, if he just goes after it right away, I’m gonna be really impressed. I’m glad he’s already interested in it. Check this out, watch this. What was that? What was that, buddy? What is that? I think he’ll figure it out, he’s pretty smart. Here buddy, here. Flip it, don’t get me. Get the fountain.

Flip playing with fountain water

You gotta see this. Get it! Oh, he got it! Good boy! Get it, get it, get it! Oh, you’re a good boy. You a little nervous? Watch this, watch this. Get it, get it, get it. What is that, Flip? Get it. So cool that he got it. OK, here let me set it up for him again. Good boy! OK, get it. Get it. You’re not gonna turn it over. No no buddy. Good boy, good boy. Come here, come here, good boy! Good boy. Snoop, you wanna try it? Snoop’s probably scared for his life right now. Snoop’s not having it, man. So much fun. Get it, get it. Here, here, here. Oh wow! I can’t believe he’s actually drinking from it. This is what I was trying to set up the whole time is a water fountain for him. So it’s fun but also like, I mean, he drinks so much water. Get that water outta there Flip, get it!

Flip playing with water fountain

I mean, you should be a model dog for this product. He’s catching it in his mouth, that’s pretty impressive. Like the new way for dogs to drink water. Look at it. Literally catching it in his mouth. He’s not the best at fetch, but man he can catch that water. Get it! Gettin’ worn out? You gettin’ tired? OK, I think he’s gettin’ worn out. I’m definitely tired just from all this. Probably had enough water for the day, huh? But yeah, that was fun. I’m just gonna leave it .

Hey, hey, . I’m gonna leave it out here and just let him keep playing with it. I’ve gotta go see Garbanzo. How can I, I can’t even– What we’re doing next is, if you haven’t seen my series Dogs Day Out, I’ll like it up above. That way you can check the series out, but basically, we take a dog out on the best day that they’ve ever had and work to try to get them adopted. There’s a dog that just really is sitting heavy on my heart right now. He’s an awesome dog called Garbanzo. But he’s had it pretty rough. But I want your opinion on whether you think he would be a good candidate for the next Dogs Day Out. So, let’s go check him out. ♪ I can’t give you diamonds or pearls ♪

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Let’s go in and see Garbanzo. You wanna run the camera?




That’s Garbanzo right there. So Lindsey’s grabbing him out now. You can see how excited he is. So, is the pool out here for him?

Lindsey (general manager):

Yeah, he loves water. The first time he found it, he was running, tripped, fell in it and then just laid there and started splashing. So, once he finds it, all he wants to do is play and then he’ll drink and play at the same time and run in a circle.

Garbanzo playing with water


OK, so that’s good, he loves water which is interesting ’cause he can’t see. That could be really scary but, he must love the feeling. He loves it.

Lindsey (general manager):

And I think if we put him in it the first time, it probably wouldn’t have worked out, but he fell in it and kinda figured it out and it’s only three or four inches deep.


It was that discovery process. Yeah, I don’t know, I’m in love with him. Obviously it’s gonna take some time. You have to build that bond and that trust just with him hearing and smelling you ’cause he can’t see you. He can’t see that you’re OK. So he’s been in shelters now for–

His whole life pretty much.

His whole life, OK.


Came into this cute, tiny, little adorable baby to a shelter and they didn’t quite realize that he had degenerative blindness. So, it’s getting, he’s getting more blind, which although some people think would be sad–

Yeah. It’s given him so much more confidence.

Huh. Yeah. OK…


What do you think?



I’ve never worked with a blind dog before. Or going blind. I think we can give him some exposure.


So, you’re saying yes?


Well, yes to what?


Banzo. Where is it? Where’s it at?


He likes it, he likes it.


Banzo, good boy!


OK, see ya buddy. Oh my God. OK, thanks Lindsey, I appreciate you bringing him out here.


Come on baby, let’s go.


Play time’s over. I’m like–


So cute.


I’m in love with this guy. Alright, leave a comment down below. What do you think? Should we keep working with Garbanzo and have him be the next Dogs Day Out candidate? I think for me, I’ve gotta spend a little more time with him. My camera died, so now we’re on my phone and I am not about to cut off what you were saying. You go girl.


Well, I was just saying as much as we want Garbanzo to have a great day, it’s up to him. He’s gotta be comfortable. He’s gotta enjoy it. He’s gotta feel good in kinda the space that we are offering him. So, I think we just need to work on your guy’s relationship and bond and hopefully, we can get him there to give him an epic day.


Yeah, so what should we do?


Comment down below. Let us know what we should do. Do you have any suggestions or people that we could work with ’cause we’ve never worked with a blind dog before. So we’re open. We need help, guys.

Rocky and Flip playing with water fountain


OK, I need to hear from ya.

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