Long Nose Dog Wonder: ‘Is That Even Real?’ – Meet the World Record Setter with an Absurdly Long Snout!

Borzoi are the mysterious, ethereal, and almost otherworldly dog breed taking over the internet! Also called the Russian Wolfhound one thing that instantly captures attention is their super-long snout. Affectionately nicknamed the “long nose dog” and featured in viral content like the long nose dog meme, countless Vine and TikTok videos, and hilarious fan art drawn by lovers of the Borzoi. 

dog with long nose

But how much do you know about the breed behind the long-nosed dog meme? Does this white dog with long nose have the longest snout in the world, or do other breeds measure up? Get ready to meet Borzoi whose snoots have set records, discover the basics of the breed, and meet a handful of other long nose dog breeds. 

Meet X Borzoi with Record-Breaking Noses

All Borzoi are long nose dogs, but some have longer snoots than others! 

1. Lapsha

Dog with long nose
Source: @LoopSnoot

Lapsha is a Canadian Borzoi who made headlines for her impressive 12-inch long nose and the hilarious antics her humans posted online. Lapsha is full of so much personality, and the way her humans have managed to capture her sometimes strange vibes, we feel like we know what life with this goofy girl is like. 

2. Eris

Dog with long nose
Source: @ErisZoi

Lapsha’s nose is pretty long, but it’s not as long as Miss Eris’ nose, which is a full 12.2 inches long! Right now, this Virginia Borzoi’s nose is considered the longest in the world, but new challengers could appear at any moment. Eris is a gorgeous Borzoi whose lengthy snout is far from her only good feature. 

3. Soonie

Dog with long nose
Source: @Borzoi.Soonie

Did you know that Borzoi dogs—AKA long-nosed dogs—can be black, too? Beautiful Soonie is a black and cream Borzoi whose nose isn’t quite record-breaking but still gives her that incredible derpy look everyone loves about this dog breed. 

4. Gandalf & Odin

Dog with long nose
Source: @Borzoi_GandalfTheGrey

Meet Gandalf (front) and Odin (rear), two giant Borzoi from Slovakia with stunning coat patterns and an adorable relationship. Gandalf is a five year old and little Odin is just two and has plenty of puppy playfulness left in his personality. As you can see, the Borzoi isn’t just a dog with long nose—it’s got long legs, a long body, a long neck, and a winning temperament!

5. Emma

Dog with long nose
Source: @yuriya375

Emma is a one-year-old gold Borzoi from Japan whose nose is so long that the camera can barely focus on it and her eyes at the same time! A super sweet girl with a sunny disposition, Miss Emma is the second Borzoi her humans have had—they’re totally in love with the breed.

6. Birch

Dog with long nose
Source: @Birch.The.Borzoi

Beautiful Birch is a three-year-old brindle and cream Borzoi from Tennessee! It’s pretty obvious why Borzoi are known for their long snouts, Birch’s looks like it could go on and on forever. Birch loves being outdoors and adventuring with her humans, and will always enthusiastically go for a hike, go camping, or explore a new place. 

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Borzoi Basic Info

Borzoi are a Russian breed of hunting hound—also called the Russian Wolfhound—which is why some people might simply refer to the breed as the “Russian long nose dog.” Most popularly featured in the dog with long nose meme, the Borzoi has recently begun to gain popularity as a family dog and delightfully quirky companion animal. 

The name Borzoi comes from the Russian word for ‘swift,’ describing the quick footedness of the breed which was once bred for hunting and chasing down wolves for aristocratic game hunters. Incredibly powerful dogs, the Borzoi is known for reaching speeds of 35–40 miles per hour in short bursts and has the physical strength to pin and hold down prey. 

While you might expect the Borzoi to be an in-your-face, high-energy breed that will dominate your home, the Russian Wolfhound is actually a dignified and somewhat reserved dog that is sometimes described as cat-like. 

Borzoi Temperament

Dog with long nose
Source: Know Your Meme

Considering the fearsome history of the Russian Wolfhound, Borzoi are remarkably affectionate, calm, and goofy. An intelligent breed sometimes prone to stubbornness, the Borzoi will keep you laughing all day long with its antics. Playful and fun-loving, Borzoi may not engage in typical dog play but are prone to “zoomies” and creating their own games. Rather independent though still sensitive and loyal to their humans, Borzoi have minds of their own and love to exercise their free will. 

“In their quiet, catlike way they can be stubborn, and training is best accomplished with patience, consistency, and good humor,” says the American Kennel Club’s guide to the Borzoi. “Affectionate family dogs, Borzoi are nonetheless a bit too dignified to wholeheartedly enjoy a lot of roughhousing.”

Though the Borzoi can have explosive bursts of energy, they are considered a moderate activity breed of dog and may enjoy spending their day lounging on a couch as much as they love hiking, walking, and romping in their yards. Borzoi love spending time with their families but may be aloof with strangers and uninterested in unknown dogs. 

Mischievous and curious, Borzoi will happily get themselves into trouble and are notorious for ignoring their training no matter how well it has been taught and reinforced. Borzoi are not only difficult to train but are hyper-emotional and thoughtful, and respond only to the most positive reinforcement. The Borzoi is not a breed for new dog owners, but for those who are prepared, this may just become your all-time favorite breed. 

Borzoi Size

Borzoi are tall and physically large and designed for speed and strength. Full-grown Russian Borzoi stand 26–28+ inches tall and weigh around 60–105 pounds

Borzoi Health


There are a few important health issues to consider if you plan to own a Borzoi. Fairly long-lived dogs for their size, the average lifespan of a Borzoi is around 9–14 years. When fed high-quality dog food and given proper medical care and an appropriately active lifestyle, most Borzoi do not develop chronic or life-threatening health issues. Of course, as with any breed, there are still some health conditions to look out for if you own a Borzoi. 

  • Bloat
  • Joint problems ( e.g. hip and elbow dysplasia, osteochondritis dissecans)
  • Eye problems (e.g. progressive retinal atrophy)
  • Back problems (e.g. degenerative myelopathy) 
  • Thyroid issues
  • Heart disease
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If you own a Borzoi, it’s also important to note that they are more sensitive to anesthesia than other breeds and may need specialized treatment. 

Where To Find a Borzoi Puppy

A huge number of health issues are easily preventable with standard genetic testing. Ethical breeders put enormous effort into testing their breeding pairs for genetic compatibility and fitness and do their best to “breed out” health problems to improve their bloodlines. Buying a Borzoi puppy from an ethical and reputable breeder can not only help to ensure they’ll have a healthy life but also ensure your puppy’s parents are being treated well. 

Because the Borzoi is a highly specialized breed, it’s important to buy one from someone who knows what they are doing, and you should never purchase a dog from a backyard breeder, puppy mill, or pet store. To find reputable Borzoi breeders, we recommend searching the American Kennel Club’s puppy marketplace or reaching out to the Borzoi Club of America for a breeder referral

Believe it or not, you can also find Borzoi available for adoption! Check out these resources for finding Borzoi in need of rescue:

Dog Breeds with the Longest Noses

If you’re a dog lover, you can probably name a few dogs with long noses off the top of your head, but which dog breeds officially earn the titles of longest snouts? The Borzoi has definitely clinched first place, but there are other breeds that give the Russian Wolfhound a run for its money. Let’s run down the list of the top 10 longest-nosed dog breeds—other than the Borzoi—in no particular order. 

1. Afghan Hounds

Dog with long nose
Sources: @Mictrac6
Dog with long nose
Source: @Legolas_The_AfghanHound

Did you know some people believe the Afghan Hound is the oldest purebred dog breed? Predating written history, the Afghan Hound hails from what is now Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan where they were used both as hunting dogs and as companion animals for society’s most wealthy and influential. Like the Borzoi, the Afghan Hound is a sighthound with incredible speed in short bursts. 

Stunning dogs with incredibly long noses and luxurious fur, Afghan Hounds are very difficult to train, hyper-independent, and sweet but aloof. 

2. Bloodhounds

Dog with long nose
Sources: @WalterTheBloodHound21
Dog with long nose
Sources: @PieroniPuppies

Perhaps in part thanks to their very long snouts, Bloodhounds have the best sense of smell in the canine kingdom! Capable of tracking scents for miles even days after the trail was made, Bloodhound noses are truly miraculous. This laid-back tracking expert may stubbornly chase a scent for hours, but the sweet and affectionate Bloodhound also loves to cuddle and enjoy a lazy day. 

In addition to the super long nose, Bloodhounds are also one of the dog breeds competing for the longest ears!

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3. Bull Terriers

Dog with long nose Bull Terriers
Source: @Egg_Boy_Vince
I can only fit on the first step, but it’s nice.
Source: @PupperNelson

The Bull Terrier is a long-nosed dog that looks a little different from your average pup! Unlike the long, straight, almost horse-like faces of long-nosed dogs like the Boroi, the Bull Terrier has a wide snout that curves downward, creating an almost flattened appearance from head-on. Commonly grouped with Bully breeds and Pitbull-type dogs, the Bull Terrier is a super funny, high-energy, lovable ball of playfulness. 

4. Collies

Dog with long nose
Source: @Eevee_And_Toph_The_Collies
Dog with long nose
Source: @Marley_The_Collie_

The Collie is most recognizable as Lassie, the brave movie star canine who rescues children and brings communities together! We think the Collie should also be known for its impressively long nose and its high intelligence that makes the breed excel as a herding dog. 

5. Dachshunds

Dog with long nose
Sources: @HectorTheSausage
Dog with long nose
Sources: @Gloria.Salsicha

The world’s smallest hound also has one of the world’s longest noses proportionate to its body! The Dachshund is a scent hound, and uses that impressively long nose to track game—or snacks—wherever it might be hiding. Tenacious, brave, and self-confident little dogs, the Dachshund’s nose may get it into trouble, but it also helps to keep the active mind of this breed occupied. 

6. Doberman Pinschers

Dog with long nose
Sources: @Doberman.Sisters
Dog with long nose
Sources: @Doberman.Richie

One of the world’s most recognizable breeds, the Doberman Pinscher is yet another long nose dog with a formidable reputation. Often portrayed as guard dogs, it is true that Dobermans have an incredible protective instinct, but these pups are also giant babies! Dobermans love their humans, love toys, and absolutely love to be treated like they’re just enormous puppies.  

7. German Shepherds

Dog with long nose
Sources: @Flynn_Jager
Dog with long nose
Sources: @TheKasper_GSD

Another dog breed with an impressive snout, the German Shepherd is one of America’s most popular dog breeds and a staple in many family households. Those long noses help the German Shepherd sniff out their targets, and the breed is a favorite in scent-work jobs like search and rescue and explosives detection. 

8. Greyhounds

Dog with long nose
Sources: @Sabrina.The.Greyhound
Dog with long nose
Source: @PeachAndBear_

Greyhounds are long all over, not just the nose, but these pups have a funny habit of stretching out their snouts when you pick them up! The Greyhound looks very similar physically to the Borzoi but with short fur, and is also known for its incredible speed. 

9. Italian Greyhounds

Dog with long nose
Sources: @MeekoTheIggy
Dog with long nose
Sources: @LinoTheIggy

The tiny version of the classic Greyhound, the Italian Greyhound has one of the longest noses of any small dog breed. Pointy is one adjective that totally applies to the Italian Greyhound who has long thin legs, a skinny angular body, and a narrow snout that looks too long for the Iggy’s tiny face. 

10. Pharaoh Hounds

Dog with long nose
Sources: @StuporMundi_PharaohHound
Dog with long nose
Sources: @Zaphir_ThePharaohHound

Like Borzoi, Pharaoh Hounds are sighthounds with super long snouts. A stunning rusty red color, Pharaoh Hounds have more than 2,500 years of documented history and are adept hunters, swift runners, and sweet, noble companions. 

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