Koa Was Shot In The Spine & Left For Dead


Weight: 45#
Breed: black lab

Location: Aransas Pass, Texas

Koa was shot in the spine and needs to find her forever home


Koa had a rough start to her young life. The victim of cruelty, she was shot once in the spine with a .22 caliber bullet then dumped on a back road at 6 months old. Good samaritans found her dragging herself down the road and picked her up. Despite her pain and the horrible treatment from people previously, she did nothing but kiss all the people in the truck. 


A surgery attempt to remove Bullet shrapnel was not successful. After a months recovery from surgery at the vet’s office, she lost all her muscle tone and could hardly move. She spent months of physical therapy with a foster, gaining muscle and independence. Koa is outgoing and friendly with people. There is no such thing as too much attention in her eyes, in fact if you could just carry her in a backpack all day she’d be content.

koa was shot in the spine and needs to find her forever home

If you think her partial paralysis slows her down, you’d be wrong! In her chair or without, this girl can keep up with the best of them. She has a passion for life and is grateful to be alive. She enjoys sunbathing, chew toys, and being with her person as much as possible. Koa does fine with dogs of all sizes with proper introduction. She has been around cats, but attempts to chase them.

She LOVES kids. She would do best in a home with people who have an abundant amount of time to just pamper and pet her, but have enough physical ability to be able to lift her partial dead weight and maneuver her in and out of her chair. 

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Koa getting herself to her food bowl

Koa getting herself to her food bowl

Koa is a paraplegic, with no use of the hind limbs. She is wheelchair bound. She does best with diapers in the house as she can’t always contain her bowels and bladder, especially when really excited. Koa is not a fan of bath time or water at all, it can be a struggle to bathe her, though she does great with wipes and waterless shampoo. She doesn’t mind having her nails dremeled though or the drying part of a bath. 

Those interested in learning more about Koa can email Rural Tank Animal Rescue at [email protected] or reach out through Koa’s Facebook page.