The 7 Unmistakable Personality Traits That Prove You’re a True Pet Owner

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In a world with billions of individuals, it can sometimes feel like you are alone in a sea of strangers. It can be tough to find your people—so to speak—and especially as adults, finding a community can be challenging. If you’ve ever struggled to find like-minded people and consider yourself an animal lover, your passion for pets could be the right place to start. 

Whether you know it or not, if you’re an animal lover, you probably share these seven personality traits with other pet owners!

Each of these tidbits about pet owners is backed by real science—your pets are helping you just as much as you help them. Whether you become a more empathetic and social person because of your pets, or your animals help to bring out your natural creativity and reduce your stress, you’ll find that your relationship with your four-legged friends influences much more than you might think. 

1. Generosity

2. Reliability

3. Youthfulness

woman hugging her dog

4. Cooperation

5. Empathy

Hugging my dogs for too long

6. Loyalty

do you sleep with your dog? If so it will determine how often you should wash your dog

7. Creativity

My Blind Dog Tries Painting and I'm SHOCKED how it turned out 😳