Are You Team Dog or Team Cat? 12 Traits That Reveal Your True Side

Just like there are differences between cats and dogs, there are differences between cat people and dog people. Dog people are more extroverted and rule-following. Cat people are more introverted and intelligent. But the differences don’t stop there…

Here are some of the other ways cat people and dog people are different. 

1. Dog People Don’t Have Boundaries

a little girl hugging a dog

2. Cat People are Private

a cat sitting on a wall

3. Dog People Wish Their Pets Were People

a smiley golden retriever

4. Cat People Wish They Were Their Pets

a white cat

5. Dog People Can’t Stand it When Someone Doesn’t Like Dogs

a bulldog laying on ground

6. Cat People Totally Get Not Liking Cats

a baby cat

7. Dog People Like Unconditional Love

a woman holding her dog

8. Cat People Like Unconditional Rejection 

a black cat

9. Dog People Care About Their Dog’s Breed 

4 dogs looking down from top of a wall

10. Cat People Go Off Color, Not Breed

2 cats playing

12. Dog People and Cat People Both Love Animals, So They’re All Good People 

2 dogs and a cat laying down next to each other